What makes someone charismatic?

Charisma and Being Charismatic | What makes someone charismatic? Charisma: What Is It? Do You Have It?
  1. Strong emotional expressiveness

    Charismatic people are the ones who are able to express their emotions clearly, genuinely and spontaneously. Because of that, those people strongly affect the emotions of others.

  2. Strong social expressiveness

    Charismatic people are the ones who have good social skills that allow them to engage others, maintain an interesting conversation and use powerful words.

  3. They have a lot of passion

    Charismatic people have a lot of passion and energy for their ideas and beliefs. As a result, those people manage to clearly express their ideas and beliefs while invoking an emotional response in others. (See How do I Find my Passion?)

  4. They are confident

    Self-confidence plays a role in making a person seem charismatic. When a person becomes sure of himself or his beliefs, his energy becomes higher and his social interactions become more effective.

  5. They spread optimism

    Charismatic people are usually optimistic people who don’t only have a positive outlook, but also manage to transfer their positive thoughts and beliefs to others. See why are some people pessimistic. (See Why are some people very optimistic?)

  6. Good public speakers

    Charismatic people are good public speakers who know how to keep people’s attention, how to deliver their message clearly and how to charge their listeners with energy.

  7. They are assertive

    Charismatic people are usually assertive. Their assertiveness stems from their self-confidence or from their faith in their ideas and beliefs.

  8. They have a strong presence

    Charismatic people are always present, focused, aware of their surroundings and of their emotions. Their strong presence makes them appear more charismatic.

  9. They communicate authority

    Charismatic people communicate authority with their body language even if they are not in a position of power.

  10. They focus on others

    Charismatic people focus on others, listen to them, understand their needs, notice their emotions and respond according to any change others display.

  11. They are relaxed and calm

    Charismatic people are usually relaxed and calm. A charismatic person will hardly fidget or seem anxious.

  12. They are persuasive

    Charismatic people are usually very persuasive. Their ability to persuade others and to make them believe in their point of view makes them seem more influential and powerful.

  13. They are great storytellers

    Charismatic people are usually great at storytelling. They know how to motivate others and engage them using stories.

  14. They empower people

    Charismatic people are usually interested in others. They make people feel important, they understand their needs and empower them.

  15. They are not self-inhibited

    Self-inhibited people are the ones who are inhibited by their personal flaws such as shyness, negative thinking or lack of confidence. Charismatic people are not by any means self-inhibited people.

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