What is the Smallest Island in the World?

How will you Define an Island? How many Small Islands are there in the World? Which is the Smallest among them? How many Pacific Island Countries are there?
what is the smallest island in the world
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Have you noticed areas inside water bodies where land and living are possible? This land is termed an island. You can witness islands in oceans, lakes, and rivers. An estimated count of the islands shows about 2000  to 9,00,000 islands in the world. They are further categorized as small and big islands. Once you travel through the world out on the sea or the river, you will be able to visit the smallest island in the world and the world’s smallest inhabited island. Let’s start our article and find the names of the same.

1. What is an Island?

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The idea of an island came from water and land which means watered land. An island is not a watered land but a land covered by water. An island can be oceanic or continental. The smallest islands come under the continental list where uncovered parts of a continent are turned into an island. There are inhabited and uninhabited islands in the world. You can read more about this in the upcoming sections. (See How many Islands in the Philippines are Known?)

2. What is the Smallest Island in the World by size?

You can see a small patch of rocky space in the Atlantic Ocean where a lighthouse is built. This is the Bishop Rock. This island is situated on the Cornwall Peninsula. Among 1040 islands in Britain, this island is considered the smallest island in the world.

In the Middle Ages, this island was used as a prison for criminals who disobeyed the law. This place was then called Men Epskop. It has also been noted that this place attracted shipwrecks occasionally. Since the island is only used for abandonment or imprisonment, it is not always inhabited. It is 46 meters long and 16 meters wide. The area of the island is estimated to be 736 meters square. Also, check out what is the largest Island in Asia?

3. What is the Smallest Island in the World by population?

The smallest island in the world by population is Pitcairn Island. This island lies in the Pacific ocean. The population on this island ranges from 45 to 50 people. It is amazing to note a place with a limited number of people. However, this limited population has a history. The British sailors settled on this island in 1789 who were considered mutineers by the British. Then in 1837, the island came under the administration of the British. All the residents on this island are termed as the successors of the mutineers. (See Where is it 70 Degrees year round in The United States?)

4. What is the World’s Smallest Inhabited Island?

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You have always been troubled about the small house and the small space where you live. Here is an island which has a small space enough to build a house. This is the Just Room Enough Island. On this Island, the inhabitants are from a family called Sizeland. It covers about 3300 square feet. A shrub, a tree, and a beach complete this family island. Also, check out the 10 Tips to Know If You Were Stranded on a Desert Island.

5. Is Nauru part of Australia?

No, Nauru is a small island that is an independent country in the Pacific Ocean. This is an island 42 kilometers to the south of the Equator. It lies 4000 kilometers northeast of Sydney. This makes it significant as one of the three rock islands. About 13000 people live in the area of 21 square kilometers. The island is a state that became independent in 1968. The parliament is of Westminster style Parliamentary system and the constitution of the state allows the president to be elected to the unicameral parliament. (See What States don’t get Snow?)

6. What is the Smallest Island in the Pacific Ocean?

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The place that lies in the South Pacific Ocean is the smallest island. This is Nauru. Nauru was a colony of the German Empire during World War I. Nauruan is the official language of the independent island of Nauru. It is now populated by Austronesian people who claim the land as their legacy. The island nation has a population that ranges between 10,000 to 15,000. The nation has no capital and the offices are located in the Yaren District of the island. Also, check out what country am I in?

7. How many Pacific Island Countries are there?

The pacific ocean is home to many islands compared to other oceans in the world. A total of about 25000 islands are present in the ocean. The major independent islands in the region are the Marshall Islands, Nauru, and the Solomon Islands. The Cook Islands and Niue are islands under the administration of the New Zealand government. (See What Country has the Longest Name?)

8. What is the Smallest Island in the UK?

The smallest island in the UK is situated in Scotland. The name of the island is Oronsay. It is a tidal island located in the Inner Hebrides. It covers an area of only 2 square miles. The island is connected to Colonsay by a tidal causeway. This tidal causeway is termed The Strand. It is also called Priory for the Augustinian ruin which was founded by St. Oran. In December 2007, the beach in Oronsay became a protected area under the Special Protected Area. The arable land includes a church, a monastery, and a chapel. In the next section, you can read about the smallest island country in the world. (See What are the Seven wonders of the World?)

9. What is the Smallest Island Country in the World?

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The smallest island country in the world is the Nauru island in the Pacific ocean. The phosphate mining operations in this region made the place known to people around the world. The country is also called Pleasant Island. It became an independent state in 1968 achieving independence from the Australian administration. (See Rhode Island Smallest State in USA)

10. Which is the Oldest Island in the World?

Madagascar is about 70 million years old. The island is the oldest among other islands in the world. It became an alienated island when it broke off from India and Africa. The place is wild with strange predators like lemurs. It has an area of about 2,26,657 miles square. It is ranked as the fourth largest island in the world. (See Is St Augustine Oldest City in the US?)

The story of islands and their existence is inspiring and thoughtful. There are smaller islands that are controlled and administered by different countries. The smallest island in the world is further categorized according to its area, location, and habitation. There are many parameters to define the smallest island in the world and shape it to form territory or home. You should visit the world’s smallest inhabited island to embrace the reality of life away from larger communities and enable yourselves to mingle with smaller communities across the world. (Also read Why can’t We go to Antarctica?)

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