What meanings and symbolism do birds have?

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing birds? Bird Symbolism & Spiritual Bird Meaning
  1. Birds are mediators between heaven and earth

    Birds can fly and because of that, they are seen as mediators and messengers between heaven and earth.

  2. Birds symbolize spirits or souls

    Flight symbolizes freedom from physical restrictions of earthly realms and because of that birds symbolize spirits, souls and the mystical experiences.

  3. Birds of prey symbolize warriors and nobles

    Warriors and nobles were often depicted with birds of prey such as eagles, falcons and hawks.

  4. Falcons symbolize nobility

    Falcons were used for hunting by aristocrats of China, Japan and Europe. In China, banners of high-ranking lords depicted falcons. In ancient Egypt, the falcon was the king of birds and the symbol for sky god, Horus.

  5. The hawk symbolizes a connection with ancestors and war

    Native American tribes regarded the hawk as the messenger with dead ancestors. In China, the hawk is a symbol of war and the sun.

  6. The eagle is associated with power and leadership

    The eagle was a symbol for ambitious, expansionist civilizations such as ancient Rome and the USA. In China, it symbolizes power. The eagle on the Seal of the President of the USA turns its head towards the olive branch, symbolizing a move from war to peace.

  7. Ravens and crows are bearers of ill omen

    Ravens and crows have similar symbolism – ill omens, war, death and the supernatural. (See Why do birds chirp in the morning?)

  8. Doves are a symbol of world peace

    In the Bible, the dove was a bird that returned to Noah’s ark with an olive branch – a symbol of reconciliation between God and humankind. The dove also symbolizes purity, the soul, fertility and longevity.

  9. Peacocks represent grandeur

    Due to their appearance, peacocks represent divinity, royalty, love and beauty. The peacock’s tail was often identified with the eyes and stars.

  10. Storks represent travel and childbirth

    Storks, a long distance migratory bird, represent travel. The saying that storks bring babies is connected to the idea that storks find souls of unborn children.

  11. Swans are symbols of fidelity

    Because swans often mate for life, they are associated with fidelity.

  12. Owls are connected to supernatural powers and wisdom

    Because of their nightly flights and intense eyes, owls are connected with the supernatural. In ancient Greece, and later with alchemists, the owl was a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

  13. Magpies are birds of joy or bringers of doom

    Magpies are symbols of happiness and enthusiasm in Australia, while in Europe, they are seen as thieves and bringers of misfortune. (See The body language of happiness)

  14. Cranes are symbols of longevity and vigilance

    In Asia, cranes are traditional symbols of longevity and vigilance. In the West, they represent vigilance.

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