Where does Earth End and Outer Space Begin?

Where does the Earth start? Where does the Earth meet the Sky? When will the Earth come to an End? What is Doomsday Clock?
where does earth end and outer space begin
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The planet Earth is believed to have formed about 4.5 billion years ago. According to scientists, the first living form appeared on Earth about 3.7 billion years ago. There has been a continuous evolution of species from microscopic microbes to gigantic dinosaurs. Many species have gone extinct with time. There has been drastic climate change and natural calamities. But with time, new species came, and the cycle continued again and again. Then you might ask a few questions. Where does Earth end and start? Where does Earth end and outer space begin? What is the end of the Earth? What is doomsday and doomsday clock? Continue reading to find out all about it.

1. Where does the Earth start?

The question may seem very simple, but it doesn’t have a simple answer. The landmark to give a proper boundary for starting and ending of Earth is also a question of debate. The atmosphere has five layers which are:

  • The first layer, the troposphere, begins at the surface near the poles and expands up to 30,000 ft high at the Equator.
  • The second layer is the stratosphere. It begins from where the troposphere ends and is 50 km above it.
  • The third layer is the mesosphere, which extends up to 85 km from the stratosphere.
  • The fourth layer is the thermosphere, which is 690 km from the mesosphere.
  • The last layer is the exosphere, 10,000 km from the thermosphere. On passing these all layers of the atmosphere, the Earth’s surface starts.  (See What makes up the Lithosphere?)

2. Where does the Earth meet the Sky?

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The horizon is the line that separates Earth from the sky. The sky is everything above the Earth and consists of celestial bodies. The two types of horizons are:

  • Earth-sky horizon: It is the visible horizon between the sky and the Earth. It is further divided into three types, local horizon, geographic horizon, and sea-level horizon.
  • Celestial horizons: They are the relative measurement of Earth to the sky. These are of two types, true horizon, and astronomical horizon. (See What is the Third Planet closest to the Sun?)

3. Where does Earth end and Outer Space begin?

Where does Earth end? The Karman line is believed to be the said imaginary boundary of 100 km or 62 miles above sea level. Space is free for all, but the space above the nations is sovereign, so it becomes important to define a certain boundary for space. The Karman line is determined by the Hungarian physicist Theodore von Karman. Also, check out What is One Trip Around the Sun Called?

4. Which Country is located at the End of the Earth?

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Verdens Ende is located at the southmost tip of the island Tjøme in Færder in Norway. It is considered the end of the Earth. The country on the last shores of the Earth is said to be located at the Earth’s end. 

5. When will the Earth come to an End?

After knowing where does Earth end, you might ask when will Earth end. Life on Earth came 3.7 billion years ago. The process of evolution has been occurring with time, bringing diversity to life forms. Different scientists and research organizations have predicted different ends of Earth. The day on which the Earth is expected to end is called Doomsday. As the conditions on the Earth will change, the organism’s survival rate will also change. (See What is Revolution and Rotation?)

6. How will Life on Earth end?

Besides reading all about where does Earth end, for the survival of life on the Earth, it is beneficial that the species must adapt to the external environment. When there is a drastic environmental change, the species must carry out certain changes with changing conditions to enhance survival. Life on Earth is expected to end with some drastic change in climatic conditions. There is no proper evidence and research for the same. But there are certain expectations and imaginations carried out by studying environmental change to examine the end of Earth. The various forms reported for the Earth’s end are:

7. When will the Earth explode Countdown: Doomsday Clock

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The doomsday clock is the symbol of an artificial catastrophe. It was introduced in 1947. It tells us about advancing and unchecked technology and scientific research. The factors influencing the clock are nuclear risks and climate change. Its default setting was set to seven minutes to midnight. It symbolizes the need to check and balance the advancing interruption in the natural habitats. The midnight on the clock represents the hypothetical global catastrophe. So, Doomsday, which represents the end of Earth, is represented by the Doomsday clock. (See Where is the Center of the Earth Located?)

8. How to download End of the World Countdown App?

Countdown apps are used to calculate hours, minutes, and seconds for an event to occur. These are developed as a one-stop solution to answer your question of where does Earth end and when? Doomsday is the expected day for the destruction or End of the Earth. To count down the days for Doomsday, you can download the world countdown app from the links given below:

A. End of World Countdown:

End of World Countdown

The End of World Countdown app indicates how many days are left before you face the end. So better enjoy it with your friends and make them understand the importance of life. The above particular app is a 1.6 Version of software developed by Frame 2 Frame agency.

B. Final Countdown: 

Final countdown

The Final Countdown app sets the countdown, like an alarm clock, programming the date and time of any of your personal and professional events like birthdays, anniversaries, year-end, project submission dates, holiday trips, etc. Moreover, it can be used to mark the end of the world too. It is a very user-friendly app as it can be played on all devices. There are many attractive features of the app but automatic number display and time ticking sound effects are the primaries among them.

C. Countdown App:

Countdown App: where does Earth end 5

The Countdown App indicates that the countdown is waiting and you have very less amount of time left in your hands. This app is based on the horror movie, Countdown, as it predicts exactly how much time is left. However, it requires at least iOS 12.1 to play the game. Also, check out what does the Thermometer and Snowflake mean on weather app?

9. How long will the Earth last? How much longer can we live on Earth?

There are several estimates and studies of the environment and planet earth which give an estimated period for the destruction of Earth. The survival of the Earth depends upon the health of the planet. If nuclear research and uncontrolled scientific advances continue, it will ultimately lead to the planet’s destruction. The survival of a species is determined by the process of natural selection. The species that can adapt to environmental change can survive; others won’t. So, you must start that today rather wondering, where does Earth end and when the end will come? (See How many Solar Systems are there in Universe?)

10. How many Days until we all die?

There are several predictions of Doomsday, but there is no proven estimate of the life of Earth. There have been changes, calamities, and destruction, but nature has always shown its healing nature. So, it is hard to bring forward a precise date of the destruction of planet Earth. Also, check out the theory of eternity of life.

11. The Best Doomsday Predictions that fizzled out

December 21, 2012, which marked the end of the first Great Cycle of Maya Long Count, was considered by few as the end of the planet earth and lives on it. (Also read How many People have Died on The Stratosphere?)

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