What is the Best Lava Lamp to Buy?

What is a Lava Lamp? What are the various factors to consider before buying a Lava Lamp? What are the Different Types of Lava Lamps? Do Lava Lamps expire? What to do with a Dead Lava Lamp?
what is the best lava lamp to buy

Lava lamps are such a beautiful creation that you cannot keep yourself from buying them. There are lots of kinds of lava lamps available on the market as well as online. Some of them are glitter lava lamp, jellyfish lava lamp, mini lava lamp, giant lava lamp, and rainbow lava lamp. So today I will tell you about what is the best lava lamp to buy and which things to consider before buying. You will know all about them as you continue reading the article. 

1. What is a Lava Lamp?

It is a decorative lamp that consists of an incandescent bulb at the base that heats the upper part of the lamp which is a glass container. This container is filled with a wax mixture and liquid that spreads the lava effect when the bulb is lit. They are also known as motion lamps. (See What are Rubies made of?)

2. What things should be considered before Buying?

You have to choose the lamp as per your requirements and taste, but there are some more factors that you should consider. Brightness, bulb type, material, safety, shape, size, and visual effects are among such factors which should be counted before deciding what is the best lava lamp to buy. However, to enjoy the whole setting of the room along with the lava effect, you can also arrange some music, so you must check out the article on the best way to listen to music on the go.

3. How to choose the Bulb type and its Brightness?

what is the best lava lamp to buy 1

The classic version of lava lamps consists of an incandescent bulb as the heat source. But nowadays, other bulbs like, Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) are being used. Though the incandescent bulbs are much brighter than the other two, a standard lava lamp uses a 25-watt bulb. In terms of price, you can choose the incandescent bulbs, but the LEDs last longer than them. (See Why does Black Absorb more Heat?)

4. Which Material is better?

Before you decide what is the best lava lamp to buy, the housing, cap, and base materials need to be considered

  • The housing means the vessel that is filled with the liquid. While deciding what is the best lava lamp to buy, consider the material of the vessel. Also, check out the 7 different curling sport equipment.
  • This vessel is usually made from glass or translucent plastic. The glass material will offer a high-quality effect with more longevity. However, if you have kids and fear the lamp will often fall, then a plastic one is the best choice.
  • The base is the part where the bulb is placed and the cap is the top closing of the glass vessel. So, for these two things, the best materials are steel and aluminum because they offer durability and safety. Avoid purchasing the lamp with a plastic cap or base material. (See 7 Metal in Microwave Mythbusters Facts)

5. What are the Safety Measures?

Though these lamps are pre-tested for all the safety parameters, it is recommended to take the following precautions. 

  • Never leave the lamp under direct sunlight.
  • Make sure not to over-heat the lamp. It is advisable to use the lamp for 8 to 10 hours only.
  • Make sure the electric cord is connected accurately to avoid the accidental falling of the lamp. Must read about the 3 types of Native American Shelters.
  • Keep the hot lamp away from the reach of children. Also, avoid touching the heated parts of the lamp yourself too. (See What are Coloured Glass Blocks?)

6. Which Shape and Size to choose?

Globe shaped Lamp

What is the best lava lamp to buy considering its shape? Well, the design and sleek figure of the lava lamps make it a perfect fit for every tabletop and shelf. The usual measurement of the lava lamp is in inches which measures the height and ounces. For shape, the conical or bullet-shaped lava lamp is among the classic designs. But you can get a globe-shaped lamp too. (See What is the Standard Door Size?)

7. What is the Best Lava Lamp to buy?

The best lava lamp that is most preferred by buyers is the 14 inches 20-ounce lava lamp. It offers the perfect size and shape for most households. (See How to Size a Rough Opening for Bifold Door?)

8. What is meant by Visual Effects?

what is the best lava lamp to buy 4

Visual effects are created by the motions happening inside the glass vessel of the lamp. The glass vessel is filled with a clear liquid and wax mixture. The heat from the bulb melts the wax, which loses its density, rises, then again hardens and falls back down. The clear liquid can be found with different color tints while the wax can be available in rainbow shades too. (See What causes Double Rainbow?)

9. What is a Glitter Lava Lamp?

In some lava lamps, the glass vessel is filled with liquid and glitter. The manufacturers replace wax with glitter for a more soothing visual effect. You can also get a lamp with both wax and glitter that gives a more dynamic and colorful look. (See What Does 3D Mean?)

10. What is a Jellyfish Lava Lamp?

A jellyfish lava lamp or jellyfish mood lamp is a novelty desk lamp. It is filled with a clear liquid and several plastic jellyfishes. It needs to be assembled after purchase. You need to fill the water in the container, then add the jellyfish to it. The top has a multicolored light which keeps on changing. You can also stop the light at a particular color which you want. (See How does a Thermos Work?)

11. What is a Mini Lava Lamp?

what is the best lava lamp to buy 3

A mini lamp is smaller than the usual and some can be as small as a keychain. The tiniest lava lamp available is .875 × 2.75 × .875 inches (22.23 × 69.85 × 22.23 mm). Instead of a bulb, there is a button, which, when pressed, blows up the wax mixture, giving the same effect as that of bigger ones. (See How do Earbuds Work?)

12. What is the size of a Giant Lava Lamp?

The giant lamps are for malls, halls, and other public places. So what is the best lava lamp to buy which is a giant-looking one? The biggest known lava lamp was created by the Mathmos lighting. It has a capacity of 120 liters (21.70 gallons) of liquid. Mathmos created this giant lava lamp as a part of their 50th birthday celebration and set it up in the Festive Hall, South Bank Center, London. The Mathmos created another piece with a 90 liter (23.78 gallons) capacity for the Anya Hindmarch’s Concession in the designed accessories department of David Chipperfield, London. (See What Is the Average Garage Door Size?)

13. What is a Rainbow Lava Lamp?

The rainbow lava lamps are the ones with a clear liquid and white wax, with a multi-colored or rainbow-colored transparent vessel. This trick works with the lighted bulb that gives the rainbow effect. There are different variations of a rainbow lava lamp. You can get the rainbow effect vessel, base, bulb, and globe. Some lamps have a black base and cap with a rainbow-colored vessel which creates rainbow visual effects. It is indeed a charmer. (See How many Colors are in the Rainbow?)

14. Do Lava Lamps have an Expiry Date?

lava lamp

There is no fixed expiry date on the lamp but the bulb surely expires with time. The average lifespan of an incandescent bulb is 2000 hours (120,000 minutes or 7,200,000 seconds). So, you can consider its expiry date as and when the life of the bulb finishes. If used less than 8 hours per day, your lava lamp will last for up to 2 to 3 years. (See How Long does it take a Body to Decompose in Water?)

15. What to do after it Dies?

You can just change the bulb according to the required model. Your lava lamp will be good as new. Follow the instruction manual and manufacturer guide while replacing the bulb. (See What are Examples of Elements in Everyday Life?)

So, today you got to know about what is the best lava lamp to buy. Also, now you can tell the difference between the glitter lava lamp, jellyfish lava lamp, mini lava lamp, giant lava lamp, and a rainbow lava lamp. Share this information with others and help them decorate their house in style. (See Why is Paris Called the City of Lights?)

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