Where do Pharaoh Ants live?

Where are Pharaoh Ants found? Where do Ghost Ants live? What are Green Ants? Where do Honeypot Ants live? Where do Flying Ants live? Where do Bullet Ants live? What are Carpenter Ants? Where do Velvet Ants live?
where do pharaoh ants live
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There are more than 10 thousand ant species in the world. Different species live in different regions, but do you know where do pharaoh ants live? Well, today let us find out about the locations of the various ants like where do ghost ants live, where do black ants live and where do green ants live. Also, you might be curious about the facts related to other species like, where do bullet ants live, where do velvet ants live, and where do carpenter ants live? Stay tuned if you want to know where do honeypot ants live, where do army ants live, where do flying ants live, and where do fire ants live. 

1. What are Pharaoh ants?

The Monomorium pharaonis or pharaoh ants are light brown to yellow with 2 mm in size. Their life span is between 4 and 12 months and their scientific name is Monomorium pharaonis from the family Formicidae. Check the next segments to know where do pharaoh ants live in detail. (See What is a Group of Ants called?)

2. Where do Pharaoh Ants live?

where do pharaoh ants live 3
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These ant species are almost everywhere in every part of the world. Europe, America, Australasia, and Southeast Asia are also populated with these ants. Also, these ants are a major pest in areas of Australia, Europe, and the United States. (See Where do Slugs and Snails live?)

3. Where are Pharaoh Ants found?

They nest near food and water sources where the area is warm and humid. They choose such a place for their nests that it is not easily inaccessible, like under floors, wall voids, behind baseboards, etc. These ants are mostly found in commercial buildings like grocery stores, hotels, hospitals, etc. (See What is the Life Cycle of a Newt?)

4. What are Ghost Ants?

These Tapinoma melanocephalum or ghost ants are recognized by their dark head and pale or almost translucent legs and abdomen. This bodily feature makes it look even smaller than its original size, which is 1.3 mm to 2.0 mm (00.051 to 0.079 inches). The queen is usually 2.5 mm (0.098 inches) long. (See List of Names for Groups of Animals)

5. Where do Ghost Ants live?

Besides answering where do pharaoh ants live, note that these ants are widespread and are found in almost 154 geographical areas of the world. They prefer mostly warm and wet areas to make their nest. Usually, they make up their colonies away from human houses, but sometimes you can find them colonizing in your house as well. The most common locations to find them are bathrooms, sinks, toilets, sinks, etc. (See How Big is the Biggest Octopus?)

6. What are Black Ants?

Black ant: where do pharaoh ants live 2
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After knowing about where do pharaoh ants live, let’s get the details about the black ants. The Lasius niger or common black ants have glossy black appearances and have slight brown stripes on their abdomens. They are also known as common garden ants. The queen can grow up to 9 mm long and grow wings which she removes and eats during winter after she mates. Worker ants are 3 to 5 mm long. (See Why do Hermit Crabs need Shells?)

7. Where do Black Ants live?

These ants are found across Europe and in some parts of North America, along with South America, Australasia, and Asia. They make nests usually underground, under stones or roots, in rotten wood, house masonry, etc. Their main food is plant secretions or honeydew of Aphids (small sap-sucking insects) but in case of a shortage of food, they invade human houses. (See Where do Animals get Nitrogen from?)

8. What are Green Ants?

Oecophylla smaragdina and Oecophylla longinoda or weaver ants are known by this name because they built their nest by weaving leaves. They are reddish-brown to yellowish-brown. 

9. Where do Green Ants live?

A green hued ant: where do pharaoh ants live 4
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The two species of these are found in different regions of the world. The Oecophylla longinoda species are native to the Afro tropics (South Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Madagascar, southern Iran, extreme southwestern Pakistan and islands of the western Indian Ocean. The Oecophylla smaragdina are found in India and Sri Lanka. They are hardly seen inside houses as they make nests in plants. (See Slug Vs Snail)

10. What are Honey Pot Ants?

Looking for something other than where do pharaoh ants live? Myrmecocystus or honey ants or honey pot ants are identified by their swollen bellies that are filled with food. Other ants of their colony take nourishment from them through the process of trophallaxis.  Also, check out the 15 Types of Snails and Facts about Them.

