Where Do Leprechauns Live?

What are Leprechauns? Have any Real Leprechauns been found? Are they found in fields or hollow tree trunks?
leprechaun. where do leprechauns live

The tiny, green creatures shown in cartoons & anime are called leprechauns. It is believed that they belong to the clan of fairies and are just as small. Although they cannot fly like fairies, they are considered to be mischievous and evil as they trick people with their powers. But, where do leprechauns live? Let’s find out!

1. What are Leprechauns?

  • During the 8th century, Celts believed in the legend of tiny water-dwellers known as Leprechauns. Their name is derived from an old Irish word luchorpán, which means small body. This is somewhat correct because they are known to be only 2-3 feet in height.
  • It is also said that leprechauns are cobblers as their name associates with the Irish word meaning shoemaker.
  • According to fiction writer, David Russell McAnally, a leprechaun is the son of an evil spirit & a degenerate fairy. It is not wholly good or wholly evil. (See 6 Abracadabra Origin Facts)

2. What is their Origin Story?

Since the beginning of time, Leprechaun stories have been always related to Ireland. They are known to be members of Tuatha Dé Danann, who were the magical beings responsible for invading Ireland and were thereafter, banished to live underground. They served under Gaelic goddess Danu. According to the legend, this mythical group lived long before humans inhabited the land.

3. How do they Look?

  • Leprechauns are short in height, have a beard, and are often described to be smoking pipes.
  • In early tales, they are described as wearing red clothes and a three-cornered hat.
  • They also wear shoes with buckles, along with a black belt.

However, now leprechauns are associated with green color as it is assumed to be their favorite color. Additionally, there are no records of female leprechauns, hence no source to describe them. (See The History of Mariachi)

women dressed like leprechauns

4. Where do Leprechauns Live?

Leprechauns are believed to live only in the rural areas of Ireland in deep burrows and caves. It is said that their doors look like rabbit holes. Since there is a tale about a man to whom leprechauns granted three wishes, so that he may release them from captivity. Hence, they try to not get sighted by humans as they might try to get their wishes fulfilled. Thus this answers the question of where do leprechauns live. (Also read Could Bigfoot Be Real?)

5. What is the Nature of Leprechauns?

Leprechauns are quick-witted and highly intelligent creatures who will do anything to evade capture. They are tiny tricksters that love to play pranks on humans. They are not trustworthy and will deceive whenever they get a chance. They are music and dance lovers. There are tales where they were heard or seen dancing to folk Irish music.

6. Where do Leprechauns keep their Pot of Gold?

Leprechauns are said to be a working community since they work as cobblers for fairies. So, each of them keeps a hard-earned pot of gold. It is said that leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow since it is impossible to be found. They are obsessed with gold so much so that they would kill someone to take their gold back. Some stories even mention that leprechauns are the bankers of the fairy world as they not only, protect their treasure but also, that of other fairies. (See also Why do people love gold?)

7. Where was the Last Real Leprechaun Found?

Where do Leprechauns live or used to live? Carling Ford, a coastal town in Ireland is known to be the place where the last real leprechaun was sighted. A local businessman in the year 1989 claimed to have found evidence of a leprechaun. On the mountain, Slieve Foye heard a scream from a wishing well nearby, and upon reaching the site he found a tiny suit, a few gold coins, and bones. According to him, they belonged to a real leprechaun. Since then, this evidence has been kept behind a glass display for visitors to see.

8. What are the Places Dedicated to Leprechauns?

We discussed where do leprechauns live, but did you know of places dedicated to leprechauns.

  • Leprechaun Museum is in Dublin, Ireland, where all information about leprechauns is provided.
  • In the Leprechauns Park, situated in Mill Ends Park in Oregon, there is a huge pot full of plants in the middle of the road. The story of leprechauns living here dates back to 1948. This park has been declared a leprechaun colony in Ireland. And to this day, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are held here. (Also read Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?)
  • There are underground caves in Carling ford, where leprechauns are known to travel. This place is open for visitors where they can walk around in the tunnels.

Hereon, whenever you hear a tap-tap-tapping sound, make sure you take a look. Maybe, there are leprechauns hiding in your backyard.

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