Where is Turkey Situated?

What is the Geographical Location of Turkey? What is Turkey famous for? What do you mean by Transcontinental Country?
Where is Turkey situated?

Several countries in the world share boundaries throughout multiple continents. Such countries are known as transcontinental countries, and one of them is Turkey. In this article, we will discover where is Turkey situated, what kind of climate is there, and what it’s famous for. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Where is Turkey Situated?

Turkey, officially known as The Republic of Turkey, is located mainly in Anatolia, Western Asia, while a small portion of the country falls in the Balkans, Southeast Europe. The country shares borders with numerous neighboring countries, like in the east with Armenia, Iran, and Azerbaijan, in the northeast with Georgia, in the southeast with Iraq, the Aegean Sea in the west, and the south with Syria and the Mediterranean Sea. (See Which Country Does the Bahamas Belong To?)

2. What is its Extent?

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. Constantinople, modern-day Istanbul, is the largest city, imperial Capital, and financial center of the country. The total area covered by Turkey is 783,562 square kilometers (302,535 miles) wherein 755, 688 square kilometers (291,773 square miles) come under Asia, and 23,764 square kilometers (9,175 square miles) lies in Europe. (See Rhode Island Smallest State in USA)

3. Which Seas surround Turkey?

Towards the northeast, Turkey has the Sea of Marmara. The country is surrounded by seas from three sides, including

  • the Black Sea towards the north,
  • the Aegean Sea towards the west, and
  • the Mediterranean Sea towards the south. (See Why Ice floats on Water?)

4. What are its Geographical Divisions?

The Bosphorus, Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles separate 97% portion of the Asian region from the Europian region. European Turkey comprises merely 3% of its territory. The European portion of Turkey is towards the eastern edge of the Balkans, forming the borders with neighboring countries Bulgaria and Greece. The seven geographical divisions of where is Turkey situated are Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean, Eastern Anatolia, Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, and Southeastern Anatolia. (See Why Japan is Called Land of Rising Sun?)

5. What kind of Climate is there?

The coastal areas of Turkey experience a moderate climate where summers are dry and hot while winters are mild to cold. The Turkish Black Sea coastal region receives the highest precipitation in the country, an average of 87 inches annually. Coastal areas of the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara experience snowfall that lasts for a few days. In the Anatolia plateau, winters are extreme, with temperatures ranging between –30 degrees Celsius and −40 degrees Celsius. The snow remains for about four months and in mountain regions, the temperature may even fall below −20 degrees Celsius. (See Why Do Rainbows Form?)

6. Which Species comprise the Flora of Turkey?

Turkey has a wide variety of soils and a diverse climate that supports the survival of several species of plants. An estimated 9300 species of plants are found in this country. Ever since humans got introduced to agriculture, Anatolia has been a homeland for new food-producing plant species.

  • Pontic Mountains are covered with Northern Anatolia conifer and deciduous forest towards the north.
  • Towards the eastern end where is Turkey situated, the area is covered with Caucasus mixed forests.
  • Euxine-Colchic deciduous forests are found in the areas in the narrow strip between the Black Sea and Pontic Mountains. These consist of some of the world’s few temperate rainforests.
  • Turkish Pine is native to this region. The other species available here are pinea, nigra, halepensis, and sylvestris.
  • Anatolia is also laden with several wild species of Tulips.
  • Turkish oak and other oak species are also found here, along with Orie, depicted below. (Also Read Where Do Black Olives Come From?)

Where is Turkey Situated?

7. Which Animal Species are Found in Turkey?

The country hosts 19,000 species of invertebrates and about 1500 species of vertebrates. A few noteworthy species include:

  • The Eurasian region is home to several breeds of birds. A few of them are Eastern Imperial Eagle, Eurasian Sparrow hawk, Red-fronted Serin, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Caucasian Black Grouse, Golden Eagle, and Wall Creeper.
  • Very rarely spotted Anatolian Leopard is found in northeastern and southeastern regions of Turkey in very small numbers. The species from the Cat family, like Eurasian Lynx and European Wildcat, are found in the forests of Anatolia. 
  • Although the country is famous for its outnumbered cats, they have dogs too, such as the Anatolian Shepherds (the Kangal), Akbash, and Malake. (See Emu War Casualties)

8. What is Turkey Famous for?

  • First and foremost, Turkey is famous for its sweet dish Baklava, which is a layered flaky pastry delight filled with pistachio and covered with sugar syrup. Turkey Baklava and tea make a perfect combination.
  • It is also widely known for its tea. Turkish people have their tea black in a tulip-shaped transparent cup kept on a saucer, without a handle. 
  • Not to miss the soap operas we all are hooked to. Their television industry had developed immensely over the past few decades. People across the Gulf states, India, Pakistan, China, and some parts of Europe are enthralled with these shows. Some of the best soap operas include Ertugrul, Bizim Hikaye, and Ask Laftan Analamz.
  • Turkey is also famous for its largest city Istanbul, which is the top tourist attraction. It has some remarkable landmarks such as the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace (the ruling place of the Ottoman Empire), and Hagia Sophia
  • And how can we forget about Turkish Delight, the sweet which was even mentioned in our favorite movie Narnia the witch, the lion, and the wardrobe? It is famous within and outside Turkey, thoroughly enjoyed by locals, and also gifted as a present.
  • Turkey provides 75% of the world’s total hazelnut export.
  • Also, Turkey is known for its traditional Nazar Boncuk, a souvenir evil eye placed in homes, offices, and cars. It is believed to ward off evil eyes that are jealous of good fortune. This souvenir has white and yellow circles surrounded by blue. (See Why Are Rabbits’ Feet Lucky?)

So now we know where is Turkey situated, what animals exist there, and the several different things Turkey is famous for!

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