What’s The Fastest Mile Ever Run?

Is it a 5-minute mile fast? The current world record for one mile is 3:43.13, set by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco in 1999.
What’s The Fastest Mile Ever Run?
  1. What’s the fastest mile ever run?

    The World record in the running is usually in miles, and there is a different record set by both male and female runners. The official body that sees the records and keeps track is IAAF. In the year 1970, IAAF announced that mile would be the only non-metric distance recognized for record purposes.

  2. Who made the fastest mile ever record?

    In females, it is Svetlana Masterkova and has a record of 4:12.56. In males, the record holder is Hicham El Guerrouj; he has a history of 3:43.13.

  3. History of the best records under 4 minutes

    Time  Athlete  Country  Year  Location
    3:44.39 Noureddine Morceli Algeria 1993 Rieti, Italy
    3:43.13 Hicham El Guerrouj Morocco 1999 Rome, Italy
    3:48.8 Steve Ovett England 1980 Oslo
    3:48.53 Sebastian Coe England 1981 Zurich, Switzerland
    3:48.40 Steve Ovett England 1981 Koblenz, W. Ger.
    3:47.33 Sebastian Coe England 1981 Brussels
    3:46.31 Steve Cram England 1985 Oslo
    4:36.5 Richard Webster England 1865 England
    4:29.0 William Chinnery England 1868 England
    4:28.8 Walter Gibbs England 1868 England
    4:26.0 Walter Slade England 1874 England
    4:24.5 Walter Slade England 1875 London
    4:23.2 Walter George England 1880 London
    4:21.4 Walter George England 1882 London
    4:18.4 Walter George England 1884 Birmingham, England
    4:18.2 Fred Bacon Scotland 1894 Edinburgh, Scotland
    4:17.0 Fred Bacon Scotland 1895 London
    4:15.6 Thomas Conneff United States 1895 Travers Island, N.Y.
    4:15.4 John Paul Jones United States 1911 Cambridge, Mass.
    4:14.4 John Paul Jones United States 1913 Cambridge, Mass.
    4:12.6 Norman Taber United States 1915 Cambridge, Mass.
    4:10.4 Paavo Nurmi Finland 1923 Stockholm
    4:09.2 Jules Ladoumegue France 1931 Paris
    4:07.6 Jack Lovelock New Zealand 1933 Princeton, N.J.
    4:06.8 Glenn Cunningham United States 1934 Princeton, N.J.
    4:06.4 Sydney Wooderson England 1937 London
    4:06.2 Gundar Hägg Sweden 1942 Goteborg, Sweden
    4:06.2 Arne Andersson Sweden 1942 Stockholm
    4:04.6 Gunder Hägg Sweden 1942 Stockholm
    4:02.6 Arne Andersson Sweden 1943 Goteborg, Sweden
    4:01.6 Arne Andersson Sweden 1944 Malmo, Sweden
    4:01.4 Gunder Hägg Sweden 1945 Malmo, Sweden
    3:59.4 Roger Bannister England 1954 Oxford, England
    3:58.0 John Landy Australia 1954 Turku, Finland
    3:57.2 Derek Ibbotson England 1957 London
    3:54.5 Herb Elliott Australia 1958 Dublin
    3:54.4 Peter Snell New Zealand 1962 Wanganui, N.Z.
    3:54.1 Peter Snell New Zealand 1964 Auckland, N.Z.
    3:53.6 Michel Jazy France 1965 Rennes, France
    3:51.3 Jim Ryun United States 1966 Berkeley, Calif.
    3:51.1 Jim Ryun United States 1967 Bakersfield, Calif.
    3:51.0 Filbert Bayi Tanzania 1975 Kingston, Jamaica
    3:49.4 John Walker New Zealand 1975 Goteborg, Sweden
    3:49.0 Sebastian Coe England 1979 Oslo
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