Which is an Internal Influence on Physical Activity?

What are Internal and External Influences? How much Physical Activity is needed according to Age? How do Different Internal Influences affect yourbPhysical Activities?
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There are things that can disturb a person’s peace of mind which in turn affects their physical activities. Have you ever been in a situation where you gave up doing certain activities? Do you know what an internal influence is? No? Well, then you should pay attention here because today you will get to know about what are internal influences along with which is an internal influence on physical activity, and what are two internal influences on physical activity.

1. What are Internal Influences?

Things that are going on inside the mind and heart of a person can be considered internal influences. The personality of the person, character, psychology, likes, dislikes, perception of social norms, personal values, etc., are all parts of the internal influences of a person. (See What are Unique Characteristics?)

2. What is External Influence?

Cultural and social aspects of the life of a person that has a direct impact on their activities are known as external influences. The sources that are influencing the person are all not necessarily related directly to the person, gradually. Family, traditions, community members, technology, friends, etc., are all external factors influencing a person. (See What is the Purpose of Society?)

3. What is Physical Activity?

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All movements, including whatever you do in your leisure time, going to and from your workplace, or something that you do as a part of your work, are termed as physical activity. Any work with moderate and vigorous intensity is termed physical activity. (See Busted! 27 Myths About Fitness Exercises and Workouts)

4. How much Physical Activity do You need?

The amount of physical activity required by a person depends on the age and lifestyle of a person. Take a look at the list below that mentions the age and the hours of physical activity required according to the World Health Organization.

  • Less than 1 year – 1 and a half hours to 2 hours
  • 1 to 2 years old – 4 to 5 hours
  • 3 to 4 years old – 5 to 6 hours
  • 5 to 17 years old – 1 hour per day for vigorous to moderate exercise along with intense aerobic activities 3 days a week. But here you have to consider which is an internal influence on physical activity
  • 18 to 64 years old – 1 to 2 hours and 30 minutes of workout per day. Muscle strengthening activities for 2 days per week. (See What are Swinging Hands Exercise Benefits?)

5. Which is an Internal Influence on Physical Activity?

Among all the various internal influences affecting your physical activity, one influence affects you the most. Do you know which is an internal influence on physical activity? The experiences you have had in your past from the things that you did affects your physical activities the most. For example, if a kid falls repeatedly when she tries to walk, the falling experience gets stuck in her mind. Next time, she will either be more careful or she will completely deny trying to walk. (See What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Brain Fog?)

6. How does Perception affect Physical Activities?

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The term perception stands for understanding, awareness, or comprehension of a particular situation or thing. It is the process through which a person interprets and detects their surroundings. If your perception of society is not good, and you are worried about how others would react if you do this or that, then your physical activities will be affected. (See How do I Learn to Love Myself?)

7. How can Your Attitude influence your Physical Activities?

A set of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors toward a particular person, place, or thing is defined as your attitude in psychology. It is a powerful emotion that is often a result of your experiences or upbringing. If your attitude towards some activity is not productive, then you may not prefer doing it. For example, you have a negative attitude towards exercise because you could not achieve your preferred body shape, and then you may neglect to do it. This also acts as another example of which is an internal influence on physical activity. (See Why Some People Never Exercise?)

8. How does Motivation affect your Activities?

Motivation is needed by everyone, whether it be a toddler or a senior citizen. Without motivation, you cannot move further with confidence. And without motivation, anyone’s confidence can shake. So, while wondering, which is an internal influence on physical activity, motivation or confidence can be a big game changer.

For example, you took part in the 2 miles marathon and began practicing. Your family is making fun of you because you cannot run fast enough. They keep on saying that you cannot run even 2 km and you will complete 2 miles. After a few days, you start feeling that they are right and no matter how hard you try you will fail. (See: 10 Golden Rules of Life)

9. What is the Impact of Lifestyle on Physical Activities?

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Lifestyle is not only what you wear and where you go on vacation, but it also includes the type of food, sleep schedule, habits, addiction, work life, and social life. If you have bad eating habits with a disturbed sleeping schedule along with drugs (medicines) and smoking addiction, then you are disrupting your physical activities.

You feel lethargic and often tired and wish to stay at home all the time. Your work life is disturbed because of low productivity, and you will have no social life either. You are just lying on the couch with a big packet of chips and cigarettes for the entire night binge-watching. Also, check out When and How do Body Systems Work together?

10. What does Learning have to do with Physical Activities?

Who knows learning can also be the one which is an internal influence on physical activity? Learning means educating yourself about things. A person who knows what is good for his health and life will also be aware of the benefits of physical activities on his mental and physical health. But a person who is not sure what is better and why he should do physical activities, will not make any attempt to do so. Also, if you advise him, he will feel like you are making fun of him or showing off your knowledge in front of him. 

11. What is the Impact of Roles on Physical Activities?

Here, the role means the role of a person in his family. Now, you know parents are devoted to making things better for their kids, and in this, they forget to take care of themselves. Your mother is always busy with household work and doing her part of physical activities. Similarly, the type of activities performed by the person can be affected by the role he or she holds in the family. (See How to do Multitasking Skills Test: What are Their Abilities?)

12. What are Two Internal Influences on Physical Activity?

Here I would like to mention the personality and personal values of the person. If a person has an outgoing personality, he will be more interested in doing outdoor physical activities. But his personal values must cooperate with this and his health must be important in his point of view. Otherwise, he may not find any physical activity as important and consider sitting idle. (See What Are Physical Attributes?)

13. What do Likes and Dislikes have with Physical Activities?

It is simple if you like one thing you do it and if you dislike you will avoid doing it. The same is the case with physical activities. There are many people who love doing more or less moderate to vigorous physical activities. While there are some people who are the opposite of this and prefer idling. 

14. How can the Psychology of a Person influence Physical Activities?

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Here psychology means how he thinks about himself. For example, an obese person wants to control his food intake and lose weight. But with everyone’s constant discouragement he feels like it is too late to control his weight, and it is a waste of time to even try. This will affect his physical activities and the person who was about to start exercising will now be eating more. (See What is the Most Devastating Family Disruption?)

So, now you know what are internal influences and which is an internal influence on physical activity. It is time to share what are two internal influences on physical activity with your friends and family to raise awareness. (See How many Miles is 5k?)

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