What Is The Meaning Of OD Off?

When should I turn OD off? When the indicator shows as “off”, it means the transmission won’t go into that gear.
What Is The Meaning Of OD Off?
  1. What is OD?

    OD stands for Overdrive transmission. It is the highest gear in the transmission in a car. Overdrive is a specification that is particularly seen in cars equipped with automatic transmission, which brings the RPM down to achieve better speed and fuel efficiency. It helps you significantly when you are driving a car at more than 80 km/hr.

  2. What is meant by OD off?

    When you turn off the Overdrive function, which is mostly done by pressing a button on the gear shift or a particular gear shift marked with OD, it means you have disabled the OD. Also, when the OD is off, the vehicle transmission shifting is limited to the lower gears.

  3. Should you turn the OD off or keep it on while driving?

    Well! It entirely depends on the type of area you are driving in. If you are driving in a hilly area, in the cities with heavy traffic, carrying a heavy load, or driving below 60km/hr, the OD should be turned off. However, keeping it on while driving on the highway will ensure your car gives better fuel mileage and causes less wear and tear on the vehicle.

  4. What does it imply when the OD light is blinking?

    If you see the blinking OD light, it means that your car’s transmission is not in perfect health- maybe because of the range or speed sensors or the solenoid. If you cannot correct the issue by pushing a button, you may need to visit the mechanic who will inspect your transmission.

  5. Is OD on by default?

    Yes, OD is on by default in automatic transmissions. When the OD’s indicator light on the dashboard shows ‘NOT’, it means it is switched on. (See What is a ricer car?)

  6. What damage can be caused by the erroneous use of OD gear?

    Overdrive function is an excellent feature included in only automatic cars, which helps in the life optimization of transmission and improves its fuel efficiency considerably. It will allow using the full range of transmission. In case it is used inaccurately, it may cause irreparable damage, such as causing your transmission to be burnt real fast, due to which you may have to spend a considerable amount of money.

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