When is National Hug a Girl Day?

How many Romantic Days exist? What does National Hug Day mean and Why is it celebrated? Is there Hug a Boy Day too?
when is National Hug a Girl Day
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Hugging is a loving emotion depicted during unforeseen good or bad times. It’s a way to show affection to a person or a pet. Hugging has become very popular in recent years, and its broad adoption has been attributed to two main factors: first, less formal interactions and dress codes, and second, political leaders who want to appear more approachable and kind to the people. Now, when is National Hug a Girl Day? You must be thinking it is whenever you feel like, you can wish someone a Hug Day or is there any specific day called National hug a Friend day and hug your crush day? Let’s find it out.

1. Who invented Hugging?

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The word Hug is thought to have originated from the Old Norse word Hugga, which means to soothe, and first appeared about 450 years ago in Scandinavia. Nobody can pinpoint the precise moment when the first hug between two people took place, but we do know that hugs have been a part of human behavior for at least a few thousand years.

Moreover, what we do know is that public hugging has only recently (in the past 50 years) become fully accepted, setting it apart from other notable shows of emotion like kissing, laughing, and crying. Hugging is a natural human instinct that is physical and endearing. It can heal and uplift a person from his slumber state of mind. (See How to know if Someone Loves you Psychology)

2. How can You wish Someone a Hug Day?

Hugging a person is how you wish someone a Hug Day…hahaha so silly. But what if you are far away and cannot surprise your loved one on Hug Day then how do you wish?

You can send in virtual hugs through video calls or send in some goodies like flowers, chocolates, or teddy bears. You can also send personalized messages but nothing can be at par with the physical touch you feel and get while hugging.

Wish someone a Hug Day by showing your lovable side and their place in your life. Hugging gives the feeling of oneness and instills confidence in a person when he/she is feeling low or sad. Embracing your loved one or a stranger with a hug makes them feel known, loved, and appreciated. (See Is telepathy real in love?)

3. What Day is Hug a Girl Day?

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A hug a day keeps loneliness at bay. Around 1610, the term hug was first used to denote a wrestling hold. In the 1650s, it started to be used with its contemporary connotation. This day falls somewhere between the 17 to 19th of October every year when boys and girls can hug each other and comfort them. But in 2021 it was observed on October 22nd.

So basically, it is mid-October when you can wish or celebrate Hug a Girl Day which will give comfort and make your girls feel valued. The release of oxytocin during hugging makes one feel warm, cozy and bonded. (See How to Practice Self-Love)

4. When is National Hug a Girl Day?

Hugging is a universal show of affection and care that has been in use for ages. So, when is National Hug a Girl Day? It is ascertained to fall on October 3rd, although there is no surety as generally, it falls in the mid-week of October. However, last year, 2021, it was observed on October 22nd. (See 18 symbols that represent love)

5. What is National Give a Girl a Hug Day?

It is a nationally celebrated day just like other festivals and is done to honor women in our lives that work for us tirelessly and endlessly without any expectations. Hugging a girl shows her that her love and care are well received and reciprocated. It is the most appreciated and least expressed form of love by many. One of the basic human emotions is a hug which can change the mood instantly. Additionally, it lowers anxiety, enhances mood and memory, and fosters closer relationships. Huggers typically exhibit greater empathy for others.

Oxytocin has a strong effect on women as studied by scientists and celebrating National Hug Day can improve your overall house atmosphere and create a loving place to live in. Wanting a harmonious relationship, workspace, and environment in general give hugs to your girls. (See Valentine Week List)

6. What Day is Hug Your Crush Day?

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Just like when is National Hug a Girl Day, the date of Hug your Crush Day is another day that is made to cherish self-made relations. This happens to be celebrated on different days every year. This day is widely awaited by high schoolers and college-goers. What started as an internet craze has been adopted to feel or get embarrassed and reveal your crush by Gen Z.

The subject of crush-related online memes is also very common. Some claim it is on October 22nd while others claim it will happen on September 27 or October 25. However, this is quite similar to the answer to when is National Hug a Girl Day. It is mandatory to hug your crush who can also be your boyfriend and can post or tag you on social media. (See 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposals)

7. Is May 10th Hug Your Crush Day?

No, May 10th is not Hug your Crush Day. Hug your crush day can bring out hidden emotions in people and who knows unlucky ones might go on a date and get lucky. This is a day when social media posting, sharing, and tagging are at their peak.

You can also plan a surprise date for your boyfriend and wish him by giving hugs and more. This has not been existing earlier and is created by Gen Z to discuss their crushes and love life and to know what is happening behind the scenes. (See What is National tell your Crush you like them Day)

8. Is Today National Hug a Friend Day?

No, it is not National Hug a Friend Day today. National Hug a friend day falls on February 12 to show your love towards your friends if we go according to Valentine’s week. However, it is also celebrated on the 26th of April every year.

It is the occasion on which we honor the friendships that are meaningful to us. It can help you stay connected with the people you care about and is beneficial for your health too. It is celebrated by giving gifts, making phone calls, or FaceTime to connect with pals. Must see 12 Friends for Benefits Meaning and Rules.

9. What Day is National Hug a Boy Day?

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Wish someone a Hug Day by sending a stuffed toy with a personalized message or something that connects the two of you like a piece of clothing or necklace and so on. So, besides wondering when is National Hug a Girl Day, some also celebrate this Boy Love Day or National Hug a Boy Day. This day comes on the 11th of January every year and is celebrated to understand the power of hugs. On this day girls and ladies start hugging any guys they want to express their love and gratitude for.

They give hugs to their husbands, lovers, crushes, male friends, and male members of their families. (See When is National Relationship Day)

10. Which Day is Hug Day in February?

On the sixth day of Valentine’s Week, it is observed. It occurs on February 12th, a Saturday this year. One of the most anticipated holidays before Valentine’s Day is Hug Day and for good reason.

Hugs, which are a sign of affection, warmth, and belonging, are given as comfort to loved ones on this day. When words are inadequate to describe an emotion or challenging circumstance, it sends a nice message to your loved ones. After all, nothing soothes emotional rifts, concerns, or future anxiety like a large, warm hug.

So, now you know when is National Hug a Girl Day. Hugs have historically been given in a variety of situations, including hellos and goodbyes, expressions of sympathy or joy, as well as expressions of thanks, love, and support. (See Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?)

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