Where does Sea Glass come from?

What is Sea Glass? How is Sea Glass Made? What is the Origin of Sea Glass?
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Ever wondered about the glass jewelry you adore yourself with? Especially sea glass jewelry. Wait, do you even know what is sea glass made of? And also, where does sea glass come from? Yes, it sounds like we are going to talk about an adorable piece of art.

1. What is Sea Glass Made of?

Sea glass is basically physically and chemically weathered glass mostly found in the bodies of saltwater. Weathering helps to naturally form frosted glass pieces whose slickness had been marred due to frosting. The glass pieces are also formed from discarded bottle pieces, broken tableware, and pieces of shipwrecks. This withering happens over a minimum time span of 20 to 40 years. It takes more than 100 years to acquire the required adorable shape and texture in some cases. (Also read Shipwrecks in the Ocean)

2. Which Factors Determine the Originality of Sea Glass?

Although, a frosty appearance is one of the most telling signs of genuine sea glass. There is also a non-frosty variant, dubbed silky due to its smoother having a less pitted surface. The sea glass finish is entirely dependent on weathering conditions (fine or coarse sand, sandy or rocky bottom) as well as the water’s pH balance. These variables can impact the quality, shape & surface look of genuine sea glass. The next question is, where does sea glass come from? Let’s discuss it in the next segment. (Also read How does it feel like to swim in the Dead Sea?)

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3. Where can you Find Sea Glass?

For most people, collecting sea glass in bottles has been the most enjoyable pastime along the beaches. It’s not like this lovely glass is just lying on the sand, waiting to be discovered. Instead, it is resting on the rocks unless it becomes entangled in something. Unfortunately, sea glass is not found everywhere. You can get them on beaches in the United States, Bermuda, Scotland, the Isle of Man, northeast and northwest England, Mexico, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nova Scotia, Australia, Italy, and Southern Spain. These places adore their markets with people selling indigenous pieces of sea glass, bottles, marbles, and pottery shards in the spring tides, specifically the perigean and proxigean tides. (Also read 10 Whirlpool in Lakes Facts)

4. What are the Various Shades of Sea Glass?

You cannot really determine the exact color of the sea glass as they vary based on their original source. Let’s find out where does sea glass come from.

  • Kelly green, brown, white & clear are the most prevalent colors. It has been found that these colors mostly come from beer bottles, juices, soft drinks, and beverages. The white color of sea glass could have been due to clear crockeries, windshields, and windows. (Also read How Does A Magnifying Glass Work?)
  • Sea glasses are also found with rare tints like jade, amber, golden amber, amberina, lime green, forest green & ice blue However, these colors of sea glasses are found once every 100 years.
  • Some extremely uncommon colors like gray, pink, teal, black, yellow, red, turquoise & orange are found only once in a bunch of about 10,000 pieces of sea glass. (Also read Why Are Pink Dolphins Pink?)

5. What is Special about Rare Black Sea Glass?

These are the rarest of rare pieces. You may ask where does sea glass come from? And that will be especially from this black sea glass. This sea glass is made due to the bottle pieces of wine, gin, whiskey, medicines, and other liquids. The black sea glass is primarily green and brown when seen through the sunlight with naked eyes. The effect of weathering, oxidation, UV light reacting with metallic oxides and chemicals of glass and seawater over a long period of time and much exposure result in such rare colors. (Also read How to Make a Smoke Bomb)

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6. How is Beach Glass Different from Sea Glass?

There are two kinds. The first is sea glass, and the second is beach glass. Beach glass forms in freshwater bodies such as lakes, rivers, and streams. As a result, beach glass does not always have the cold aspect of sea glass, but it is nonetheless aged, polished, and highly sought after. (Also read Argentine Lake Duck Overview)

7. What to do with Sea Glass?

Apart from where does sea glass comes from, you might also wonder what to do with it. Sea glass is a lovely accent for any home with its beautiful blue and green color, frosted look, and pitted texture. It’s no surprise that these gems are also known as mermaid tears. For decades, people have used sea glass to create a variety of crafts. (Also read 8 Best Valentine’s Decoration Ideas)

Despite the fact that sea glass has traditionally been used in jewelry, it can also be used to adore decorative home items such as:

  • Chancellor light
  • Sea glass vase
  • Mini sea glass planter
  • Table decorations
  • Flower garden ornament
  • Suncatcher for both indoors and outdoors
  • Cut-out candle holders
  • Cute pendants
  • Sea glass ombre clock
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