What is the plural of leaf? Is it leafs or leaves?

What is the correct plural of the leaf? Why is the plural of ‘leaf’ spelled ‘leaves’?
What is the plural of leaf? Is it leafs or leaves?
  1. What is a leaf?

    It is a lateral outgrowth from a plant stem, which is usually flattened and is mostly green in colour. It is a tiny, green, and flat part of the plant which grows directly from a branch, root, or trunk. When we talk about its usage in grammar, it functions both as a noun and a verb.

  2. Plural of a leaf?

    Well, the plural of the leaf is leaves. Mostly, the singular noun ends with F, and when you change it to -es, it becomes plural. The plants which are almost leaves are lettuce, spinach, and cabbage as they straight away grow from the roots.

  3. Examples to understand

    Here are three examples to make the difference between them clear:

    • I observed him leaf through the novel
    • I see that he leafs through numerous novels before choosing one
    • The tree leaves out, and it grows many leaves
    • He says that he will leaf through the novel before he leaves.
  4. It can be used as a sheet of paper

    Leaf word is also used as a sheet of paper. For example, I mistakenly pulled a leaf out of the magazine I bought.

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