What time Hanukkah Candlelight to be Lit?

What is the order of lighting the Menorah? Who receives Hanukkah blessings? What are some Jewish rituals for Hanukkah?
what time hanukkah candlelight to be lit
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Every prayer has a meaning. If you pray to the Almighty, he would shower his blessings. This refers to Hanukkah. In a Jewish ritual, lightning on a Hanukkah candle happens in order. It is blessings that come along. Hanukkah has eight nights. Every night one after the other, one more candle is added; so that on the final night, the ninth candle will be lit. There are times when confusion arises what time Hanukkah candlelight to be lit? Let’s see who lights Hanukkah candles and what is the menorah candle lighting order.

1. What time Hanukkah Candlelight to be Lit?

Hanukkah lights are lit when stars come into the sky, after a few hours of sunset. The first day is celebrated on the 25th of the Kislev month every year according to the Jewish calender. If someone does not light it, they can still do it when night comes. So, what time Hanukkah candlelight to be lit depends on the family members who are still awake. If someone accidentally missed lighting the Hanukkah lights, it is said that they cannot have the blessing. If the night passed, lights cannot be lit and you will fail to perform a mitzvah. You can also light in the next evening with others. (See Top 16 Hanukkah Spelling Variations)

2. What is Menorah Candle Lighting Order?

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As you already know what time Hanukkah candlelight to be lit, now it’s time for the next steps. 

  • Arrange the lights on a menorah.
  • Ask everyone to assemble in the house near the menorah.
  • There must be sufficient oil or the candles must be big enough to burn until midnight.
  • First, light the shamash candle and hold it with your right hand.
  • Chant the blessings of Hanukkah while you stand.
  • Light the candles every day. Start from the left to right. This way it keeps adding one light each from right to left. Every night of Hanukkah, a candle must be lit.

Since these lights are sacred, a special candle or shamash is used to light the candles. (See What are the Various Branches of Christianity?)

3. What are Hanukkah Blessings Candles?

An important Hanukkah ritual is to chant the blessings and light the candles. It is said to ask for three blessings on the first night. This is done for seven nights. It is fine to speak the words of Hanukkah blessing. There are 3 blessings for Hanukkah and these are done in the following ways in Hebrew. 

  • The first blessing of Hanukkah is done when the candles are lit. This is usually done with Hebrew prayers.
  • The second blessing is done following every night of the holiday.
  • The third blessing of Hanukkah is done before lightning the candle on the first night. Also, check out What is Eight-Day Jewish Festival?

4. What are Hanukkah Practices?

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There are many practices that Hanukkah does. Hanukkah celebrates the miracle which means lights over the dark. There are several practices or rituals that happen.

  • The Hanukkah Candles: The Jewish families chant blessings and light their candles throughout the eight days of Hanukkah. Candles are placed in the menorah which increases the number of lights.
  • Some delicious treats: In the Jewish kitchen, during Hanukkah, it is common to snort some delicious aromas of potato and onion pancakes deep-fried in oil. Latkes are a traditional dish of a Jewish festival. Also, check out why do we eat ham on Easter?
  • Dreidel Games: Kids and adults play dreidel games during Hanukkah. There are theories that say young Jewish scholars track Greek soldiers.
  • Hanukkah gelt: During Hanukkah, Jewish children wait for their chocolates. It comes wrapped in gold or silver foil as coins. Gelt is kid stuff. In Eastern places, Jewish families give extra coins to others.
  • Gift: During Hanukkah, everyone gets a gift. On the sixth night of Hanukkah, all families give gifts to their families. These gifts can be anything. Also, people make donations to some non-profitable organizations. 
  • Family time: This festival comes with the idea of gathering families together. Must read about the 15 Most Worshipped Gods in the World.

5. Who Lights Hanukkah Candles?

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Everyone participates in the menorah lighting. In several families, the head of the family lights the menorah and everyone listens to their blessings. It is mainly done by a person who is well aware of what time Hanukkah candlelight to be lit and the menorah candle lighting order. It is necessary for everyone to attend when the Hanukkah miracle is performed.

  • Where to light the menorah: This has to be done at your home. For example, if you are traveling, you can set up a menorah at your place wherever you are staying. On the other hand, if you spend a night with Jewish, you can always gift him a dollar or any contribution for the menorah. It’s believed that two candles are better than one.
  • When to light the menorah: Always light the menorah after sunset. In some countries, Hanukkah starts thirty minutes after sunset. However, the menorah is lit before sunset on Fridays. Also, on Saturdays, it is lit after sunset. Lightning the menorah early is the best thing. If you delay or you wait for someone in your family, the Hanukkah lights and blessings would not fall on that person. (Also read Calendar 2022)

Hanukkah is equivalent to Christmas. Both fall at the same time. It is where people gather around for some blessings from the almighty. People present themselves as something and enjoy a piece of Jewish music amongst themselves. (See How is Culture Transmitted from One Generation to Another?)

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