What is the Story behind 241543903?

What is a Meme? Why was the number 241543903 used? Who was the Mastermind behind this meme? Why did he come up with such an idea? What are his other Works on the Internet and in the field of Art?
what is the story behind 241543903
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Sometimes weird things happen and in no time, they become viral over the internet. Most friends do stupid things together and it has been evident that history is created by some acts that happened unintentionally. One such case is the heads in freezers. Have you heard about it? Let me tell you what is the story behind 241543903.

1. What is a Meme?

A behavior, idea, or style that is spread using imitation from one person to another is termed a meme. It often carries the symbolic meaning that represents a particular theme or phenomenon. The term meme is a short-form modeled on a gene that is taken from an Ancient Greek work mimeme. (See Why are internet memes so popular?)

2. What is this Number 241543903 called?

The number 241543903 is used synonymously with the term heads in freezers. It is the numeric keyword for people putting their heads in freezers and uploading that picture on the internet. Also, check out what does 10-4 mean?

3. Why is this Number used?

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

It was the tactic of an artist to make the unique digital keyword famous on the Internet. 

4. Who is the Artist behind this Meme?

An American artist David Horvitz is credited with creating this meme. He uses art books, watercolor, performance arts, mail art, and photography as a medium for his work. (See What is Elon Musk’s IQ? Is He a Genius?)

5. What is the Story behind 241543903?

The artist thought of an idea in April 2009 when he clicked a picture of his head in the freezer and uploaded it to his Flickr account with the keyword 241543903. In his blog post, he asked the users and readers to do the same and upload their photographic memes on the internet with the same keyword. (See Meaning Of One Two Fun Monkeys)

6. Why did He come up with this idea?

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Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

In his interview, David mentioned that he was once talking with his friend Mylinh. She was suffering from a very bad headache that day so he on a funny note suggested she put her head in the freezer to treat her headache. Although the idea was just a joke among friends, it sure became an internet sensation. Also, check out what makes a joke funny?

7. What does this Number symbolize?

The number and the post gained popularity on the internet and even when a person enters this number in the Google search engine the result displayed is the pictures of people with their heads in freezers. (See What are some good Songs to make a Texting Lyric Prank?)

People across the world use Google as a search engine and in 2009 social sites like Tumblr were very famous. People also love to follow blogs on Flickr. All this activity by people made this act possible across the internet. (See Why Social Networks are Popular?)

9. How does it reach People?


Still, wondering what is the story behind 241543903? After a week of the joke put up by David, people received a post on Tumblr stating, put up your photographs with your heads in the freezer with the tag 241543903. People found this idea funny and interesting so they started uploading it. Must read What does Pepega mean?

10. Where did it become famous first?

The meme was first popularized on Orkut. It was a social media platform by Google. David sent 100 fliers to his friend in Brazil over Orkut and asked him to distribute them among some random young people. It was his idea of bringing in more young people to take part in the tag. (See What is Mime Acting?)

11. Why the Number 241543903?

Well, this is the serial number of the refrigerator in which David put his head into. At that time there was a package of frozen noodles and a bag of frozen edamame in his freezer. So, he came up with this witty idea of making a combination of the numbers mentioned on the barcodes of the edamame and noodle bag along with the serial number of his refrigerator. (See Dead as a Doornail or Doorknob Meaning)

12. What did he get?

It was just a joke which was done without any intention to make monetary benefits or to harm anyone. He came up with this unique code to tag the pictures with heads in freezers because it was easy to Google it. To follow the popularity of the meme, he just put the code in the search bar and numerous pictures come up. I guess now you know what is the story behind 241543903. (See Eating the Elephant Meaning)

13. What are other notable Works of David?

He is an artist who is never at rest and keeps on experimenting with new ideas and concepts. In 2013, he came up with another idea and named it The Distance of a Day. He recorded the sunrise and sunset on two iPhones but in two different locations, near Los Angeles and the Maldives. At both the locations, the scene was recorded at the same time and this piece of art was showcased at Art Basel in 2013. Also, check out the purpose of a art gallery restaurant

14. What was Artist Breakfast?

As part of his online project, he came up with this idea on 18-July-2013. He invited artists from all over the world to share pictures and moments from their morning meals on their social media accounts. This act was to be done throughout the day, wherever it was the time for morning breakfast. (See What Does Ft Mean In Text?)

15. What crazy idea did He come up with in 2016?

During the Frieze Art Fair, a contemporary annual art fair in London he was assigned one Frieze Project. It included a program of six-interactive activities at the fair. He hired a pickpocket and instructed him to place sculptures in the pockets of the people attending the fair. (See Is Ronald McDonald Real?)

16. What are his other Works?

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Want to know something more than what is the story behind 241543903? He may be a prankster but he has come up with ideas that seemed impossible to enact. In the list of his published works there are

  • In 2007, Xiu Xiu-The Polaroid Project. (See 10 Best Ventriloquist in the World)
  • In 2010, Everything that can happen in a day.
  • In 2012, Sad, Depressed, People.
  • He has also exhibited his artworks at various museums and galleries.
  • Art Metropole, an artist-run center.
  • The Museum of Modern Art, Manhattan, New York.
  • The New Museum, New York.
  • SF Camerawork, an art gallery in California.
  • Tate Modern, an art gallery in London. 

Hopefully, you got the answer to what is the story behind 241543903? Try out the keyword on Google and share this Heads in Freezers article with your friends and family. (Also read What does it mean When the Text is Green?)

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