What makes a person attractive?

What makes you attracted to someone? What instantly makes a person more attractive? What makes a person attractive?
  1. Facial symmetry

    The more symmetrical a face is, the more attractive it seems to be. Symmetrical faces are easier for the brain to process, and they signal good health.

  2. Proportional body

    A proportional body makes a person seem more attractive. Men prefer women with low waist-to-hip ratio with an ideal ratio of 0.7. Women prefer men with broad shoulders, v-shaped torso and a narrow waist.

  3. Masculinity or femininity

    Men find the more feminine faces more attractive, while women find the more masculine faces more attractive. Feminine faces have small features, large eyes and small chin, while muscular faces look more angry, have angular features and ideally protruding cheek bones.

  4. Studies have shown that humans can use the sense of smell to find the partner with the perfect matching immune system or one that has the opposite disease database to theirs.

  5. Average facial features

    People with mathematically average facial features are considered more attractive, as they advertise a wider range of genes and qualities.

  6. A person’s voice affects their attractiveness

    Men prefer women with low-pitched feminine voice, while women prefer men with low-pitched deep voice which signals masculinity. (See How to have a deep voice?)

  7. Personality affects attractiveness

    Studies have shown that we see people differently after getting to know their personalities. While women put a higher weight to personality than men, personality still affects the perception of attractiveness for both sexes.

  8. Physical height

    Men tend to prefer women who are shorter than them, while women tend to prefer men who are taller than them. Many women find men who are above 6 feet more attractive.

  9. Familiarity promotes attraction

    Familiarity makes a person seem more attractive. Familiarity makes people feel safe, and as a result, they feel comfortable when they are around familiar faces. When a person is seen often, their face tends to become familiar to us. (See Why do we like familiarity?)

  10. Leg length

    Studies found that men tend to prefer women with long legs, while women tend to prefer men with legs the same length as their torso.

  11. Healthy looks

    Both men and women find people who look healthier much more attractive than those who don’t. Any signs signaling health including a fit body and a face that doesn’t look tired increases attractiveness.

  12. They resemble our parents

    People are more likely to get attracted to people who resemble their opposite-sexed-parent. A woman could find a man who resembles her father more attractive, as his looks will promote feelings of familiarity.

  13. Self-care makes a person attractive

    One study pointed out that people who take care of themselves appear more attractive. People who watch their weight, wear the right clothes and maintain a good health are seen as more attractive.

  14. Masculine and feminine behaviour

    Men generally prefer women who act more feminine and who maintain a feminine behavior such as sensitivity and submissiveness. Women, on the other hand, prefer men who display muscular and dominant behavior.

  15. Proportional face

    A proportional face makes a person appear more attractive. If the facial features are proportional with the size of the face and if the different parts of the face are proportional, the person is considered more attractive.

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