What Was Howard Hughes Net Worth When He Died?

Who was Howard Hughes? What were his Ventures? How did he become a Millionaire?
What Was Howard Hughes Net Worth When He Died? 1

Howard Hughes was a very well-known and highly praised figure of his time. He became a millionaire during his prospering career. This article will cover his history, how he achieved so much name and fame, and what was Howard Hughes’ net worth when he died.

1. Introduction to Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes was an American philanthropist, manufacturer, aviator, business investor, engineer, as well as producer and director at a motion picture. Howard Robard Hughes Jr, famously known as Howard Hughes, was the son of the famous inventor and a wealthy businessman Howard Robard Hughes Sr. He had a versatile personality and was able to diversify himself into a great number of things. As mentioned, the array of his business and career ventures gained him much wealth and success throughout his life.

The characters Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne were based on him, including his work history, relationships with friends and family, and day-to-day life experiences. Keep reading to find out Howard Hughes’ net worth when he died! (Also See Who Invented Lamborghini?)

2. Early Life of Howard Hughes

  • He was born on Christmas Eve in Houston in 1905.
  • He was interested in the subjects of science and technology and at the age of 11, was the inventor of the first wireless radio transmitter.
  • Hughes, aged-12, built a motorized bicycle with the steam engine that was built by his father.
  • As a student, his major interests were in the subjects of aviation, mathematics, and mechanics. His first flying lesson was at the age of 14.
  • From an early age, he was a golfer as well.

After the death of his father in 1924, he inherited a million dollars at that time which is a little over three million by modern standards. This inheritance led him to achieve many big things and eventually spread his name in the United States. (See Fascinating History of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)

3. Brief History of Howard Hughes Health

Throughout his life, he dated film stars and was a force to be reckoned with.

  • Due to his growing age, he was struck by many diseases such as chronic deafness & chronic kidney pain due to his life as an aviator.
  • He was also diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a mental disorder often referred to as OCD.
  • Hughes met his demise at the age of 70 in 1976 due to kidney failure while traveling in a plane. (See Do You Poop When You Die?)

4. The Business Life of Hughes

Hughes was the founder of three companies: The Howard Hughes Corporation, Hughes Aircraft Company, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He was also the owner of Hughes Airwest Airlines as well as the Chairman and CEO of Summa Corporation. In total, he had five companies under him. As a businessman, he was hugely inspired by his father and ran the corporations with his teachings All these companies still stand as a reminder of the amazing work that was done by Hughes. 

5. The Hollywood life of Hughes

  • Although he was a charming-looking man, he chose a directorial role in Hollywood rather than starring as an actor. The first-ever movie directed by him, Hell’s Angels, was the most expensive movie of that time, having had a budget of $4 million, inflated to be $12 million. It went on to become a hit and put Hughes in the Hollywood limelight.
  • Some other movies directed by him are Scarface, The Outlaw, etc.
  • He met his future long-term business partner David Charnay during the shoot of The Conqueror, which was turning out to be a flop. Hughes bought as many copies of his film as possible and watched them on loop to help his friend gain popularity.
  • He had relationships with several film stars throughout his time in Hollywood. The most controversial relationship, however, was with a fifteen-year-old girl named Faith Domergue, who he met during a Memorial Day celebration. It was a long-going relationship like many that Hughes had over the years. (Also See 7 Interesting Mark Wahlberg Life Facts)

Howard Hughes Net Worth When He Died

6. His Adventures As An Aviator

Hughes loved being an aviator and flying in the sky. He flew many airplanes and jet engines over the years and won many world records. The most famous being his world flight record that he attempted in 1938 on 14th July. It took him nearly three days, nineteen hours, and seventeen minutes – a total of ninety-one hours. He broke the previous record that was set by Wiley Post in 1933. He also encountered several fatal crashes that caused him deafness and kidney injury which later resulted in his death. 

Howard Hughes Net Worth When He Died

7. Howard Hughes Net Worth when he Died

Howard Hughes net worth when he died is astronomical to look at by today’s standards. During that time, he was an eye candy whose money-making success in unlimited ventures such as aerospace, Hollywood, and businesses never came to a hault. Howard Hughes net worth when he died was $2.5 million. Now, after inflation, this amount would serve around the price of $11 billion, about more than four times its original value. Nearly six hundred people came out to claim their part of share in Hughes inheritance after his death. (See How Was UPS Founded?)

8. The Legacy of Howard Hughes

  • The legacy of Hughes still remains unbeatable considering the fact that major comic characters like Tony Stark, lovingly called Iron Man, were inspired by this personality.
  • Stan Lee admired Hughes’ success, and also named Tony Stark’s father Howard Stark after him
  • A film starring Leonardo Di Caprio was made as a biography of Howard Hughes, titled The Aviator.

This is the legacy that Howard Hughes left behind. The life of Hughes reflects a successful but flawed man who was killed by the side-effects of his own passion.

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