What is the Meaning of the Phrase ‘Piqued My Interest’?

What does piqued my interest mean? Why Do We Say “Piqued My Interest”?
What is the Meaning of the Phrase ‘Piqued My Interest’?
  1. What is the meaning of ‘Pique’?

    Pique is a verb, which means when something stimulates, excite, provoke, or arouse you. For instance, his girlfriend piqued his interest in partying and drinking.

  2. What does it mean ‘Piqued my interest/curiosity?

    ‘Pique your interest’ means when something arouses your interest or curiosity for a particular thing. It is a situation developed when someone wants to know more about something or someone.

  3. Why do some people mix up the terms?

    Is your interest piqued or peaked? It is the most common expression one might have seen as many writers get confused with the homophones, piques, and peaked.  It is pretty evident now and crystal clear that the traditional idiom is to ‘pique one’s interest’ not ‘peak one’s interest.’

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