Which colors go with burgundy?

Colours You Can Use To Match The Burgundy Color! Everything about the colour Burgundy
Which colors go with burgundy?
  1. About Burgundy colour

    Summer colours are going, and the fall colours are moving in. When we talk about fall colours, the first colour that strikes to mind is burgundy. It is a deep reddish-brown shade that is inspired by wine from the Burgundy region of France. It is a light shade than maroon, and usually, people get confused between maroon and burgundy.

  2. Why do people love this colour?

    People use this colour a lot because it is a warm, rich, and sophisticated colour, plus it emits considerable energy. It is a beautiful colour, which results from blending red with a dash of green and blue. Its hex code is #800020.

  3. Psychology of Burgundy

    This colour has a deep hue of red; it signifies power and strength. As compared to red, this colour is seen as more serious, which lacks fun. It has powerful energy along with a high sense of ambition. It does not create any negative emotions and is a more reserved and introverted colour that encourages feelings of comfort.

  4. Which colours go with burgundy?

    Burgundy colour usually looks better with neutral colours, but many colours can be combined to make the best colour scheme. Some of the best matches with burgundy are:

  5. Burgundy and white

    Burgundy is used a lot times used in patterned rugs. Burgundy gives a profound effect, and if you match it with white, it helps ground the look and makes it look more subtle and rich.

  6. Burgundy and navy blue

    Navy is a deeper hue of blue; although both are warm colours, they can pair well if used well. This combination gives a rustic feel; this combination is mostly used in wedding colour schemes, in which they use 60% of neutral colour, 30% navy blue, and 10% burgundy.

  7. Burgundy and Gray

    If you add burgundy to a grey combination, it spices up the room and adds warmth to the cool grey colour. You can use this combination in clothes, too; it gives a remarkably fantastic look. For example, pairing grey pants with burgundy shoes creates a relaxed and casual appearance.

  8. Burgundy and yellow

    Yellow paired with burgundy creates a perfect casual look. This combination gives a pleasant feel, and it appears like colours of leaves in the fall; hence it gives an apt fall look.

  9. Burgundy and gold

    You must have seen people wearing this combination various times as it looks really stylish, and these two colours complement each other as gold is a shiny colour, whereas burgundy is a warm colour.

  10. Burgundy and green

    There are various kinds of green shades that go well with burgundy, such as Kelly green, sage green, emerald green, mint green, etc. This combination is used in traditional and more formal settings. But this blend can also be fun and youthful.

  11. Burgundy and pink

    This can be a perfect duo, and a lot of people love this combination. Pink is one colour that usually complements every colour; for burgundy, you can choose a light or medium pink colour; avoid going for a flashy pink with burgundy.

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