What is the Difference Between Columns and Rows?

Row vs Column: What’s the Difference? Difference Between Rows and Columns.
What is the Difference Between Columns and Rows?
  1. What are Rows?

    Rows are the horizontal lines or group of data to provide uniformity in an excel sheet or within any table. They are stretched from left to right in the excel spreadsheet. The top row appears as Row ‘1’ in the spreadsheet.

  2. What are columns?

    Columns are a group of cells or data vertically stacked and appear on the same vertical line. In the Excel sheet, they are stretched from top to bottom. Column ‘A’ appears in the extreme-left column of the spreadsheet.

  3. Rows vs Columns- Key Difference

    S.No Rows Columns
    1 Move horizontally across a spreadsheet from left to right. If any data is written in Column A, B, C, it means the data is in Row 1. Move vertically across a spreadsheet from top to bottom. If the data is written as A1, A2, A3, it portrays it is all under column ‘A’.
    2 Rows are indicated by numbers. Columns are indicated by letters or alphabets.
    3 Microsoft has placed limits up to 1, 048, 576 rows. Microsoft has placed limits up to 16 to 384 columns.
    4 Rows consist of various fields as per DMS (Daya management system). Columns are comprised of an accumulator of a single data attribute.
    5 Rows can be hidden by selecting the entire row and press the right click to hide. Columns can be hidden by selecting the entire column and then press the right click to hide.
    6 To unhide the rows, select the entire row above and below the hidden row, and press right-click to unhide Columns can be unhidden by selecting the entire left, and the right column from the hidden column and press right-click to unhide.
    7 Range from 1 to 1, 048, 576 Range from A to XFD
    8 A row can be added by pressing Shift + Spacebar The column can be added  y pressing Ctrl+Spacebar
    9 The height of the default row is 18.75 pt. and 25 pixels Column’s default width is 8.43 pt. And 64 pixels
    10 Double-click the bottom border of the underlying row to auto-fit the content Double the right border of the underlying column to autofit the content
    11 Press Alt+W+F+R to freeze the row; you need to put the active cell below the row you want to freeze Press Alt+W+F+C to freeze any column; you need to put the active cell adjacent to the column you want to freeze
    12 Vlookup compares the data from column to column Hlookup compares the data from row to row
    13 In Index function (row_num) specifies the row number in the array In Index function (Col_num) specifies the column number in the array
  4. Does row and column mean anything different in the matrix?

    The elements are arranged in a rectangular array in the matrix. Rest everything remains the same; horizontal structures are rows, and vertical layouts are columns.

  5. What are rows and columns in the periodic table?

    Periods or series can be defined by the elements arranged in seven horizontal rows. Groups are labelled at the top of each column, and the elements arranged in  18 vertical columns are called groups.

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