What is the Best Dark Souls game?

Is Elden Ring the best souls game? Which Dark Souls is the best to start with? Which Dark Souls is the hardest to play?
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The dark soul’s formula gained popularity as it gave the audience a time of virtual adventure. These dark souls games ranked by difficulty are based on experience, similarities, and differences. Massive changes were seen from Dark Souls to Dark Souls III with pros and cons. You will find a different experience with each version of the game. But what is the best dark souls game? We will help you find this out. Also, we provide you with a list of dark souls best to worst.

1. What is the Best Dark Souls Game?

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Dark soul is the trend face of gaming and has become a standard in the world of action, giving way to unprecedented victories and unyielded challenges. Challenge and triumph are the two main parts of the dark soul where the impossible is tested, and you still manage to be at the top. So, what is the best dark souls game considering all the factors?

Elden Ring is considered to be the best dark souls game so far. Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin wrote the game. The game was featured in 2022 with an enticingly cryptic story. It is easy to play and available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series S, and Series X. (See Why PlayStation 4 is good?)

2. Is Elden Ring the Best Souls Game?

Yes, the fans were brought to the edge of their seats when the Elden Ring was released. This also seemed something new from the other souls game but was the next step in the souls-bearing formula. So, this game is a more polished version with more scale and variety than Bloodborne. It is a mixture of all the souls games. The reasons that make what is the best dark souls game as Elden Ring are:

3. Which Dark Souls is the Best to Start With?

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Dark souls are brutal RPG games that demand a lot from you to pay. So, what is the best dark souls game to start with? To start, the dark souls preferred is Dark Souls III, which was released in 2016. It offered badass weapons and hungry monsters in search of blood and a terrific terrain against the monsters. Also, check out How to Beat Dancer of the Boreal Valley in Dark Souls III

It has a beautiful dark world is and an ideal game for a beginner. It is easy as compared to Dark Souls I and more fast-paced. It helps you to play the other games easily. It is similar in experience to Dark Souls Remastered so you can start with either. This version also gives a great experience and a better version of all other versions of the dark soul. 

4. Which Dark Souls is the Hardest to Play?

The hardest dark souls in the order of Dark Souls best to worst are the Dark Souls II with a genius map structure, and thus this action RPG was critically acclaimed. The game design, map, and philosophy were hard and well-designed. Also, it was a rewarding version of the souls game. