What is the Past Tense of Beat?

What is a Beat? What is Beat in Drama? What is the past tense of Beat? What are Beat Verb Forms? What is Beat present tense & present continuous tense?
what is the past tense of beat

English is a wonderful language but it sure comes with a set of particular rules. If you miss out on any of these rules you will make a fool out of yourself. In a sentence have you ever used the past tense of beat and past particle of beat, are they different? Well, you must know all the rules as a tight grasp of English grammar for great written and verbal English is a must. It has five fundamental elements namely word order, punctuation, connectors, determiners, and tense. You can quickly master the first four fundamentals but in the tense-aspect of English grammar even native English speakers may fumble because a number of English words can have a lot of exceptions. Like, do you know the beat verb forms along with the past tense of beat? If not, let’s find out.

1. Beat Definition and Meaning

The beat word has a lot of different meanings but the primary meaning is striking repeatedly. For example, the policeman beat up the criminal. In other aspects beat also means to strike directly, walk-on, flap or thrash vigorously, hunt, mix by stirring, drive or force by blows, pound into powder or paste, overcome, defeat, fatigue, exhaust, cheat or swindle, produce music by striking something repeatedly, niche appointed to a reporter, etc. (See What does RD Mean in Text?)

2. What is Beat in Drama?

drama beat: past tense of beat 1

The drama is made up of a lot of fundamental units of performance. Drama is primarily divided into acts which are the larger units. The acts are further divided into scenes and these scenes are then divided into a beat. It is the smallest unit of action in drama where moment-by-moment acting happens. It has a specific beginning, middle, and end parts. The actors pursue a simple objective in a beat through their acting. With the change in a character’s motivation or routine the beat also shifts. There are three types of beat changes,

  • They change when a character enters or exits. For example, in a high school-based drama a new teacher enters the classroom. It evokes a change of mood in the room.
  • They change when situations shift. It happens when characters discover something new or change the topic of conversation. For example, character A asks character B about their marks and character B starts talking about a movie instead.
  • The beat also changes when a character changes their strategy to achieve an objective. For example, character A peacefully courts character B but now he turns forceful to make character B love him. (See What does BC stand for in Text?)

3. What is the Past Tense of Beat?

The beat is a term primarily used to indicate something striking repeatedly. Typically we add ed or d to the root form of the verb and change it into a past tense but in the case of beat, it is an exception. The past tense of beat is beat only. The beat is an irregular verb and thus this thing happens. (Also read The Interesting History of Alphabet)

4. Is it Beat or Beated?

past tense of beat 3

The base verb form of beat is beat. The past simple form of it is also beat. The past participle of beat is beaten. It is either beat or beaten hence beated is a non-standard verb form. (See Mc Vs. Mac Debate)

5. How do I say Beat in the Past Tense? What is the Past Tense of Beat pronunciation?

The past tense of beat is also beat. It is pronounced the same way as its root verb form. It sounds like a seat. For example, in the present tense, they always beat (bi:t) the opposition team. In past tense, they beat (bi:t) the opposition last week. Also, check out what are Filler Words in Writing?

6. Is Beat Past or Present?

The beat is both the past and present form of the root verb beat. Typically root verbs change to past tense after adding ed or d to their ends but since the beat is an irregular verb it doesn’t follow this rule. (See Words to Describe the Sea)

7. How to use Beat Past Tense in a Sentence?

what is the past tense of beat 1

The past simple tense of beat is beat only. You can use this in a sentence in the following way.

  • The boy beat up the bully yesterday.
  • My mother used to beat up my sibling during his infant years.
  • The gangsters beat her badly last week.
  • The bullies gathered and beat a student to death.  Must read the use of Fingers Crossed in a sentence.

8. What is the Beat Past Participle verb form?

The past participle verb forms are created by often adding the ed suffix. The auxiliary verbs like was were, has had, etc are also added to these past participle verbs to indicate that an action has been completed. The past particle of beat is beaten. The examples of beaten used in statements are

9. What is Beat Present tense & Present continuous tense?

As you already know the past tense of beat, you must note that the beat verb forms are also used in the present tense. So, it is beat only in the present tense. In the present continuous tense though this changes to beating where is, am, are, etc are connected to the verb form as the action is still taking place. For example, She is beating a child, They are beating a thug, Alex is beating eggs for the pancakes, etc. (Also read What are these symbols called in English, ~, `, #, ^, *, -, {}, [], ‘, “, /, ?)

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