What’s the Height, Width, Length of iPhone 6s?

What are the dimensions of Apple iPhone 6S? What is the size of iPhone 6s in inches?

  1. 1 Is iPhone 6 and 6s are of the same size?

    Both of the phones are almost the same size. Both the phones' height and weight are ditto, whereas, in terms of depth, 6s is quite bigger measuring 0.28 inches more than iPhone6.

  2. 2 What are the measurement of iPhone 6s?

    iPhone 6s is one of the best selling models of Apple having a height of 5.44 inches (138.3mm), a width of 2.64 inches (67.1mm), depth of .28 inches (7.1mm), and weighs 143 gm (5oz).

  3. 3 iPhone 6s OS

    It comprises iOS 9.0.1 operating system, although the current iOS released is 13.7 in September 2020.

  4. 4 Is iPhone 6s worth buying in 2020?

    iPhone never gets outdated, be it any model. Even in 2020, it is a great and affordable deal to buy an iPhone 6s. Even though it has become a pretty old model, the best part about this model is its operating system, which is very well optimized and keeps it up to date as all other new models.

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