When was the Peak of French Baroque Architecture?

What was French Baroque Architecture? Who started French Baroque Architecture? When was Baroque Architecture at it’s Peak? Who were some Notable Baroque Artists?
When was the Peak of French Baroque Architecture
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Early humans lived in caves to keep themselves safe from harsh weather and predators, but it was just the beginning. Centuries after centuries, people loved new techniques to make their homes beautiful.  The first known use of columns in architecture was done by Imhotep, an official of the Pharaoh Djoser. He was given the task to design the Pyramid of Djoser. We are talking about architecture, so have you heard about French architecture? Where did Baroque architecture start appearing the most? When was the peak of French Baroque architecture? Let’s find it out here.

1. What was Baroque Architecture?

The highly decorative and theatrical style of architecture that appeared in Italy during the 17th century is known as Baroque architecture. Soon this type of architecture spread across Europe. Originally, it was introduced by the Jesuits (the religious order of the Catholic Church with headquarters in Rome) of the Catholic Church for constructing the churches. It was later imported into Latin America by the Spanish and the Portuguese and the purpose behind using this new architecture was to inspire people with awe and surprise. (See What are the 3 Types of History?)

2. What was French Baroque Architecture?

The style of architecture from 1610 to 1774 is known as French Baroque architecture. It was the time during the reign of King Louis XIII, King Louis VIV, and King Louis XV. This type of architecture was also referred to as French Classicism or Rococo. (See What are the characteristics of ancient art?)

3. What was the Difference between the Two, Italian Baroque and French Baroque Architecture?

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Before understanding the peak of French Baroque architecture, let us get an insight into the difference between Italian Baroque and French Baroque architecture. Italian Baroque furniture included sculptural and some gilded bases. Though French Baroque architecture was created through inspiration from Baroque architecture, there was a considerable difference between the two. French Baroque architecture was used as a combination of classical elements, especially colossal orders of columns, and avoided exuberant decoration but rather focused on emotional exuberance. (See What are the Seven wonders of the World?)

4. Who began the Use of French Baroque Architecture?

Are you looking for the time of the peak of French Baroque architecture? Don’t worry we will reach there after going through a few more concepts of this architecture.

The 17th-century famous French architect Salomon de Brosse was one of the first architects to adopt the style. The first building he built with this style was the Palais du Luxembourg, which was built for Queen Marie de Medici, the mother of King Louis XIII. With the construction of this palace, a new pattern for the residence with pavilions on the corners was established. (See What is Pointillism Art?)

5. What were the Features of the Baroque Literature?

During that time, the King considered himself the supreme power and a ruler who was designated by God. Now the architecture was no longer focused on religious imagery but on the dwellings of the king. Since the idea behind the architecture was to show the power of the Monarch, it had the following features:

  • The rooms were designed as artistically as possible. Every corner was filled with architectural ornaments, paintings, and sculptures.
  • Symmetry was followed, and every construction was in a general layout of three wings.
  • The base was well-defined with a noble floor, along with the upper floor made for private use.
  • There were lots of windows.
  • The interiors were designed to give the feel of dynamism and power.

6. What were Baroque Motifs?

You are close to knowing about the peak of French Baroque architecture. Baroque architecture had complex ground plans but along with this, there were resultant curving walls. They gave a single entry into the building. Motif generally means a decorative design or image made in such repeated ways that it forms a pattern. It is also termed the recurring or dominant idea in artistic work. The motifs in Baroque architecture were a new feature of the era, making it special and distinct from others. The cartouche, the trophies, the curves, and the counter curves were some of the things introduced. (See 3 Types of Native American Shelters)

7. Who is credited as the Most Accomplished Formulators?

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Francois Mansart, a French architect who introduced classicism to French Baroque architecture was considered to be the most prominent and accomplished formulator. His memorable and accurate use of the sloping roof was so efficient that this style of architecture came to be known as the sloping mansard roof. (See Who painted the Last Supper in the Sistine Chapel?)

8. When was the Peak of French Baroque Architecture achieved?

The architecture became famous around Europe, but it was seen as something only confined to royalty. The general public can only watch it from afar and praise the power of the king. But for something to reach its peak, it must be used in areas where everyone can have access to it. This is exactly what took place with Baroque architecture. It was from 1625 to 1675 when this form of architecture saw its peak after being used in Churches along with Palaces in Portugal, France, Bavaria, Italy, Austria, and Spain. (See What is a theme in art?)

9. Where did Baroque Architecture start appearing the Most?

Now that you are aware of the peak of Baroque architecture, let’s read about the places where it started appearing the most. The form of architecture started appearing in Italy and spread across different regions after the Renaissance period. It had a lasting impact on the architecture in Palaces and Churches in different countries, but some regions used it in later periods also. Germany and Colonial South America are the places where Baroque architecture started appearing the most until the 18th century. (See Fall of Constantinople Effects)

10. What are 2 Facts about the Baroque Time Period?

Here are 2 facts about the Baroque architecture:

  • Renaissance and Mannerism art were the foundations of this art.
  • The later part of the Baroque period was known as the Rococo period because in the early 18th century a particular ornate variant Rocaille appeared in architecture in France and Rococo in Spain and Central Europe

11. What are Some Examples of Baroque Architecture?

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After knowing about the time of the peak of French baroque architecture, it is interesting to know about some examples. Though there are various buildings made with baroque architecture, here I have mentioned some of them as famous examples of this architecture. 

  • The Entry of St. Ignatius into Heaven: It was a fresco painting made by Andrea Pozzo on the ceiling of the Church of Saint Ignatius. The painting depicts various saints floating up with Saint Ignatius and entering heaven. The painting is full of drama and movement, which is one of the characteristics of baroque architecture.
  • The Calling of St. Matthew: The painting was made by Caravaggio, who is considered one of the master painters of the time. The painting shows Jesus calling St. Matthew to follow him and the movement in the picture is shown through the pointed hand of Jesus toward Matthew. The red light coming from the background and shining on St. Matthew adds movement and drama to the painting. Must read why is the Mona Lisa so expensive?

12. Who were Some Famous Baroque Artists?

The era of Baroque architecture was brightened with the skills and creativity of the following artists and the peak of French Baroque architecture was achieved through their efforts.

  • Andrea Pozzo – A famous artist known for his ability to portray optical illusion and his famous work was in the Church of Saint Ignatius.
  • Annibale Carracci – He is considered one of the founding fathers of this artistic movement.
  • Caravaggio – A revolutionary Italian artist credited to introduce the baroque style to the world.
  • Diego Velasquez – A leading baroque artist from Spain known for his interesting paintings.
  • Gianlorenzo Bernini – A distinguished sculptor of the Baroque period from Italy who was also a prominent architect.
  • Nicolas Poussin – A famous French painter known for his combined paintings that included both classical and baroque styles.
  • Peter Paul Rubens – One of the foremost Baroque-style painters of all time.
  • Rembrandt – A Dutch painter who specialized in portraits.

Therefore, the peak of French baroque architecture was achieved when this form of architecture was widely used in Churches and palaces in the 17th century. Also, the answer to where did Baroque architecture start appearing the most is in Italy. Hope you find this article interesting and informative. (Also read How many Rooms does the White House have?)

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