What is the Meaning of Dry Texter?

What is Dry Texting? Are you a Dry Texter? How can You avoid Dry Texting? Is Dry Texting good? What is the Difference between Dry Texting and Cold Texting?
what is the meaning of dry texter

In this world of technology, we receive and send texts to people every day. In some cases, people talk about dry texting. Do you wonder how to tell if someone is a dry texter? No worries. We will help you with the meaning of dry texter and the example of dry texting. Also, if you are a dry texter, we will help you stop being dry texted. Continue reading!

1. What is an Example of Dry Texting?

You must have met someone in your life who texts just mmm every now and then, irrespective of the message you send. This is the most common example of dry texting. To get the meaning of dry texter, take a look at the listed examples:

  • Texting one-word responses.
  • Sending texts such as k, kk, mm, mmhm.
  • Not responding to texts, memes, or the links you send.
  • Not asking questions and never initiating conservation. Must read about the stupid sayings that make no sense.

2. What is the Meaning of Dry Texter?

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The meaning of dry texter is someone who doesn’t want to engage in a conversation with you. They respond very lightly to any message that you send. Dry texters sometimes respond lately and sometimes don’t respond at all. Dry texting is not always because the person is not interested in you. They might not be interested in the topic as well. (See What is the Meaning of What’s Up?)

3. How can You tell if Someone is a Dry Texter?

After knowing the meaning of dry texter, you would like to know how to tell if someone is a dry texter. It is very easy. You must go through your chats with them and find late replies, one-word responses, never asking questions, and never responding to the memes you send. You can also tell if someone is a dry texter by checking if they ever initiate a conversation. However, you should also keep in mind if they are shy or introverted in nature. Because sometimes people might be busy online. Hence, their behavior in person also is important to consider before knowing if a person is a dry texter. (See What are SWABIs in Grammar?)

4. Should You text again if No Reply comes?

It’s hard, but everyone’s been through this dilemma. Sometimes, you might send a second message thinking they missed the notifications. But if this is repeated now and then, you should give them some time. If it’s not the nature of the person to avoid your message, don’t wait more than 4 hours to send a second message. It’s alright to start a conversation if your relationship is more important than your ego. But do not compromise your self-esteem. (See Why do We say Break a Leg?)

5. How do You stop being Dry Texted?

It feels highly demotivating to be dry texted. Let’s look at a few steps to stop being dry texted:

  • First, figure out the meaning of dry texter and which part of the conversation turns into dry texting.
  • Try to understand the partner’s communication style. Do they engage more IRL, or is it just you, the person they avoiding? Are they too busy to reply to anyone online?
  • One of the major reasons for sudden dry texting is those incomplete fights. Clear the air and see if things are going well.
  • Ask thought-provoking questions that cannot be answered with simple one-word responses.
  • Know when it’s time to move on. Some meetings are not meant to be, and if talking to someone isn’t building your positivity, it’s time you give up on them to stop being dry texted. Also, check out the high five quotes.

6. What should You ask a Dry Texter?

Before you find out what to ask a dry texter, you should know the reasons behind why someone is dry texting.

  • If it’s the topic of interest, change it into something you can both vibe in.
  • If it’s his nature, don’t push them into online chatting. After all, we all seek comfort.
  • If it’s you, give up on them.

Dry texters might be a bit shy to say to your face that they are not interested in you. So ask them if they really enjoy chatting. Or do they prefer meeting IRL? Do not make a move on assumptions because they might just be busy. (See What does RD mean in text?)

7. How do You stop Texting a Girl Dry?

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If you are texting a girl dry, and she still responds to each of them patiently, you’ve got to be lucky. But don’t take advantage of such behavior and continue being a dry texter. Follow the tips given below:

  • Know her Interests: Talk about something that she enjoys the most.
  • Ask: Ask her how the day went and what plans she has for weekends.
  • Respond: Respond ASAP. A girl would want to be valued all the time.
  • Flirt: Yes, flirt. But don’t cross the limits. If she’s interested, you can get going. But if she starts dry texting, change the vibe immediately.
  • Sincere: Don’t talk rubbish or things that are of no use. Talk about yourself without being self-centric. Ask as many questions as possible to understand her. Also, check out how to respond when someone is Sick?

8. What should You not text a Girl?

A girl receives twice more texts than a boy does. And how you stand out among all those texters depends on how you present yourself while texting her. Look at a few tips to better present yourself:

  • Don’t be Aggressive: Never send aggressive texts such as where are you now and why aren’t you responding to my texts? Girls like some privacy and space. Give them as much as you can. Text back a while later, asking if she’s busy if she doesn’t respond. Ask her about her free time, and tell her that you feel good when talking to her.
  • Stop being Jealous: Never ask a girl who is he, who are you with, what are you doing with X at this time of the day, and why you meet X so often. All these texts do not tell her that you care for her. Instead, they project you as a controlling person. A girl would always avoid someone who tries to control her.
  • Don’t Lie: Girls have this power gang who maintains the screenshots of your details. Never lie. And if you do, expect those screenshots thrown back at you!
  • You can Flirt: But with caution. Try not to make fun of things that she values. Know her interests and find things you both can vibe in. Must read what does it mean when the text is green?

9. How do You stop being a Dry Texter?

Being a dry texter can create many misjudgments upon you. If you’re a dry texter, follow these simple steps to stop being a dry texter.

  • Identity Why: Look at your own chats and find reasons why you send dry texts. Identify your likes and dislikes. Be open with people. After all, we are social animals. We find ways to socialize. Don’t let your dislikes come in your way of talking.
  • Share your Opinions: Talk about your opinions. Every individual has their own set of attitudes towards everything in this world. Put your opinions and attitudes out to the world.
  • Ask Questions: Use chatting as a means to socialize with people. Ask questions and better understand them. You can read the article on what are the types and examples of Text to Text Connections?

10. What is Cold Texting?

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Cold texting is indifferent to any kinds of messages you receive: the message is disregarded and dismissed. This is even more disappointing than dry texting. With dry texting, a person is at least valued by replying to something. But cold texting makes the other person feel invalid. 

We hope that this article was helpful and you have learned the meaning of dry texter. We hope you will follow the tips to stop being dry texted. (Also read What are Text Features?)

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