What should you do if you are attacked by a pack of wolves?

What to do if a wolf approaches you? How to survive a wolf encounter? How do you scare off a wolf?
  1. Stay calm

    Wolves rarely attack humans unless they have a strong reason. Stay calm while keeping your eye on the wolf. There is a big chance that it will leave you and walk away.

  2. Back away slowly

    Back away slowly while facing the wolf. Don’t give the wolf your back as this might prevent you from seeing it coming closer.

  3. Leave the wolf a way to escape

    If there is no clear pass for the wolf to escape then the wolf might become afraid and become aggressive as a result. Make sure there is a clear path that the wolf can use to walk away.

  4. Pick up children without bending down

    Wolves usually attack the weakest target. Pick up small children but don’t bend down as this can give the wolf a chance to attack you.

  5. Make yourself look bigger

    Put your arms beside you or wave them to make yourself appear bigger. This can scare away the wolf as it will conclude that you are not a weak prey.

  6. Speak firmly

    If the wolf doesn’t back off then speak firmly; make loud noises or shout in a loud voice. This might scare the wolf away. (See Do wolves naturally attack humans?)

  7. Protect your head and neck

    If the wolf decided to attack you then make sure you prevent it from reaching your head and neck. This will increase your chances of survival and also prevent the wolf from reaching its preferred areas.

  8. Fight it aggressively

    Wolves sometimes do test attacks to find out how strong a prey is. If you managed to fight back aggressively, in case the wolf attacked, then you might scare it and force it to leave.

  9. Don’t run

    Don’t run. Running will make you look like a prey as wolves are natural hunters.

  10. Don’t stare in its eyes

    Looking a wolf in the eye can make you look like a threat. While you should keep watching at the wolf, you should also avoid staring in its eyes all the time.

  11. Keep standing

    If you fell on the ground or bent down then this will make you seem like an easy prey. Try to keep standing as much as you can. (See What to do if a shark approaches you?)

  12. Throw stones

    If you believe the wolf will attack you then throw sticks, stones or camping equipment to scare it away.

  13. Put children in the middle

    If you are attacked by a pack of wolves and you are in a group then move the children in the middle of a circle that your group creates so that you’d be giving them your backs.

  14. Curl into a ball

    If the worst case scenario happens and the wolf gets you on the ground then curl yourself into a ball to protect your face and neck then fight as aggressively as you can.

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