What is the ice bucket challenge?

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: How it Started? What started the ice bucket challenge?
  1. What is the ice bucket challenge

    The Ice Bucket Challenge is an activity involving pouring a bucket of ice water on someone’s head to promote awareness of ALS disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

  2. Who started it

    It’s believed that Pete Frates, a Boston College student, whose career was cut short after being diagnosed with ALS started the challenge. Pat Quinn, one of Frates friends, was also given credit for starting it.

  3. How it is done

    A person has to dump a bucket of ice water on his head while filming himself after being challenged to do it. If he does the challenge, he donates a little amount of money. If he doesn’t accept it then he has to pay a larger amount. After that, he has to nominate up to three more people to do it.

  4. Why are people posting its videos on social media

    As a part of the challenge, the person has to film himself while taking it then post his video to the public. The technique was developed to make the video go viral. (See Why do people share photos on social networks?)

  5. Why were people taking part in it

    People had different intentions when they did the ice bucket challenge. Some people did it for charity, others did it to get a publicity stunt, some people found it as a chance to show off, while some others wanted to take a chance of the viral trend.

  6. The ice bucket challenge went viral on social media, was supported by so many celebrities, politicians and public figures; thus it turned into a very wide phenomenon. (See Why is Instagram so popular?)

  7. Results of the challenge

    Public awareness of AlS disease was widely increased and a large number of donations was collected. The same year the challenge was launched, the ALS Association said they received donations of about 100 million dollars.

  8. Why some people criticized it

    According to Wikipedia, some people criticized the ice bucket challenge because it focused more on a stunt rather on the disease. Some complained about the misuse of water, while others complained about the health risks of pouring ice water on the head.

  9. Why some people found it very annoying

    Many people didn’t know about the connection between the challenge and ALS disease. Those people thought it’s just an aimless challenge done by Social media users and this is why they found it very annoying.

  10. How to donate money to ALS

    There are many institutions that accept Donations for ALS. The most famous is the ALS association and you can donate directly by going to their site : http://www.alsa.org/donate/

  11. Do I have to get invited to take part in the challenge

    While being invited is required before a person takes part in the challenge, many people ignored this step and did the challenge on their own then went on to nominate others to do it.

  12. Why did it start again in 2015

    In August 2015, The ALS association decided to relaunch the challenge to collect more donations after the great success that happened as a result of the first challenge.

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