When does Capricorn Season Start?

How many Zodiac Signs exist? Are there any Similarities between them? How and by Whom were Zodiac signs formed? What is the Meaning of Capricorn?
when does Capricorn season start

Capricorn is a fixed sign that stands for time and responsibility. These people tend to be traditional and frequently have a serious demeanor. These people have a sense of freedom that allows them to make major strides in both their professional and personal life. Capricorns get along with Taurus and Cancer sun signs very well. In this article, we will discuss the 3 types of Capricorns and when does Capricorn season start. 

1. What are the 3 Types of Capricorns?

3 types of Capricorns are as follows:

  • Stoic Capricorn: These people are Saturnians who follow Time-God rules. They understand regulations and prefer being a powerful opponent by establishing laws. They are known for their aura of maturity, well-crafted public appearance, and coolness. They are concerned about failure and time waste and their focus is on the top of their game. Examples – Jeff Bezos, Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, and Justin Trudeau
  • Sensual Capricorn: The Wild God of nature, Pan, is the ruler of these types of Capricorns. Pan, known as Green Man and Cernunnos, stands for nature, free love music, and paganism. They are like amplified energy sources for the masses. They are frequently nomads who find enough foundation in sex, exercise, and food and possess a transcendental mindset. Examples – Elvis Presley, Kate Moss, Stan Lee, and Orlando Bloom.
  • Supernatural Capricorn – They are mature regardless of their success, failure, or favorable or unfavorable news. They are high-powered, spiritually directed individuals. They live in Kairos Time instead of Chronos (Saturn) Time. Examples- David Lynch, Deepa Mehta, Stephen Hawking, and Isaac Newton. 

2. What are the Capricorn Dates?

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Capricorns are experts in self-control and possess the capacity to set the pace, develop plans that sound practical, and can supervise a large number of employees at any given moment. 

So, when does Capricorn season start? Capricorn, the final earth sign, and the zodiac’s tenth sign are in charge from December 22 to January 19. Between swashbuckling Sagittarius and charismatic cult leader Aquarius, Capricorn is the middle child and is known for being cunning, wealthy, and personally punitive. (See Why are Capricorns so Hot and Irresistible?)

3. What Season is Capricorn Season?

When does Capricorn season start and end? The season begins in December end and last in mid-January. The beginning of the Capricorn season, one of the 12 astrological seasons that occur each month, also heralds the winter solstice, sometimes known as the formal beginning of winter.

Capricorn season, like every other astrological season, has a unique energy that can affect practically every aspect of your life. Well, it is known to bring in coolness with it. (See Why Lucky Number 9 is Auspicious?)

4. When does Capricorn Season Start?

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With horns to the sky and hooves to the ground, when does Capricorn season start, and what happens in this season? The Season begins on the 22nd of December and ends on the 19th of January. Capricorn season begins as the year end comes, and, you’ll feel this sense of pushing forward with your life. The dwarf planet Ixion also contributes some significant rebellious energy to the mix that makes you feel amazing. A powerful Venus-Pluto connection is active and at the same moment, it may cause you to feel very passionate and vibrant.

All zodiac signs will be impacted by the Capricorn season, but Capricorn and Cancer will experience the most. This is the season of Christmas songs, snowballs, and people taking notes of your progress in life. (See 10 Most Popular Zodiac Signs in Astrology)

5. Who do Capricorns Get Along With?

We now know there are 3 types of Capricorns and they are ruled by Saturn. They have a common emotional language. They are fellow earth signs, they connect well with Taurus people, Virgos, and other water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) for their emotional connection. They are typically the most compatible signs for friendships and relationships.

Capricorns get along with Virgos like bread and butter as they can create a lasting relationship due to great rapport and understanding. Apart from Virgos even Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurus connect well and bring out the best in each other. But Pisces and Caps are total opposites and that is what gets interesting. (See Serial Killers Zodiac Signs Statistics)

6. Is December 22nd a Capricorn or Sagittarius?

None, as it’s a Cusp which means a mix of both Capricorn and Sagittarius. When does Capricorn season start? It is during the time of winter solstice. Every year, on or around December 21 or 22, the sun enters the sign of Capricorn after spending a month in Sagittarius. 

This is due to the widespread misconception that people who are born only a few days before the start of a new zodiac sign season have a combination of the energy of the two nearby signs. They get the best of both signs and have unique personalities. (See How did the Months get their names?)

7. Why are Capricorns so Special?

The quintessential hustlers, Capricorns are structured, realistic, goal-oriented, ambitious, and don’t mind the grind. They’re willing to sacrifice a lot to get there and also enjoy setting their own rules, thus aiming for high positions in their career. Capricorns are special as they usually keep things low-key and demonstrate their power through their deeds. They are renowned for having intense focus, particularly in youth, and are driven to accomplish their goals in life.

They also have a propensity to encourage those close to them, hoping to aid in their pursuit of similar objectives. And always have a positive attitude towards work and life. Also, check out Do you have the Rescuer Syndrome?

8. What is Capricorn’s Best Match?

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Capricorn’s best match is Virgo. Both can collaborate to take care of their loved ones and make a warm home as they are both practical and passionate. Caps and Virgos get along naturally, which lets each sign be themselves and at ease. These two have strong chemistry and are comfortable being themselves around one another, which makes their connection enduring. (See What’s your Zodiac Sign)

9. Are December Capricorns Different from January Capricorns?

Yes, the fact that December Capricorns are different from January Capricorns is true. Thus it is important to know when does Capricorn season start from the astrology point of view. Saturn serves as Capricorn’s natal planet. However, as a majority of Caps in January are either second or third decan Capricorns, they each have a different planetary co-ruler that affects how their energy is expressed.

  • Capricorns are typically introverted and prioritize their work over their social life. However, because Mercury and Venus share co-ruling status with January Capricorns, they tend to be more gregarious and open to forming new friendships. December Capricorns prefer to take their time to ensure that they do things well and are even more likely to play the long game than their January-born colleagues.
  • January Capricorns have a stronger flair for being organized and more diligent about the finer points of your plans. December Capricorns typically approach situations with an even deeper sense of knowledge and experience.
  • First Decan Capricorns have a reputation for being ancient souls as they value tradition and the past. January Capricorns are more relaxed and chilled out about things as compared to December Capricorns who are goal-oriented and determined to achieve.

10. Are Capricorns Loyal?

Oh yes, they are very committed to everything in their life. Caps place a high priority on loyalty in all facets of their lives, from relationships to careers.

Time is sacred to Capricorns, so when they commit to you, they mean it with all their heart and soul. They are masters of restraint thus they hardly ever break their promises. It takes a lot to get a Capricorn to open up but when they decide it is worthwhile, they will remain devoted to it till the very end. By being trustworthy and loyal they do not know how to forgive easily. (See What does Islam say about astrology?)

11. What is a Capricorns Weakness?

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Capricorn’s weakness is their know-it-all attitude that may backfire and create issues.

  • Constant priority on their accomplishments makes them come across as aloof and rigid.
  • They do not accept their fault and might even reject reality.
  • They can give an impression of being frugal and self-centered as they can do anything to succeed.
  • It is challenging to acquire the trust of Capricorns because they are quite guarded, and frequently conceal their emotions which makes others difficult to understand them.
  • Caps are known as pessimistic and are more likely to experience depression if they have no one to confide in.
  • Having a perfectionistic tendency that if unchecked, might contribute to critical thoughts about oneself and self-destructive thought patterns. This is what makes them cynical, miserable, and fearful of failures. 
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