What size Bulb does a Lava Lamp take?

What is a Lava Lamp and Who invented it? What does it look like after the Invention? What are the Different Sizes of Lamps and Which Bulb suits them? What should be considered while Replacing the Bulb?
what size bulb does a lava lamp take

After Edison made the invention of the light bulb, humanity moved further in developing various other inventions that could work on electricity. It includes various types of bulbs also. The evolution of the light bulb after the incandescent bulb has been immensely great. And one such invention during this time was the lava lamp. You must be wondering what makes a lava lamp. Do not worry because you will get to know what did the first lava lamp look like and what size bulb does a lava lamp take. You will read about all of these as you continue reading the article.

1. What is a Lava Lamp?

It is a type of decorative lamp that is available in different colors. The lava lamps are found in all types of vibrant colors that is due to the glass bottle attached to the bulb. (See How Hot is Lava in Fahrenheit?)

2. Who invented the Lava Lamp?

what size bulb does a lava lamp take 1

In 1963, Edward Craven Walker, a British inventor, entrepreneur, and founder of Mathmos, a lighting company, hired the British inventor, David George Smith, to invent the first lava lamp. (See History of Dark Room Film)

3. What was it Called?

The first lamp was not known as the lava lamp. Instead, it was called the Astro Lamp. This lamp also had various variations, like Astro coach lantern, and Astro mini lamps. Later, it was known as Lava Lite because the name was based on the name of the company that bought the United States manufacturing rights of the lamp. (See What is the Best Lava Lamp to Buy?)

4. What did the First Lava Lamp look like?

Before you know what size bulb does a lava lamp take, you need to read about the first lava lamp. The first lava lamp was a glass vessel that was filled with a special-colored wax mixture. The rest of the space in the vessel was filled with a translucent or clear liquid. The base contains an incandescent light bulb that heats the wax mixture (carbon tetrachloride) inside the glass vessel. The glass vessel is placed over this bulb base, which results in the heating and cooling of the wax mixture. The first lava lamp looks like a conical lamp. (See How does a Thermos Work?

5. What makes a Lava Lamp?

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The basic things required to make a lava lamp are as follows.

  • A clear container,
  • Water or clear liquid or a mix of mineral oil,
  • Incandescent bulb,
  • Colors,
  • Paraffin wax mixture,
  • Alka-Seltzer (Aspirin). (See What Does 3D Mean?)

6. Why is Paraffin Wax used?

Common wax has a lower density than paraffin wax. It will float at all temperatures. It will not create the rise and fall effect that is caused by the melting and solidifying of the paraffin. So, what size bulb does a lava lamp take? Go through the next point to know about it. (See What are Rubies made of?)

7. What size Bulb does a Lava Lamp take?

A classic lava lamp has the incandescent or halogen bulb which is usually available for only a single watt. However, the most important criterion that decides the size of the bulb is the size of the lava lamp. If you have the 14.5-inch (20-ounces) classic lava lamp, then the 25 watts original lamp incandescent bulb is sufficient for it. (See How to Size a Rough Opening for Bifold Door?)

8. Does the Bulb Size differ according to usage?

Yes, the use of the lava lamp also affects the size and type of bulb. As you are aware of what size bulb does a lava lamp take, you must consider each size of the bulb as it is important to use the bulb according to the model of your lava lamp. (See What Is the Average Garage Door Size?)

9. What are the Different Sizes of Lava Lamps and Which Bulb suits them?

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What size bulb does a lava lamp take? Well, depending upon the requirements, lava lamps can be of different sizes. 

  • 27 inches requires a 100-watt lighting bulb with an R20 medium-base. It is 3.55 inches in length and 2.5 in diameter.
  • 16.3 to 17 inches lava lamps require a 40-watt light bulb.
  • 11.5 inches lava lamps are smaller and require less heat. Therefore, a 15-watt light bulb will be sufficient.
  • However, the largest lava lamp made is 4 feet tall and has 10-gallons (37.85 liters) of lava formula. (See How Lighters Work?)

10. How to Replace the Bulb?

Before starting up with anything, make sure to refer to the user guide provided with the lamp. The most common instructions that need to be followed are the size, watt, and socket size of the bulb. Take a look at the next steps before changing the bulb in what size bulb does a lava lamp take.

  • Unplug the lamp and wait for the lamp to cool.
  • Remove the glass globe and unscrew the bulb. Rotate the bulb in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • Keep it aside and screw the new bulb. Rotate in a clockwise direction to screw in the new bulb.
  • Put the globe back in its place. (See How to Make a Super Ball?)

11. For How long to Light the Lamp?

Lava lamps use halogen bulbs which give out a good amount of heat and consume a very large amount of electricity. But you can refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the maximum or minimum usage guidelines. On average, it is recommended to light the lamp for no more than 10 hours. (See All Battery Sizes with Pictures)

12. What key Factors should be considered before Buying the Lamp?

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What size bulb does a lava lamp take is to be taken care of along with the other factors like shape and the color of the lamp. These are described below.

  • The size refers to the height, so you need to choose the one that fits according to the home decor. You can have 11 inches or 18 inches, but it all depends on the space available in your house.
  • The next thing that comes is the shape. Classical lamps were available in a conical shape. But nowadays, you can get cylindrical, rectangular, bullet, or globe-shaped lava lamps.
  • Last, is the color which you use to contrast the interior of your house. The transparent liquid can be available in other colors like pink, blue, red, etc. The wax can also be found in different colored shades and sometimes in multiple shades in one lamp. (See Why is Paris called the City of Lights?)

Now you know, what size bulb does a lava lamp take and what makes a lava lamp. Hope what did the first lava lamp look like is clear now. It is time to share this light information with your friends and family. (See What are Examples of Elements in Everyday Life?)

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