What’s The Difference Between Turquoise And Teal?

Is teal close to aqua or turquoise? Teal is dark-greenish blue colour, whereas turquoise is a greenish-blue shade and is lighter than teal.
What’s The Difference Between Turquoise And Teal?
  1. Teal and Turquoise

    You must be thinking that what are we talking about when we say teal and turquoise? Yes, you are right; these are the two colours in which most people get confused while differentiating. The significant disparity between them is that teal is relatively darker than turquoise. In fact, turquoise is closer to the blue tone than green.

  2. About Teal colour

    It is a medium to dark blue-green colour. This name comes from a common bird called teal that has a similar colour on its head. This colour is created by combining blue and green paints into a white base. In fact, you can deepen this colour by adding some back to it. The hex triplet code of teal is #008080. This colour is also considered the darker version of cyan.

  3. About Turquoise colour

    It is a tone of greenish-blue obtained from a mineral, a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminium. Its name emanates from the gemstone of the same colour. Turquoise is a hint of blue, which endures on the scale between blue and green. The Hexa triplet of turquoise is #40E0D0. There are various shades of turquoise such as light, dark, medium and Celeste.

  4. What is the variation between Teal and Turquoise?

    The primary factor that sets these two colours apart are that teal is dark-greenish blue colour, whereas turquoise is a greenish-blue shade and is lighter than teal. Turquoise is comparatively closer to green than blue. (See Which colours go with burgundy?)

  5. Teal Vs. Turquoise In Tabular Form

    Basis of Comparison  TEAL  TURQUOISE 
    Origin Of The Name The name teal originates from a typical bird’s name, the teal, which usually has a related colour line on its head. The name turquoise comes from the turquoise gemstone mineral, which is blue-green.
    Colour Description It is a greenish-blue colour. It is a shade of greenish-blue colour.
    Hexadecimal Code The hexadecimal code of teal is #008080. The hexadecimal code for turquoise is #30D5C8.
    Complementary Colors Teal is a very varied shade, and it complements very well with many other colour shades like red, burgundy, maroon, yellow, magenta, silver or cobalt blue. Turquoise is a versatile colour shade that looks fabulous when paired with various other colours such as yellow, pink, maroon and even white.
    Colour Psychology In colour psychology, teal signifies rejuvenation, open communication, faith and clarity of thought. In colour psychology, turquoise expresses serenity, confidence, peace of mind, wholeness, spiritual grounding, energy and mental clarity.
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