What is the meaning of ‘Home is Where the Heart is’?

Where did the phrase home is where the heart is come from? What does home is where the heart is mean?
What is the meaning of ‘Home is Where the Heart is’?
  1. Origin of the renowned saying

    One of the most popular phrases first appeared in the poem ‘Tis Home, where the heart is published in several newspapers in the United States. Although, the idiom originated in the 1820s. The saying beheld the attention of more than a million people when it appeared in J.T. Bickford novel ‘Scandal’ in 1857.

  2. What is the meaning of ‘Home is Where the Heart is?

    The proverb means wherever you are or whomever you are with in the world; no one can replace the emotional touch of your family and the feelings that are connected with your home. Your family and home will matter the most as they are the foundations of your inner happiness, satisfaction, love, and warmth. Whatever touch and bond you share with your family can never be shared by anyone else.

  3. Who is the person who introduced this saying, ‘Home is where your heart is?

    Gaius Plinius Secundus, also known as the Pliny, the Elder, was a Roman philosopher who introduced this phrase to the entire world.

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