What is Three Eighths as a Decimal?

What is a Fraction? What is the Difference between Fraction and Decimal? What is 3/8 as a Percent? What’s Seven Eighths as a Decimal?
what is three eighths as a decimal

Numbers are present in every part of our life. They can be added, subtracted, divided, and multiplied to give another number. The numerical world contains both whole and partial forms of numbers. Fractions and decimals are anomalies to whole numbers. Decimals are obtained from fractions which are a part of the whole. So, what is three eighths as a decimal? What is 3/8 as a decimal? Continue reading to get answers to your queries.

1. How do I turn Fractions to Decimals?

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Let’s say pieces of cake, flower sections, and fruit parts are fractions. It is a portion of the entire thing. It is represented by a numerator on the top and a denominator on the bottom.

  • Fractions denote the numerator and denominator.
  • In this expression, the denominator cannot be equated to zero as it represents the total number of parts or sections.
  • To convert a fraction into a decimal, the numerator represented by N is divided by the denominator, D.
  • The division continues until the numbers are divided completely.
  • The answer obtained through this process contains a complete number on the left side of a point and the remaining part on the right side of the point. This result is called a decimal number.
  • The number on the right side of the decimal can be recurring, non-recurring, terminating, and non-terminating according to the numbers in the numerator and denominator. Also, check out what are Properties in Science?

Thus, fractions and decimals are two different ways of separating the whole. (See What is 1/4 plus 1/4?)

2. What is Three Eighths as a Decimal?

The fractional number is another way of representing the decimal. Three-eighths is a part that can be converted to a decimal if its numerator is divided by its denominator. The numerator represents the part of the total represented in the denominator. When the numerical value of three is divided by eight, the decimal number will be obtained and it will be 0.375. . The obtained decimal number is a terminating decimal. A terminating decimal is a number whose division is completed and terminates after some time. (See What Is 0.5?)

3. What is 3/8 as a Decimal?

A decimal number is different from a fraction, but its meaning corresponds to the same value. When 3/8 is taken to form a decimal, 3 in the numerator should be divided by 8 in the denominator. Since the numerator is smaller than the denominator, the decimal number would start with a zero. In the complete division, the number obtained will be 0.375. This number contains one number to the left of the decimal representing the major part. The three numbers on the right of the decimal point represent the part of the major value. Hence, 3/8 = 0.375. (See What is the Decimal for 3/4?

4. How do you turn 3/8 into a Decimal without a Calculator?

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Or, you can ask, what is three eighths as a decimal? 3/8 can be converted into a decimal by the division method on paper. In division, the divided number is the dividend. The number dividing the dividend is the divisor. The number obtained on division is written on the top of the dividend called the quotient. The remaining value after the division is termed as a remainder.

  • When 3/8 is divided, the dividend is 3, and the divisor is 8. Since 3 cannot be divided by 8, the first number in the quotient is 0.
  • In the next step, put a 0 next to 3, making the dividend 30. Since 0 is added, the quotient will get a decimal point making it 0., read as zero point.
  • Now, divide 30 normally and add the number to the quotient.
  • Continue adding zeros whenever a number less than 8 appears in the remainder till the remainder is zero.
  • While adding zeros, you do not have to add decimal points. A decimal point is added only the first time the number is indivisible by the divisor.
  • The quotient obtained in this division is 0.375. This provides an elaborated answer to what is three eighths as a decimal. (See What Is Algebra Used For In Real Life?)

5. What is 3/8 as a Percent?

The percentage is a numerical value obtained by multiplying any number by 100. The fraction 3/8 is multiplied by 100 to determine what percentage it forms. When 3/8 is multiplied by 100, it gives a value of 37.5. This is then written as 37.5%. (See What Is Half Of 1/3?)

6. What is 1/8th as a Decimal?

Just like you know what is three eighths as a decimal, the value of 1/8th is calculated similarly by dividing 1 by 8. 1 will be the dividend here and 8 is the divisor. Since, 1 is small compared to 8, the first digit in the quotient will be 0. Then the division goes normally. In this case, the value obtained is 0.125. (Also read Flip a Coin 100 Times How many Heads or Tails would appear?)

7. What’s Seven Eighths as a Decimal?

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Seven-eighths of a number means 7/8th part of that number. When 7/8 is converted into a decimal, the value will be 0.875. One can use an online calculator as shown in the above picture or simply divide using the division method on paper. (See How Calculator Works?)

8. How much is an Eighth of an Inch in Decimals?

An inch is a unit of measurement used to measure the length of an object. 1 inch can be shown as 2.54 centimeters. 1/8th of an inch is 1/8 inch. It can be calculated by using two different methods.

  • Use the division method on paper.
  • Convert the denominator to the powers of ten.

In both ways, the answer obtained will be 0.125. (See How long is 1 Million Hours?)

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