What Is The Swipe Surge Feature On Tinder?

What does swipe surge on tinder mean? This feature enables all users to receive notifications when there is a spike in Tinder usage in their area.
What Is The Swipe Surge Feature On Tinder?
  1. What is Tinder?

    Tinder is an online dating application used by millions of people to connect anonymously. It is an American geosocial networking site that allows all its users to swipe to like or dislike others’ profiles based on their physical appearance after checking their photos, profile, and common interests. The two users can start chatting and exchange messages on Tinder once after they have ‘matched.’

  2. Is Tinder just a dating app?

    Yes, Tinder is only for dating other persons and matching up with the singles in or near your location. It is a free app and has become one of the biggest dating platforms all over the United States and across the globe.

  3. Tinder is a location-based dating back launched back in September 2012. Whereas, in 2013, this app conducted its trials on numerous US college campuses. Tinder started gaining a massive response and experienced great success processing more than 300 million swipes per day at the end of 2013. Whereas, in 2014, it started processing more than 1 billion swipes per day.

    Note: Tinder became a huge success in a concise duration that its developers never anticipated.

  4. Who developed Tinder?

    Sean Rad was Tinder’s founder and helped many singles find their perfect match as per their likings. The dating app gained recognition pretty soon on college campuses and earned appreciation from tech’s elite.

  5. What does Swipe surge mean on Tinder?

    Tinder launched this feature back in 2018. This feature enables all users to receive notifications when there is a spike in Tinder usage in their area. During a Swipe Surge, Tinder says your match-making potential is increased by 250% as the activity is up to 15 times higher than usual. This feature has helped many people to spark up a new convo with a cutie 33% faster.

  6. How does the swipe surge feature work?

    The user profile is placed at the beginning of the line when they choose to participate in a swipe surge. It means the other users will see those users first using the swipe surge feature and swiping simultaneously. The swipe surge participation will also entitle the users with a badge signifying they are also looking to match someone.

  7. How long does a swipe surge last?

    It is recommended to keep your notifications turned on for real-time updates that will let you know when you can take a chance to match the next time. The reason is that there are no criteria for the swipe surge to happen; it can occur anytime. Moreover, you will not know when the fun will be finished, so enjoy it till it lasts maybe for minutes or hours.

  8. Is it advantageous to boost during the swipe surge?

    Doing a boost during the swipe surge is not beneficial as swipe surge is already like a boost for all Tinder users. During this time, your profile is more likely to appear to other users. Also, swiping on someone, not on the swipe surge, is very similar to swiping on someone without boosting.

  9. What is a secret admirer on Tinder?

    Secret admirer is a card that shows four random girls to the users. It is a beneficial card in the Tinder deck, which provides you with the opportunity to get a free preview of Tinder gold. You can pick any of those four girls to reveal who liked your profile and can either super like, like, swipe left on the profile shown to you.

  10. What time is considered the best to swipe on Tinder?

    According to the Research conducted by Tinder officials and analysts, it is revealed that the best time to swipe and get a match is Monday between 6 pm to 9 pm. It is also mentioned in their ‘year in a swipe,’ which was released by the Tinder team two years back in 2018, informing users the best time of day one should swipe to increase the possibility of getting a match.

  11. Is there any way to know if someone looks at our Tinder profile?

    The other person will never get to know if you happen to click on their profile unintentionally or intentionally unless you match with them. (See Why is Tinder bad for your mental health?)

  12. Tinder New features

    1) Like you

    It is an advanced feature that keeps you informed about who likes you even before you start swiping and match with them. However, this feature is available for Tinder gold plan users only.

    2) Noonlight Timeline

    Noonlight is a personal security app. Tinder collaborated with Noonlight and introduced a Noonlight timeline feature specifically for United States users. This feature enables all users to share details about their next meeting, including the place, time, date, and the person with whom you are meeting.

    3) Photo Verification

    This feature is used to check the authenticity of the profile of the users. Tinder has equipped this Photo Verification feature by integrating Artificial Intelligence technology that compares real-time posed selfies with the pictures already uploaded on the user’s profile.
    If the real-time selfies match with the pictures uploaded, the profile is validated, and you will get a blue tick on your profile, demonstrating your profile is genuine. In case of a mismatch, the profile remains unverified.

    4) Safety Centre

    This section of Tinder provides all the users with the latest security updates, including all other significant tools and resources.

    5) Super Boost

    Super Boost feature that is solely available for all Tinder Gold and Tinder Gold Plus subscribers. This version of boost helps you appear more than 100 times compared to all other users and increases the possibility of getting yourself more potential matches.

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