What is the Total Cost to Summit Mt Everest?

What is the Everest Summit? How many Camps are there before the Summit? What are the Prerequisites for Climbing Everest? What are the basic rules for Climbers and Expeditions? What is the Cost to Summit Mt Everest?
What is the Total Cost to Summit Mt Everest

Climbing mountains is an adventure for some, while a passion for others. People even save money for the cost to summit Mt Everest. Do you know the amount? Mountaineers need various things before they set foot on the summit. Today you will get to know about the cost for climbing mt Everest and the prerequisites for climbing Mount Everest.

1. What is the Height of Mount Everest?

The highest mountain peak in the world with an elevation height of 29,029 feet (8849 m) above the main sea level is Mount Everest. Since 1922, various climbers have tried to conquer this mountain from which many survived while numerous lost their lives. Also, check out 16 Snowing in the Mountains Facts. 

2. What is the Location of the Everest Summit?

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The highest point between the sea level and the earth’s surface is known as the summit. Here, the earth’s surface refers to the mountains. The Everest Summit lies between Tibet and Nepal. (See What is the Northern Most State in the U.S.?)

3. How many Camps are required before the Summit?

The climbers have to start from the base camp till camp 4. From there, the journey is toughest because this is the last camp before the summit. The climber has to spend 2 to 3 days and put in their best efforts to overcome the most dangerous situations arising on Everest. (See Why do people climb Mount Everest?)

4. What are the Prerequisites for Climbing Mount Everest?

Here is the list of things and steps that you should follow if planning for an Everest Summit. Get a permit, gather experience certificates, and rescue insurance, hire a local Sherpa guide, and check the current Nepalese Everest laws. Also, check out why climbing everest is Dangerous?

5. How to Get a Government Permit?

While discussing the cost to summit Mt Everest, you have to take care of a lot of other things. You may be a part of a commercial team or on a solo mission, you will have to score a permit from the Nepalese Government. The government issues 3 types of permits.

  • Mount Everest base camp permit allows you to visit the base camp for a few days but it restricts you from moving any place further from the base camp.
  • The Khumbu Ice Fall allows you to climb and experience mountaineering on the Khumbu Ice Fall. The expedition charges are around $5000 for conquering the Kumbu icefall. But you cannot move a step more from there.
  • The Summit of Mount Everest permit allows you to travel alone or with your team. Although scoring this permit requires additional expense of charges that you have to pay to officers, agencies, etc. (See Why do some people want to migrate to the United States?)

6. When to submit Experience Certificates?

As mentioned in the rules laid down by the Nepalese government, you have to submit a certificate of your experience of climbing a peak of 21,325 ft (6,500 m) or higher, before you apply for the permit. It should be accompanied by your health and physical fitness certificates. (See Why do some people like camping?)

7. What is the Cost of Rescue Insurance?

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This insurance covers emergency rescue and evacuation from the mountains. Every climber has to purchase this insurance to deal with emergencies. It also covers your evacuation in case you fall ill during the expedition.

Heli-vac, which takes of Everest Base Camp, is an insurance that will cost $10,000 and serves all the mentioned purposes. (See How many People have Died on The Stratosphere?)

8. How much is Hiring a Sherpa Guide?

If you wondering about the cost to summit Mt Everest, it is mandatory for each climber to hire a local Sherpa guide. Experienced or inexperienced climbers will benefit from the Sherpa guide because they know how to handle mishaps and the best possible ways to avoid them. You can hire one for $4000. (See Why do people skydive?)

9. How to Update yourself with the Current Laws?

You need to keep yourself updated with the latest laws and regulations proposed by the Nepalese government. Keeping the dangers and weather conditions in mind, the government often laid down new rules and regulations. To catch up on the latest, you need to visit the official page of Nepalese immigration and look for Trek Permit Application. (See What is a Gondola ride?

10. What are the Basic Rules proposed for the Summit?

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As per the rules laid down for the climbers aiming to climb must,

  • Submit good health and physical fitness report.
  • Carry proofs from the Expedition companies regarding the payment.
  • Pass the mandatory health check-up at the Everest Base camp.
  • Have climbed a minimum 1 peak of more than 21325 feet (6500 m) before getting the permit for Everest.
  • Expedition companies must have experience of more than 3 years in organizing high-altitude expeditions. (See (See 10 Tips to Know If You Were Stranded on a Desert Island)

11. What Extra Essentials for Climbers are needed?

Take a look at the basic things that mountaineers must carry with them.

  • Extra clothes,
  • ­­­Extra food,
  • ­Extra water,
  • Fire,
  • First-aid,
  • Headlamp,
  • Knife,
  • Navigation,
  • Shelter, and
  • Sun protection. Also, check out what does Nomad Stand For?

12. What is the Total Cost for Climbing Mt Everest?

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The cost of attending the expedition is far more than you expected. The average cost of the expedition depends on the company or leader selected by the climber. And based on this, the price range is between $32,000 and $64,500 (25 lakh to 50 lakh). The budget may increase depending on the services and measures requested by the mountaineer. (See What does k stand for in Money?)

13. Why Cost to Summit Mt Everest has increased?

Every year the price rises, but the main reason is that China has recently raised the price of the permit for climbers from the Northside. If you are calculating the cost to summit Mt Everest, apart from the new policies and revised prices for permits, you will see the prices are mostly rising because of the overcrowding of the mountains. The overcrowding factor not only affects prices but is also responsible for a huge number of deaths.

However, the price includes all the factors, like your plane fare, stay, expedition charges, etc. So, your charges may fluctuate depending on your country. Then are the price for permits which can range between $11,000 to $29,500 (8,52,000 to 22,85,000 INR). Your supplies and other gear may charge you between $800 and $29,500 (62,000 to 22, 86,000 INR). However, the price may not be the same because it depends largely on what items you purchase. (See How much is 6 Million Pennies?

14. How much does an Oxygen Cylinder cost?

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On average, climbers need 5 to 6 oxygen bottles. And if you are hiring a Sherpa, you have to sponsor their oxygen bottle and equipment too. One bottle of oxygen cost $600, and the mask and regulator will cost an extra $600. Overall in the whole budget of cost to summit Mt Everest, you will have to add some extra $6000 to $7200 for your oxygen supply. Must read why can’t we go to Antarctica?

So, now you know the cost to summit Mt Everest and the prerequisites for climbing Mount Everest. You can start your planning for this adventure and also share this information with your adventure-loving friends and family members. (Also read What are the Seven wonders of the World?)

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