When did Pokemon Cards come out?

When was Pokémon released? When was the first Pokémon game released? What are Pokémon cards? Which types of Pokémon are on the card? What is the world Pokémon tournament?
when did pokemon cards come out
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Pokémon gained popularity sooner than expected. The series and video games became so famous around the world, that the publishing houses decided to take one step ahead and introduced Pokémon cards to the market. Yes, you can get those cards when you buy gums, lollipops, etc. So, who knows when did the first pokemon cards come out? Well, if not then today you will find out when did pokemon cards come out.

1. When was Pokémon released?

On 27-Feb-1995, the adventure of Ash Ketchum and his first Pokémon friend Pikachu had begun. This has become one of the world’s most successful franchises, including not only the manga series, but also the anime television series, movies, cards, and video games. The manga series designed by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori was first published in gaming magazines in 1982. To know when did pokemon cards come out in detail, you must go through the next segments. (See Which Pokemon Oreos are Rare?)

2. When did the first Pokemon Cards come out?

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In the early 1990s, Satoshi represented the concept to Nintendo. It is a Japanese multinational video game company, that got impressed with the concept of Pokémon, and assuming it was a risk the company, still thought to give it a shot. For six years Satoshi was working with the legendary game maker Shigeru Miyamoto, the maker of Mario and Zelda. Then, on 27-February 1996, the first video game for Gameboy was released in a red and green version and the cards are published in the later months of 1996. (See Video Summary: How Pokemon Went Viral – DNSQ)

3. What are Pokémon cards?

The Pokémon trading card game popularly known as Pokémon cards is a set of collectible cards based on the Pokémon franchise. They are abbreviated as PTCG or Pokémon TCG. These cards have pictures of Pokémon along with their moves and power. It also mentions information about Pokémon. (See What Pokemon Cards are Worth Money?)

4. When did Pokemon Cards come out?

In October 1996, a Japanese publisher and brand company Media Factory Inc. (Kabushiki Gaisha Media fakutorī) of Kadokawa Future Publishing published Pokémon cards. In the United States, a publisher of games published these cards in 1999. Later on, Nintendo transferred all the publishing rights from these two publishing houses to The Pokémon Company. (See What is the Best Spinning Top?)

5. What was the 1st issue of Cards?

The first set of cards that was launched was the Bandai Pokémon Carddass 100 Pocket Monster (Part 1 Green & Part 2 Red) that hit the market in September 1996. After that, the Base set is also known as the 1st Starter & Expansion pack in Japan in October 1996 and in the United States on 9-Jan-1999. By the time the 4th issue came to the market, it had more appealing colors and prints. (See Top 10 Pokemon Characters of All-Time)

6. What are the different Types of Pokémon Cards?

Different Pokémon cards have different values that determine their rarity. Starting with the least and going to the top, take a look at them.

  • Character cards with their powers and evolved forms.
  • Energy cards give power to Pokémon.
  • Trainer cards, including items, stadiums, and supporters that are used during the battle.
  • Common cards are identifiable by the black circle in the bottom-left corner.
  • Uncommon cards have a black diamond in the bottom-left corner.
  • Rare cards are identifiable by a black star in the bottom-left corner.

This is yet another piece of information other than when did pokemon cards come out. The cards published in Japan do not use these marks. They have letters like C, U, R, RR, SR, and UR in terms of the lowest to the highest rarity of these cards. (See What are all the legendary Pokémon?)

7. What are the different Types of Pokémon on the Cards?

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Different types of Pokémon are determined by the colors of different Pokémon cards. The color tells you about the powers, strengths, and weaknesses of the Pokémon. Take a look at the colors and their types along with the game type in which you can use these Pokémon cards.

  • Black is in the dark and poison game type.
  • The Blue card is of the water card type and in the game, it is water and ice.
  • Brown or orange is the fighting card type and in the game, it is fighting, ground, and rock type.
  • Gold is the dragon card type and game type.
  • Green is the grass in card type and bug, grass, and poison type in the game.
  • Pink is the fairy in cards and games.
  • Purple is the psychic in card type and poison, psychic, ghost, and fairy type in the game.
  • Red is the fire type in cards and games.
  • Silver is the metal type in cards and steel type in the game.
  • White is the colorless card and in the game, it is a normal, flying, and dragon type.
  • Yellow is the lighting type in cards and the electric type in the game. (See 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards)

8. What are the different Types of Packs of Cards?

Thinking of getting one pack after getting to know when did pokemon cards come out? The stores selling Pokémon cards have sets of different variations. They include booster packs bundled with promo cards, booster boxes of 26 packs, individual packs, and pre-constructed decks. A single booster pack has 10 cards. Nowadays, they are available on e-commerce websites and at individual sellers too. The packs contain 4 theme decks that include Pokémon with 4 strategies, namely, defensive, offensive, speed, and tactic. There have been Pokémon trading cards from all 8 generations. (See How to get Pokemon Go on your iPhone?)

9. What is the Pokémon card competition?

The initial motive of the publisher and kids was to collect as many cards as they could. Japan has the craziest fans of Pokémon and their love for these cards took them to another level. They introduced a tournament in which kids and teenagers compete with each other in a Pokémon card game. (See What is Strong against Rock Type Pokemon?)

10. What is the Pokémon World Championship?

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To give a bigger platform to the players along with a competitive environment with large prizes, the organization Pokémon Organized Play (POP) organizes such tournaments. One of the major Pokémon tournaments took place on 26-August-2000 and 27-August-2000 in which Pokémon trainers around the world took part. It was at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu for the Tropical Mega Battle. Children till the age of 14 from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, and the United States participated. (See Top 10 Strongest Pokemon)

So, today you got to know when did pokemon cards come out. It is time to ask your friends and family members when did the first pokemon cards come out? You can wait for your response and find out which family member or friend got the right answer. (Also read Make Your Own Custom Fidget Spinner)

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