What is the Name of Lovecraft’s Cat?

Who is H.P Lovecraft? Why is this Cat’s Name Popular? How did HP Lovecraft’s Cat Name become a Meme?
what is the name of Lovecraft’s cat

Cat memes are popular now. If you love cat memes, you might have stumbled upon certain cat memes related to Lovecraft mentioning the question, what is the name of Lovecraft’s cat? And also you might have seen the memes mentioning HP Lovecraft’s cat name, so why is this cat’s name popular? If you have seen the meme and the itching curiosity in your blood made you look up on the internet, the cat of Lovecraft has been quite a controversy for the past 120 years. Why? Because of its name and that is important enough to stir controversy? You would want to know about all of this but before we delve into what is the name of Lovecraft’s cat or the HP Lovecraft’s cat name, it is important to know the man and his cat to get a better understanding of this.

1. Who is H.P Lovecraft?

Howard Phillips Lovecraft or H.P Lovecraft was an American writer and is known for his weird science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels. Some of his works and controversies are stated below. (See Cunningham Name Origin)

  • His popular work that gained fans is Cthulhu Mythos, a shared universe and mythopoeia of H.P Lovecraft’s works.
  • Besides being a Godfather of weird science and his intuitive ideas on cosmos and existence, he is popular for his racist views, opinions, and open comments that can be seen throughout his works. He regarded English to be on top of the world where everyone else is inferior.
  • He wrote letters and published articles to spread his propaganda that people apart from the English are inhuman and are beasts shaped like humans or white ghosts.
  • Not only this, the actual controversy surrounding him started with his cat’s name long after his death. Though he only can’t be blamed. Most of the 19th and 20th-century timeline was filled with racist ideas, views, and opinions and poor Mr. Lovecraft was simply following the trend. So, what is the name of Lovecraft’s cat? Continue reading to know about it. (See What does Pepega mean?)

2. What are some Strange Facts about Lovecraft?

what is the name of Lovecraft’s cat 3

Some more strange facts about H.P Lovecraft are as follows. 

  • He would rarely go out during the day and mostly preferred to work at night.
  • H.P Lovecraft loved cats. When his favorite cat went away, he didn’t adopt any new ones despite being a cat lover. Although it was said he used to pet the strays and other people’s cats. (See Why Are Cats Tongue So Rough?)
  • H.P Lovecraft never finished school and was self-taught. He dropped from school after having a nervous breakdown.
  • Lovecraft was a friend of Harry Houdini, the famous magician and Lovecraft has worked as a ghostwriter for the column about Houdini.
  • His stories are filled with blunt literal racism and racist metaphors.
  • His parents were admitted to the same asylum separately after experiencing psychological breakdowns. This served as one of the reasons for Lovecraft’s night terrors and madness.
  • The trophy for World Fantasy Award dropped H.P Lovecraft as many writers petitioned to change his name as the man represented racist ideals. In the next segment, you will read what is the name of Lovecraft’s cat. (See I Can See Russia from My House)

3. What is the Name of Lovecraft’s Cat?

what is the name of Lovecraft’s cat 1

This popular controversial writer spoke and made his racist ideas known to the world in every way possible. As for what is the name of Lovecraft’s cat, it is believed that he affectionately named his cat Nigger Man, a slur, that is not only offensive but also racist. It is known that Lovecraft’s family adopted a black cat when H.P Lovecrafts was a boy. We accurately don’t know who named the cat, but there was no disagreement in the family for using a racist slur as a name for the cat. As a tribute to his loving cat who disappeared in 1908 when the author was 14 years old, H.P Lovecraft featured his cat’s name in his work, The Rat in the Walls, a short story which got published in 1923. Must read Mc Vs. Mac Debate.

Even after the disappearance of his cat, he referred to other black kittens using the same racial slur recalling his loving memories of his cat. These can be seen in the letters that he wrote in his lifetime. Due to its negative meaning, the name of the cat in the short story was changed to Black Tom or Blackie in the later imprints. There is no known photograph of the cat even though there is a picture of H.P Lovecraft holding Felis, his friend Frank Belknap Long’s cat circulating on the internet. (See Why do people like cats so much?)

4. How did HP Lovecraft’s Cat Name become a Meme?

what is the name of Lovecraft’s cat 2

The first occurrence of the picture of Lovecraft with Felis gained popularity in 2018 when a Tumblr user commented, Lovecraft and his cat…nnn….umm… His cat name was under the picture of Lovecraft with a cat and that was posted by another user. Another user questioned the name of the cat and commented, oh no. The post was reblogged in two years and got more than 2 lakh likes.

The screenshot of this post with the comment was uploaded by a user of Know Your Meme and soon a Redditor posted content having extensive details regarding the name of the cat and its role in Lovecraft’s life. The viral spread of this post from Tumblr was the starting point of all the other Lovecraft cat memes. This meme got further popularity when Don’t Google This Stuff, a reverse psychology method started to attract people and it became famous. (See Why internet memes are so popular?)

The racial slur is still considered offensive and the usage of this in his works and life simply explains his ignorant and prejudiced nature. If you are exploring the works of Lovecraft be mindful of the fact that his ideas are elitist and don’t get caught up too much in his works. (See 8 Tame Wolf Facts)

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