What Time does it get Dark?

How long does it take to get Dark after Sunset? What is the usual Time difference between Sunrise and Sunset? How to use Sunrise and Sunset Calculator? Is there any Country without Sunset?
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The beauty of day can be felt by the coordination of day and night. Darkness has its own beauty and the intensity and the time of darkness or night depend on the season. So, what time does it get dark? The Earth revolves around its axis in twenty-four hours which causes the day and night. The universe has its own mechanism which causes day and night, different seasons, leap years, etc. What time does it get dark? How to use the sunrise and sunset calculator? What causes day and night? Let’s find this all.

1. What time does it get Dark?

The time when it gets dark outside depends upon the season and the location of the country from the equator. The day and night are basically due to the revolving of Earth on its axis. It gets dark when the Sun goes below the horizon. So midnight time is a time when it starts getting dark.

There are three stages of twilight:

  • Civil Twilight: When there is proper visibility but dim light.
  • Nautical Twilight: When it starts getting dark and stars are visible in the sky.
  • Astronomical Twilight: it is the time of complete darkness. (See When do Days Start to get Longer?)

2. How long does it take to get Dark after Sunset?

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It totally depends on the season if you are wondering what time does it get dark. The seasons depend on the rotation of Planet Earth around the Sun. When it is near the sun it has more access to light and on moving far the availability of light decreases which causes winter. So considering the all crucial factors for the daylight and darkness, it takes 70 to 100 minutes after the sunset to get dark. Must read what is revolution and rotation?

3. What time does it get Dark in Summer?

There is variation in the time it gets dark depending on your location, season, etc. When the Sun goes eighteen degrees below the horizon it turns completely dark. In summer it takes more time to get dark as compared to the winter season. It approximately takes nearly 80 minutes to turn dark in any season depending on the time of sunset. In a country like India, it starts getting dark around 7:30 in the northern region. (See What is the Third Planet closest to the Sun?)

City Civil Twilight (Sunset) Nautical Twilight Astronomical Twilight True Night
Quito, Ecuador 18:25 18:45 (+20mins) 19:09 (+44mins) 19:33 (+68mins)
Key West, Florida 19:39 20:02 (+23mins) 20:28 (+51mins) 20:55 (+76mins)
Kansas City, Kansas 19:32 19:58 (+26mins) 20:30 (+58mins) 21:02 (+90mins)
Anchorage, Alaska 20:18 21:02 (+44mins) 21:54 (+96mins) 22:53 (+155mins)

4. How to use Sunrise and Sunset Calculator?

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From gml.noaa.gov

The sunrise and sunset are determined online by a calculator named sunrise and sunrise calculator. The functioning of the sunrise and sunset calculator to know what time does it get dark is as below:

  • Select your city name.
  • Enter the latitude, longitude, and time zones
  • Select on the auto-fill option to enter the year, month, and date or enter manually.
  • Click on calculate Sunrise/Sunset to get the result.

5. What is the usual Time Difference between Sunrise and Sunset?

The usual time difference between sunrise and sunset depends on latitude, time zones, and the season. Considering the season to be summer and the location of India the Sun rises at 5 am and sunset at 7:30 pm. The average time difference is fourteen hours. Also, check out What is One Trip Around the Sun Called?

6. Is there any Country without Sunset?

Yes, there exists a country in the Arctic Circle named Norway which doesn’t have a sunset. It is also called The Land of Midnight Sun. There are 76 days with complete daylight in Norway. The countries which are far away from the reach of the Sun receive sunlight in a very less quantity. (See Where does Earth End and Outer Space Begin?)

7. Where and when does Sun set in Dubai?

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What time does it get dark in Dubai? Well, Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and the sunset in Dubai is around 1:10 pm. The best location to see the sunset in Dubai is Burj Khalifa Observation Deck as it is an 829 meters tall structure. It is the perfect location to observe the sunset in Dubai. Also, check out In Which Direction does the Sun Set?

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