What is the Opposite Word of Rainy Season?

What is Rainy Season called? What is called Rainy Weather? What is the Opposite of Rainy Season in English? What is the Opposite of Rainy Weather?
what is the opposite word of rainy season

One of the most pleasant weathers to set a cup of tea or coffee and cherish nature is the rainy season. Watching those droplets fall from the sky onto the leaves, and slowly drip down is such a comforting feeling. However, have you ever thought about what is the opposite word of rainy season? Well, not talking about any other language, but here we will acquaint you with the opposite of rainy in English along with another name for rainy season in India, and opposite of heavy rain in other languages too. So, continue reading to explore more about the opposite word of rainy season!

1. What is Rainy Season called?

The rainy season is also referred to as the monsoon season. It is the season where you can experience light to heavy rainfall throughout the monsoon months. It is also known as the wet season. Just as the name suggests, during this season the weather is pleasant, soothing, and somehow feels brighter. The rainy season mostly takes place around the month of June/July in most countries.

However, the monsoon season has different interpretations in different regions. For example, talking about India, when we refer to the monsoon season, we think about heavy rain falls. Although, if we take Cuba as an example, we can say that evening thunderstorms are also categorized under monsoon weather. Sometimes, even cyclones are an indicator of monsoon in various countries. (See Why do some people love rainy or dark weather?)

2. What is called Rainy Weather?

what is the opposite word of rainy season 1

Gathering clouds, grey skies, and drizzling pretty much sum up what rainy weather is. Every time you look out the window during the rainy season, you can see the cool tones of nature, beautiful grey skies, and lots of heavy clouds ready to burst the rain. You can smell the fresh scent of soil when the droplets hit the ground. You can also hear insects and how they sound in a fresher atmosphere. You can hear the whispers in the air and a slight drop in the temperature. You can expect it to just drizzle or even rain heavily.

So next time you are thinking about the rainy season or weather, make sure that you notice and praise these little but breathtaking things. Must read about the condensation examples in real life.

3. What is the First Rain called?

Every rainy season begins with the first rain. However, have you ever thought about what the first rain is called? Well, if you have not, allow us to acquaint you. Nonetheless, before we move on to that, let us understand what the first rain is. The primary time when it starts raining and it is almost the monsoon season, that rain is known as the first rain. It is also an indicator for the spring season in colder places and the end of the summer season in warmer places. The first rain is known as Petrichor.

It is derived from two Greek words, Petra meaning stone, and Ichor meaning the fluid that flows in the veins of God. If we interpret the meaning of this word, we can say that in Greek it is believed that the first train is the fluid that flows in the veins of God and falls upon the earth, onto the stones in form of blessings. (See What are the Six Seasons in India?)

4. What are Opposite Words?

Opposite words are those words that mean entirely different and in contrast to a certain thing. For example, if we talk about the word day, the opposite of this word would be night. Both these words indicate contrasting things like day means lightness and night means darkness. Opposite words are also known as antonyms, whereas, similar words are known as synonyms. So, let’s find out what the opposite word of rainy season is. Also, check out what is the opposite of natural?

5. What is the Opposite of Rainy Season in English?

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There are many different words in the English dictionary that can describe what the opposite word of rainy season is. These words show the contrast between heavy rainfall with no rainfall at all. Dry, cloudless, rainless, etc. are some of the words in the English language that can perfectly describe what the opposite of rainy in English is or the opposite word of rainy season is. Let us now learn the meaning of these words.

  • Dry means being free of moisture and liquid.
  • Cloudless means a clear sky with no signs of rainfall.
  • Rainless means a bright sky with little to no chances of rain at all.

The weather which describes a clear sky with no chances of rainfall is known as the dry season or weather and so it is the opposite of rainy in English. (See How to Learn Tut Language?)

6. What is the Opposite of Rainy Season?

Every language has its own synonyms and antonyms. While we are studying opposites which are also known as antonyms, why not consider what the opposite word of rainy season is in other languages? Furthermore, you will learn the languages and boost your vocabulary.

  • French: Rainy season is Saison des pluies. The opposite word of rainy season in French is saison sèche. Also, check out how do you say Sea in French?
  • Italian: Rainy season is stagione piovosa. The opposite of rainy season is la stagione secca.
  • German: Rainy season is Regenzeit. The opposite word is Trockenzeit.
  • Polish: Rainy season is sezon deszczowy. Opposite of rainy season in Polish is pora sucha.
  • Spanish: Rainy season in spanish is temporada de lluvias. Here the opposite word of rainy season is estación seca.

7. What is Another Name for Rainy Season in India?

India is the home to many different languages and cultures. All these languages and cultures have their own way of expression. However, the mother tongue of India is mostly Hindi language. It is the most commonly spoken language across India and is understood by almost everyone.

In Hindi, another name for rainy season in India is referred to as Baarish ka Mausam, or Barsaat ka Mausam. The opposite or antonym of rainy season in Hindi is Shushk Mausam which translates to the dry season. However, there are many people in India who understand and speak English well. Due to this instead of referring to rainy season and dry season in Hindi, they refer to them in English. (See What causes double rainbow?)

8. What is the Opposite of Heavy Rain?

Whenever there is a grey sky and you see a lot of clouds holding above your head, you can determine that the chances of rainfall are high. When heavy rain is on its way, you can even feel the breeze become cooler and the air around you start whistling faster.

But what about the time when it is not raining heavily? Well, when there is no heavy rainfall, it is referred to as drizzling, however, drizzling means experiencing a few two a little rainfall. So, all in all, the opposite of heavy rain is drizzling. (See What are the Types and Examples of Text to Text Connections?)

9. What is another Word for Light Rain?

There are many synonyms for light rain. Just like we read above, drizzling also falls under the category of light rain because you can see very few to little raindrops. However, there are a few more words that describe light rain. They are:

  • Trickle: It means to flow slowly and vertically.
  • Sprinkle: It refers to the light fall of rain.
  • Mist: It is the condensed moisture droplets before or after the beginning and end of the rain.
  • Fine rain: Brief fall of rain is another form of light rain too. Must read the Top 16 Hanukkah Spelling Variations.

10. What is another word for Rainy Day?

what is the opposite word of rainy season 3

A rainy day is a win if it has been raining for more than a few hours at a stretch and heavily. You can constantly hear the water droplets hitting the ground and smell the wet soil.  Besides knowing about the opposite word of rainy season, there are a few words that describe a rainy day well. They are:

  • Drizzly: This means rain in fine drops or in the form of sprinkles.
  • Stormy: This means heavy rainfall or storms in the weather.
  • Showery: This means abound with rain showers. (See Which is Correct? Families or Family’s)

11. What is the Opposite of Sunny?

Since we have been talking about rain all this long, let us now move to something which comes after the rainfall. Mostly after it stops raining, the sun comes up again. When it does, it is referred to as sunny weather. Just like the opposite of the words we’ve learned before, sunny too has more than just one antonym. They are:

  • Gloomy: When something is deeply shaded or has a presence of dark tones, it is known as gloomy.
  • Cloudy: When there are a lot of clouds in the sky, it is referred to as cloudy weather.
  • Dark: When there is an absence of light, it is known as dark.

If you want to experience one of the most serene weather, then there is no better season to experience than the rainy season. And who knew this season could be so informative? (Also read I Fly By the Seat of My Pants Meaning)

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