What is the difference between a blunt and a joint?

Blunts vs. Joints: What’s The Difference? The Difference Between a Joint and a Blunt.
What is the difference between a blunt and a joint?
  1. What is a Blunt?

    They are cigars in which the tobacco is replaced with marijuana. Blunts can also be rolled by using tobacco leaf wrappers. They are larger and contain a hell of a lot of weed. Some of the blunts are rolled by hand, and machines roll a few for better quality and consistency.  It gives you a great buzz and more flavours.

  2. What is a Joint?

    It is one of the most renowned forms of role in the U.S. They are small and portable; you can carry them anywhere and light up wherever you wish. They are just marijuana rolled in cigarette papers. But, a lot of people do roll them with a crutch as it is comparatively stiffer paper. It is one of the easiest, iconic, and most accessible ways of smoking marijuana.

  3. Differences

    It is vital to understand the differences as it would let you know about them even better:

  4. Interior

    Inside the joint, you would find marijuana, you can choose any stuff, but it just has marijuana. The inside of the blunt too contains marijuana but in a vast quantity.

  5. The paper

    This is the significant difference between the two: for making a joint, you need a standard single-wide paper; it can be flavoured or non-flavoured as per your preference. You can roll it in cigarette paper or a rolling sheet. These papers can be made up of classic wood pulp the hemp. At the same time, the blunt is rolled in a cleaned out cigar wrap or tobacco paper.

  6. Colour

    You would always see that a blunt is brown in colour; there are no other colour options. On the contrary, joints are usually white and light tan. But, now, the rolling paper comes in numerous colours, even psychedelic.

  7. The size

    Blunts can vary in size, just like joints. But, blunts are mostly longer and thicker, but the thickness varies on the quantity of marijuana stuffed in it. Many people like them packed so they look similar to cigar while some like less packed, thus it looks like a straw. Whereas joints are about 3 inches long, and they look similar to a cigarette and are usually thin as compared to blunts.

  8. Flavour

    Usually, the joint’s flavour comes from the strain used, not the paper, as the papers are mostly flavourless. On the other hand, it entirely depends on the type of wrapping you use in a blunt. If you roll for yourself, then it depends on the flavour you choose. But, it is always preferred to buy machine-made wrapping paper.

  9. The burn

    As the blunt has a thicker tobacco paper, which means that it would burn slowly. The joint burns quickly as the paper is light, which makes it light and burn very fast.

  10. The high

    Blunts give you a better high not because of the size, but the primary reason is that marijuana is rolled in the tobacco paper, which gives a great hit. The wrapper of the cigar has a tremendous amount of nicotine that gives a different set of experiences.

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