Where do Ogres Live?

Do Ogres eat Humans? Shrek’s swamp home isn’t far off the mark. You’ll also find ogres in caves and high mountain peaks.
Where do Ogres Live?
  1. The History of Ogres

    There is some mystery behind the origination of ‘ogre’, the word. As per most experts, this word comes from the French language. Some also opine that it is from Hongrois or Hungarian. Others believe ‘ogre’ comes from the Italian word ‘orco’, which translates to ‘demon’. Some even draw its link to mythical giants Magor or Gog. There are also possibilities of ‘ogre’ coming from Oiagros, an ancient river god of Greece. Ogres’ concept might have begun way back in the prehistoric era when humans were called Neanderthals and roamed Earth.

  2. Where Can You Find Ogres?

    Ogres tend to be unpleasant and dim-witted creatures who do not like humans. Ogres are found in forests and other such woodland settings. That is why; even Shrek’s swamp home was close to the woods. Ogres are also found in high peaks of mountains as well as caves. Just like trolls, ogres also hide under bridges. There are stories of ogres attacking castles while searching for humans.

  3. Ogres are Not Just Males

    Owing to their brutal nature, these creatures are stereotypically thought of as males. Did you know there are female ogres too? It is called the ogress. If you have watched Shrek movies, you will learn about them also. Ogres are often teamed with other massive, beastly beings such as trolls, Cyclops, and giants.

  4. Ogres in Mythology

    Ogres have been a part of folklore and mythology for hundreds of years. Even though there have been numerous depictions of these strange monsters, they are usually very huge and human-like. They have also been part of ancient fables, fairy tales, and stories. In artwork, ogres have been often pictured with giant heads, large bodies with lots of hair. While imagining an ogre, scenes from the Shrek movies are bound to cross your mind.

  5. Ogres in Fantasy and Fiction

    Have been a part of literature for a very long period. They have been depicted in numerous works of science fiction as well as fantasy. This includes works from famous writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. They are often featured in role-playing and modern fantasy video games. (See Why do sharks attack humans?)

  6. Common Characteristics of Ogres

    Although ogres are human-like in appearance, their huge form makes it evident that these are way different from humans.  They are very tall and hence, associated with giants; and pretty stout as well. They have strong and sturdy bodies covered with hair. This makes them look all the more fearsome and animalistic. Most of the ogres are known to have skin tones very different from that of humans. Blue and green are the most common skin colours when it comes to these beasts. Possibly, ogres have specific muscles that form the ogre’s stature and give it its stout shape.

    They are known for always being extremely hungry for human flesh. Everyone fears these gruesome beasts, especially the mothers of babies and young kids. A single ogre can gobble down a massive amount of human flesh. This is partially why they used to rampage through villages and cause destruction, deaths, and chaos.

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