What is the Scientific Name for Pig?

Why are Pigs called Sus? Do Pigs name their Piglets? Do Pigs have human DNA? Can Pig organs replace Human organs?
What is the Scientific Name for Pig

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t encountered a pig in their real or virtual lives. These creatures are often seen sneaking around the garbage dumps with their unique nose dunked in litter and making those oink oink or snort noises. These are also scientists’ favorite test subjects for research purposes. Some people even call pigs peppa pigs. Apparently, kids and adults are equally obsessed with this character. But have you ever thought about the scientific name for pig? It is actually quite a big and complicated name. So, let’s discover the scientific name of pig after this and see the amazing insides of pig’s biology.

1. What is the Scientific name of Domestic Pig?

scientific name for pig 1

You must have seen people often calling pigs names like swine, hogs, or domestic pigs but if you hear their scientific names you will start seeing these creatures in a different light. The scientific name of pig is Sus Scrofa domesticus. This scientific name for pig might seem quite heavy on the tongue but all scientific names have some significance behind them. (Also read All Types of Dinosaur Names and Pictures)

2. What is the Genus and Species of a Pig?

The scientific name for pig is Sus scrofa domesticus, here the first word signifies the genus name and the second word signifies the species. So, the genus is Sus Linnaeus and the species is Sus scrofa Linnaeus. (See 8 Types of Good Emotional Support Dogs)

3. Why are Pigs called Sus?

As all of you may have read by now, the scientific name for pig, here Sus defines which genus the pig belongs to. It is the genus of wild and domestic pigs. As in the case of humans, people also call humans Homo sapiens which is their scientific name. Similarly, in the case of pigs also they are sometimes called Sus in association with their scientific name. Scientists first considered the domestic pig to be of the same species as a wild boar but Johann Christian Polycarp, a German naturalist treated the pig as a different species from the wild boar and named it Sus domesticus. This became the scientific name for pig which you still use today. (See What is a Herd of Moose Called?)

4. What is Male Pig called?

a wild boar: scientific name for pig 3

All the pigs, be them domestic pigs, guinea pigs, wild pigs, or wild boars belong to the family Suidae. Though wild boars are different species from other pigs, the male domestic pigs or male guinea pigs are still referred to as boars. Boars are the intact pigs used for reproductions whereas the castrated ones are called barrows. (See Do Bulls Hate Red?)

5. What is Female Pig called?

An adult female pig who has produced a litter of piglets is called a sow whereas young adult females that have yet to produce any litter are called gilts. In easier terms, adult female pigs who have had babies are sows, and those who haven’t are gilts. Though remember these are just casual names, they are not scientific name for pig. (See 14 Interesting Facts about Mammals)

6. What Genus is the Feral Pig in?

The scientific name of the feral pig is similar to the scientific name for pigs, all in general. It is called Sus scrofa. Its genus is also similar to other pigs as you can see after analyzing its scientific name. The first word in the name is Sus and it stands for feral pig’s genus that is Sus Linnaeus. (See What does a Kraken Look Like?)

7. Do Pigs name their Piglets?

pigs name their piglets: scientific name for pig 2

You all are quite accustomed to the voice of your mothers and you instantly know when she is calling you. This same thing goes with newborn piglets, they know when their mother is calling them and they also know among the siblings whom the mother is specifically calling. Pigs are generally smart creatures, seeing them squealing you might think they are just randomly going gaga but do you know that they can talk. They are very talkative animals. It is found that they have more than 20 vocalizations which they often use to say they are hungry or they even try these to lure their mates. The pigs also use these vocalizations to call their piglets and the piglets recognize their names by the time they are two weeks old. (See What is the Name of Lovecraft’s Cat?)

8. Do Pigs have Human DNA?

Some humans use the word pig as an insult to others but do you know this very animal that you all see with spite and scorn has its genetic composition nearly similar to us. Pigs are found to have DNA that is very similar to that of human beings and that is also the reason why they are the best choices for studying xenotransplants. (Also read Are Humans the only Animals that Sweat?)

Xenotransplant is the experiment that involves the process of interspecies organ, living cells, or tissue transplants. Through this process, scientists claim you can save a lot of lives as there is a worldwide shortage of organs for clinical transplants, and by substituting human organs with animal organs this shortage can be eased a bit. 

9. Do Pigs share 98 Per Cent of Human Genes?

Pigs share 98 Per Cent of Human Genes

Yes, pigs do share 98% of human genes. Humans and pigs shared a common ancestor about 80 million years ago. They surprisingly share a lot of genetic traits with humans. In medicine, pig tissues and heart valves are used because they are compatible with the human body. (See Why Do Bees Sting People?)

Now scientists are trying to use genetically modified pig organs for transplants. The very first pig-to-human heart transplant was conducted on January 7th, 2022 at the University of Maryland Medicine Centre (UMMC). The patient was a 57-year-old male patient who had been declared unsuitable for an artificial heart pump or human donor transplant. He survived after this operation for two months but died when his condition started deteriorating. This surgery opened the window for more explorations in the medical field. Science is full of wonders and so is life. You never know if a feral you see sneaking around the dump will be the one saving your life when you are on the hospital bed. (See Do Insects Sleep?)

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