What makes left handed people different?

Psychologists explain how left-handed people work differently | What makes left-handed people different?

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  1. 1 They are right-brained

    This makes them more of visual thinkers; thus more creative, have a wider imagination, more capable of expressing their feelings, and better at perception.

  2. 2 They can do many tasks at once

    Studies found that being left handed forces the brain to act faster; thus lefties are capable of handling many tasks and receive and process many information at once.

  3. 3 They mostly have high IQ

    Though the reason is still unclear, but one explanation says that lefties are often forced and used to use both sides of their brain more frequently, which makes them capable of processing more information than right-handed people, 'righties'.

  4. 4 Some have better memory

    Some studies found that lefties that have a family history of this trait have better memory. Also righties that come from a family of many lefties were proven to have a better memory.

  5. 5 They’re better at remembering songs' tunes

    They are better than right handed people at remembering the tunes of songs and they have a better sense of rhythm.

  6. 6 They’re better at seeing underwater

    Their vision underwater is better than that of righties and this is thought to be due to the dominance of some part responsible for this advantage in the brain of lefties.

  7. 7 They recover from strokes faster

    This could be due to the fact that lefties are forced to use and strengthen both sides of their brain.

  8. 8 They’re faster at learning to drive

    Many researchers have great evidence on this advantage though the reason is still unknown. What’s amazing about it is that mostly cars are designed for righties.

  9. 9 They’re better at playing video games

    Research found that a left-handed person is better than a right-handed person at receiving large amount of information and stimuli and respond more quickly.

  10. 10 They make more money

    Studies showed that left handed males who have gone to college earn 13% more than their right handed counterparts, though the reason is still unknown.

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