What is the Opposite of Natural?

What is Natural? How do you differentiate Natural and Unnatural? What is the opposite of Natural Beauty? What is Artificial opposite word?
what is the opposite of natural
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You might have seen the beauty of the beach or the blooming of the flowers. This amazing exploration comes from the natural world. As a common word, natural stuff projects many contexts. A natural world and a natural talent are different in their usage. So, what makes things natural is understood only through the different references in which the word is used. Now, what is the opposite of natural if it describes an unknown incident or an unknown quality? If that is answered, what are the antonyms of natural compared to the synonyms of natural?

1. What is Natural meaning?

A double rainbow formed in the sky. This is a common phenomenon but the natural element in it makes it more legitimate.
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Natural is a word that shows the originality of the world and things. The world is full of natural and unnatural things. Nature and its products make the primary element of the constructed world around us.

  • The word natural defines the character of places, things, and people.
  • The extent of originality is further emphasized as an adjective and an adverb in the sentences. For example, water and soil are natural resources. Therefore, being naturally careful in dealing with them is important.
  • Natural as a noun plays different roles in different sentences. Usually, natural as a noun appears in sentences where casual references to character and talent are mentioned. For example, the natural ability to sing helped the boy win the competition. Also, check out what are the words that are both Nouns and Verbs?

In the upcoming sections, you can read more about the opposite of natural as well as the other words used in place of natural to make the sentences meaningful. (See What are Physical Resources?)

2. List 10 Synonyms of Natural

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The list of words that shows similarity with natural would define the meaning of natural as a noun, adjective, and adverb. Here is a list that includes the synonyms of natural as a word.

  • Common: The meaning of this word can be explained through an example. The birth of a baby from the body of the mother is a common thing. Here, the word common can be replaced by the word natural since the concept of childbirth is a natural thing.
  • Essential: In the sentence, An essential component of water is minerals, essential can be replaced by natural.
  • Innate: The innate capacity to face any danger made him the leader of the camp. This world resembles the natural ability of a person to guide the people.
  • Instinctive: You are instinctive regarding new ideas and suggestions. This means the person shows originality and is quite natural in putting forward new ideas.
  • Legitimate: That was a legitimate request from a poor woman. The word legitimate denotes the authenticity of the woman’s request.
  • Logical: You can think of a logical concept in this project. Here, logical as a word refers to a more general and natural outlook. (See Words to Describe the Sea)
  • Reasonable: How can you reject such a reasonable demand of the customer? In the interrogative sentence, the word reasonable talks about something that appeals to reason and thinking. This makes the demand acceptable or authentic and possible. Hence, you can replace reasonable with natural demand in the sentence.
  • Habitual: It became habitual for the prisoners to eat less and not be hungry. The constant exposure to a situation like this made the prisoners naturally inclined to the fact that that is the only thing they can get.
  • Characteristics: The characteristics of different people are collected to analyze their personalities. The characteristics of everything can be a natural aspect of the thing or the person. Must read what are physical characteristics of aperson?
  • Inborn: She looked at her inborn beauty, her thick curly hair, and smiled. In the sentence, the natural beauty of the hair is referred to. (See What is an Example of Expository Text?)

3. What is the Opposite of Natural?

Opposite of natural is what is not the real or the original. The opposite of natural is artificial. An artificial world is devoid of natural elements. There is no originality in the artificial world or artificial goods. Even in the market, artificial goods have a separate space compared to natural ones. There are many examples in your day-to-day life like artificial grass, jewelry, flowers, or rain. (See Eating the Elephant Meaning)

4. What does the Opposite of Nature mean?

Nature comprises of the whole living and nonliving beings including a beauty that is inbuilt and inherent. The opposite of nature would be unnatural. It means a world where there is less liveliness. The entire ecosystem vanishes from nature to form an artificial society made up of metals and rocks. It also refers to the loss of originality in something. For example, She is happy now compared to the nature of grief that tormented her earlier. Here, the character of grief changes to the character of happiness. (See What are Physical Features in Geography?)

