What Is The Name Of The Song The Girls Sang In The Car In “White Chicks”?

What do Terry Crews sing in White Chicks? “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton is the name of the song the girls sang in the care in White Chicks.
What Is The Name Of The Song The Girls Sang In The Car In “White Chicks”?
  1. Let’s Talk about the Movie First

    Directed by the famous Keenen Ivory Wayans, White Chicks is an American comedy film starring Marlon Wayans and Shawn Mayans. Released in 2004, this movie features the Wayans Bros. as two FBI agents who, in the disguise of white-faced women, go undercover for solving a kidnapping plot. White Chicks received mixed reviews from the viewers and was nominated for five Razzie award categories. Over the years following its release, it has become one of the cult classic movies of all time.

  2. The Song, the Girls, Sing in the Car Scene

    The song ‘A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton begins to play on the radio, and a group of young girls calls the track their “jam”. However, the Wayans Brothers fail to follow its lyrics. The scene was supposed to be mocking a segment from the O.C. TV show, and the movie Mean Girls. It is played twice again throughout the film, and we hear it on two more occasions.

    The first is when Latrell Spencer, Terry Crews’ character, starts singing the song to Tiffany Wilson, the whiteface lady character of Marlon Wayans. Crews also go on to sing it to the Wilson twins later. Whenever Crews’ character hears the orchestrated hook, he starts singing along while shaking his head. (See 10 Most Difficult Guitar Songs)

  3. Let’s Get to Know the Song

    Originally titled “Interlude”, “A Thousand Miles” is the debut single Of Vanessa Carlton, the American pop singer who wrote and recorded the track. Produced by Ron Fair and Curtis Schweitzer, “A Thousand Miles” ended up releasing as the lead single of Be Not Nobody, Carlton’s album, which came out in 2002. It was her signature song and became her breakthrough hit. It was also among the most famous songs of that year. It continues to be the biggest hit of Carlton in the United States even today. It is her only song that featured in the top ten of Billboard Hot 100.

    “A Thousand Miles” gained immense success across the world. It was the most successful in the United States, where it reached the number one position. Not only that, it was in the top five songs of Ireland as well as in the top ten of Italy, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Numerous artists, including Ronan Parke, Icarus the Owl, David Archuleta, Terry Crews, Victoria Justice, and the Glee cast, have covered the song. Even Cheryl, Cameron as well as T.I. have sampled it.

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