What is the Largest Island in Asia?

How many Islands are there in Asia? Which Island is the largest among them? Is Australia the largest Island in the world?
what is the largest island in Asia
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Asia is a multicultural landscape where different cultures are represented in different regions across the continent. The nature of this landscape is modified by the presence of islands. The larger patches of land covered by the ocean or a water body become the largest island in Asia. Many islands are larger and contain space for survival and living. The area covered by most of the largest islands in the world is administered and developed in different ways.

A. What is the Largest Island in Asia?

Borneo represents the largest island on the Asian continent. It has an estimated land area of 7,43,330 kilometers squares. The island is divided according to the political control over the land. According to this, it is controlled and maintained by three different countries. It is ranked as the third-largest island in the world. It is situated in the southeast part of the Malay Peninsula. The island of Celebes is separated from the island of Borneo by the strait called Makassar Strait. The political powers of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei maintain the territory of Borneo. The climate is pleasant and monsoonal from October to March. (See How many Islands in the Philippines are Known?)

B. What is the Second Largest Island in Asia?

The Greater Sunda islands in the Malay Archipelago are extended to form the Sumatra Islands. This island becomes the second largest island in Asia located in Indonesia. The area covered by the island is 4,20,306 kilometer squares. Normally, the island experiences a warm and moist climate. Monster flowers like Rafflesia, sandalwood, and camphorwood trees are the major vegetation types on this island. The largest mountain lake on this island is Lake Toba. The population is both rural and urban. The major cities on this island are Padang, Medan, and Palembang. (See What Country am I in?)

C. Is Australia the Largest Island in the World?

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No, Australia cannot be the largest island in the world. However, this island is a region that is entirely covered by water bodies and smaller than a continent. But Australia is a continent covering 7.7 million square kilometers. It is considered the smallest continent on earth. Also, check out Rhode Island Smallest State in USA.

D. Which is the Largest Island Country in the World?

Besides largest island in Asia,  Greenland with an area of 822,700 square miles is the largest island country in the world. It is situated in the area between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. Its location is based in North America and the country is Denmark. Nuuk, the central arena of cultural and social events is the capital of Greenland. The people in this region are called Inuit and they call this place Kalaallit Nunaat. Also, check out what State has the highest humidity?

E. The 15 Largest Islands in the World

The islands in the world are categorized as larger and smaller based on area and location. Along with the largest island in Asia, there are 15 largest islands which lie in different places of the world. (See What are the Seven wonders of the World?)

1. Greenland

Greenland: what is the largest island in Asia 2
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It presents a larger landscape. This island located in Denmark has a population of about 56000. The region is covered by a large ice sheet covering a distance of 1,800,000 square km. An Arctic climate along with changing weather conditions is a major characteristic of this region. Must read what states don’t get snow?

2. New Guinea

It is an island covering an area of 3,03,381 square miles. A huge variation in flora and fauna is noticed in this region. The population of this island can be estimated to be 14 million.

3. Borneo

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This place becomes the third largest island in the world. The diversity of social, cultural, and political elements adds to the immensity of the land. The political control over the land is shared by Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

4. The Island of Madagascar

It lies on the east coast of Mozambique in Africa. The coastal region has been prone to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes frequently. With a population of about 27 million people, the area covered by this island is 2,26,658 square miles. (See What Country has the Longest Name?)

5. Baffin Island

Baffin island: what is the largest island in Asia 2
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In Canada, the largest island is represented by Baffin Island. This island is located in the northern part of Canada and is home to polar bears and nesting birds. Several iron mines are also noticed in this region. Only 13000 people live on this island. (See Why can’t We go to Antarctica?)

6. Sumatra Island

Sumatra Island in Indonesia is known for the Sumatran Elephant. A heavy loss of the forest through deforestation and devastation increased the extinction of these species. It covers an area of 1,71,068 square miles with a population of 58 billion people.

7. The Island of Honshu

Have you been to an island with 100 million people? Well, this is the island of Honshu in Japan. It covers an area of about 87000 square miles. Various land reclamation projects and amazing infrastructure makes this island a popular attraction. People find a hospitable and facilitated atmosphere on the island that adds to the standards of living.

8. Victoria Island

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It lies north of the Arctic Archipelago with a population of 2,162 people. It covers an area of 83,897 square miles in Canada. (See Where is it 70 Degrees year round in The United States?)

9. Great Britain

An old story tells that about 8,000 to 10,000 years ago, an island got merged with the continent of Europe. This is Great Britain. The island covers an area of 80,823 square miles with a population of 60 million and above.

10. Ellesmere Island

This island is ranked as the tenth-largest island in the world. It is located in Canada with an area of about 75,767 square miles and is sparsely populated with 190-200 people inhabiting the island. (See Is St Augustine Oldest City in the US?)

11. Sulawesi

Sulawesi: what is the largest island in Asia 5
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This is one of the largest islands in the world situated in Indonesia. The island is highly populated and about 19 million people live in this place. The land includes a volcano named Mount Tong Koko.

12. South Island

South Island in New Zealand covers an area of 56,308 square miles. It is officially named Te Waipounamu. About 1 million people live in this place which is lower compared to the population of North Island in New Zealand. (See Why is Europe called the Peninsula of Peninsulas?)

13. Java Island

Java Island
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Java Island in Indonesia covers an area of 53,589 square miles. It comprises a large number of plants, lush forests, volcanoes, and plains. The region is also famous for strong religious and cultural sentiments.

14. North Island

This is an island in the country of New Zealand. The official name of this island is Te Ika-a-Maui. There are various islands inside this island that can be small and large. It covers an area of 43,082 square miles. Wellington which is the capital of New Zealand is located on this island. (See What is the Northern Most State in the U.S.?)

15. Luzon

Island in the Philippines
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The largest island in the Philippines covers an area of 42,458 square miles. The population of this island is about 64 million people. Yes, this is Luzon, the fourth most populous island in the world. Situated in Southeast Asia, the island includes the capital city of Manila in it. (See Is Bahamas part of US?)

The largest island in Asia is controlled by different countries. This factor differentiates the cultural and social events in the area. The indication of different islands along with their position in the world determines a lot about the need to explore these places. Exploration and manifestation of the world through islands and island nations bring out a popular view of the world. If you can, try to visit the largest islands in the world along with the largest island in Asia. Then, identify the differences and similarities of the different cultural societies of the islands. (Also read 10 Tips to Know If You Were Stranded on a Desert Island)

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