11. Where do Honeypot Ants live?

These ants are found in arid and semi-arid environments and even in extremely hot deserts and woodlands. Areas in the southwestern parts of the United States and Mexico are populated with these ants. (See Where do Red Pandas live in USA?)

12. What are Army Ants?

The largest genus of army ants is Neivamyrmex which contains more than 120 species. They have an aggressive predatory nature. Their groups are known as raids. (See What are Few Examples of Producers Consumers and Decomposers?)

13. Where do Army Ants live?

Yellow ants: where do pharaoh ants live 1
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They do not form permanent nests and continue to move from one place to another. They build bivouac (a structure formed by migratory drivers and army ant colonies) in burrows dug by ants or tree trunks. Each of these ants holds the other’s leg to form the nest. These ants are found in the southern states of the United States. South and Central America, parts of Asia, and Africa are the places where these ants are predominant. (See How Are Slugs and Snails Different?)

14. What are Flying Ants?

The mature stage of males and queens of the black garden ants is the flying ants. They are known as alates, and they are common in almost every part of the world. They can be as long as 15 mm. (See Are Sand Dollars Rare?)

15. Where do Flying Ants live?

Still, want more apart from where do pharaoh ants live? So, let me tell you about the habitat of flying ants. Places with wet wood and excessive moisture are the favorite of most ants including the pharaoh ants and the flying ants. Therefore, you can find them near leaking pipes, drains, loose shingles, etc. However, their colonies are sometimes found in dry regions also like hollow doors or false beams. They can be anywhere in the world wherever there are black garden ants. (See When is it Safe to Remove a Wasp Nest?)

16. What are Fire Ants?

where do pharaoh ants live 7
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Various ant species in the genus Solenopsis are identified by their stinging habits. Some of their other names are tropical fire ants and ginger ants. These are identified by their copper brown head and thorax along with a dark abdomen. They can be 2 to 6 mm long. These are among the invasive species. (See How to Get Rid of Gnats without Apple Cider Vinegar?)

17. Where do Fire Ants live?

Mounds of mud and leaf litter are the most common place for their nests. Also, they choose places with lots of sunlight and moisture, like lawns, fields, parks, and meadows. Their colonies are mostly found at the bases of trees and rotting stumps. (See I Found a Newt in my Garden What should I Do?)

18. What are Bullet Ants?

Paraponera clavata or bullet ants are known for their painful sting. They can be 18 to 30 mm long with the appearance of a reddish brown wingless wasp. (See Why Do Bees Sting People?)

19. Where do Bullet Ants live?

They are found throughout Central and South America and along the Neotropical realm. Their colonies can be found in regions that are 750 to 1500 m above sea level. They make nests on the bases of trees mostly in the humid lowland rainforests. It’s something interesting other than where do pharaoh ants live. (See What do Newts Eat in a Pond?)

20. What are Velvet Ants?

Mutillidae or velvet ants are not generally ants but wingless female wasps that look like large hairy ants. This genus consists of over 7000 species of wasps. They have dense fur on their backs that can be orange, bright scarlet, gold, silver, white, or black. Their stings are also extremely painful. (See Do Bees Have Ears?)

21. Where do Velvet Ants live?

where do pharaoh ants live 5
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Apart from getting to read about where do pharaoh ants live, you must know that these velvet ants are spread worldwide and over 400 species are found in the regions of southwest North America. They feed mostly on nectar and their colonies are mostly found in forests, woodlands, wetlands, urban areas, and heathlands. (See Do Insects Sleep?)

22. What are Carpenter Ants?

Camponotus sp. or carpenter ants are large indigenous species of ants. They are dark black to golden brown with longer legs.

23. Where do Carpenter Ants live?

You can find them indoors and outdoors wherever there is moist, hollow, or decaying wood. They cut galleries into them but do not eat wood. They roam around in places like under windows, decks, porches, or roof eaves. These ants are spread worldwide and in almost every region of the world.

Among all the species,  the Jack Jumper ants are the most dangerous. So, today you got to know about where do pharaoh ants live, where do ghost ants live, where do black ants live, where do green ants live, where do honeypot ants live, and where do army ants live. Also, share it with your friends if you find the facts interesting about where do flying ants live, where do fire ants live and where do bullet ants live, I m sure they would be thrilled to know the types and habitats of ants like where do velvet ants live and where do carpenter ants live. (See How is Silk made from Silkworm?)

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