Usually, the word nature is seen as a binary opposite to the word, civilization. This is because human civilization is affected by the modern way of living and modern consciousness. Thus, the natural element is laid back as a secondary factor in life. Somehow, the idea of nature is ignored in this process.

5. List 10 Antonyms of Natural

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You can understand that nature is not something impure or illogical. But the antonym of natural will include whatever is not natural. Unnatural becomes the complete opposite of natural. Here is a list of apt antonyms of natural as a word.

  • Abnormal: Something is abnormal about that person. In this sentence, abnormal represents something unnatural in the character of that person. (See Use of Fingers Crossed in a Sentence)
  • Atypical: The last example of personality disorder is atypical antisocial disorder. Here, the given example seems to be unmatched by the normal examples.
  • Extraordinary: He seems to have extraordinary potential to kill people. The power beyond natural potential is said to be extraordinary power that makes that person unnatural.
  • Irregular: Her pulse rate is irregular now. The regular or natural pulse rate is absent in this patient and it becomes unnatural.
  • Unreasonable: The reason for their harsh behavior against that old lady was unreasonable. Here, the action is logically invalid. Therefore, it is not reasonable and natural.
  • Uncommon: It is uncommon for the masses to be violent like this. Things that happen once in a while and are not natural.
  • Inconsistent: The inconsistent strategy led to failure in business. Consistency is seen as a habitual element. When habit or the natural way of doing things is violated, it becomes unnatural.
  • Unsteady: That ladder is unsteady. Here, the ladder is not aligned to the wall or the place where it is kept. This makes it unnatural.
  • Foreign: The foreign culture destroyed your ethics in life. This means that the cultural values considered innate to a human being are destroyed by another culture.
  • Exceptional: The credit goes to your exceptional talent in this field. The talent is excellent and well maintained that it becomes unnatural in a positive manner. (See What are Filler Words in Writing?)

6. What is the Opposite of Natural Beauty?

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Natural beauty comes from the beauty of the world around you. If the natural beauty is taken away, then it becomes fake and unnatural. This is artificial beauty. Today, human beings are trying to maintain natural beauty by decorating their home with artificial substitutes for natural beauty. For example, artificial machines are used to corrupt the nature of plants and modify them to maintain the beauty which people desire. The beauty in jungles and forests is also contaminated by human actions. Also, check out what is the difference between Hills and Mountains?

7. What is Artificial opposite word?

Artificial gold is a common substitute used for original gold. The opposite of artificial is genuine and sincere. The genuine nature of a product or a person is very hard to find in the modern days. The significance of artificial elements is also relevant in the world of artificial toys and decorative items. But the truth is always valid and artificiality will not prevail for a long time. A genuine and sincere view towards life would automatically make life stress free. (See Condensation Examples in Real Life)

8. What is Unnatural opposite word?

Artificial grass is used as a means of softening the texture of original grass. However, this cannot replace the real nature of the grass.
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The unnatural philosophy is always contradicted by a natural one. The opposite word for unnatural is natural and normal. If an incident or an action takes place that cannot happen logically, that is termed as unnatural. Whereas, when the action or incident aligns with the normal phase of life it becomes normal. Accidents are usually unnatural. On the other hand, childbirth is a natural and normal phenomenon. If unnatural means supernatural, then the existence of normal people and the incidents in normal life are considered normal. Also, check out what object best describes me?

Look at the beauty of your natural system. This can be your body, your mind, and your environment. There is no such system that can provide a sense of connectedness like the natural ones. The opposite of natural wellbeing would be a disordered life with no connectedness with the natural. Either way, the antonyms of natural and synonyms of natural wellbeing are both significant to the complex meanings and contexts related to the functioning of the world. (Also read How are Earthquakes Distributed on the Map?)

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