When Were Numbers invented?

When was the Number System found? Who invented Numbers? How long have Humans used Numbers?
When Were Numbers invented

A normal human being has 5 fingers in each hand. A week consists of 7 days. A year has 365 days. Ten years equal one decade. All of these indicate a single fact, that is, numbers. Ever thought where did numbers come from, or rather when were numbers invented. There might also be other follow-up queries, like who invented numbers 1–9? Did you know Zero was invented by an Indian?

1. Are Numbers Invented or Discovered?

Invented or discovered!! Yes, an interesting question before you know when were numbers invented. A number is a numeric value used to quantify or evaluate anything. It is a written depiction of the items. It’s not a naturally found subject and so cannot be discovered because it is a representation. (See Who is the Father of Mathematics?)

There must have been a necessity in the advancing human species that led to the invention of numbers. To put it another way, it involved the evolution of numbers as the human mind must have created them and are not found in nature. (Also read What Do You Mean By Prime Number?)

2. Who invented Numbers 1–9?

Well, who exactly created the concept of numbers is not yet defined. Many countries pretend that they have created a number system. However, it is believed that the Egyptians developed the first ciphered numeral system, which the Greeks emulated by grafting their Egyptian numbers onto the Ionian and Doric alphabets. (Also read Who Invented Math?)

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3. Where did Numbers come from?

Let’s go to the past and see when were numbers invented. Hindu-Arabic numerals are a collection of ten symbols (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0) that represent decimal numbers. They originated in India in the sixth or seventh centuries. They were transmitted to Europe around the 12th century through the writings of Middle Eastern mathematicians, particularly al-Khwarizmi and al-Kindi. They significantly departed from prior reckoning techniques, such as the abacus, and cleared the path to create algebra. (Also read The Interesting History of Alphabet

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4. What are the Applications of Numbers?

After knowing where did numbers come from, it is necessary to know their use in daily life. So, if you are asking yourself about the use of numbers in your life, then here are your answers.

  • The Father of Algebra, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, a known astronomer is known to have introduced the topic of the number systems in which numbers were replaced by literal symbols. These calculations were used to find out various answers related to the planets and other heavenly bodies
  • Accounting and mathematics are always together as budgeting is the process of dividing the lump sum numbers into divisions for different tasks. It can also be used in calculating and deciding tax and investment. (Also read Why Do You Have To Pay Taxes?)
  • Math allows you to build things. Anyone who works in the construction industry will tell you how essential math is when it comes to buildings. Math is used in the construction of everything including the basic domestic requirements, like flatpack furniture, electric works  (calculating electric energy and power), etc
  • Measuring lengths, widths, and angles, estimating project expenses, and piecing it all together are just a few examples of how important math is for home projects.
  • Programmers and coders need numbers and symbols to assign values to the strings, variables, and data sets to reach the desired value at the end of the program. (See Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?)
  • Do you realize cooking and baking are both parts of science? For example, ingredients are measured using fractions to multiply or divide to make a dish for more or fewer people and changing a recipe’s temperature. Finally, understanding ratios and amounts are important in baking. 
  • The supermarket is one of the most visible yet crucial places to encounter people applying math. To compute the price per unit, weigh product, calculate percentage discounts, and estimate the total, you’re utilizing math to make your purchase decision easier. (See how a calculator works)

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There are many controversial disagreements and agreements on the topic, when were numbers invented and who invented numbers 1–9. However, each theory seems to be interesting in its own way. (Also read Prime and Composite numbers)

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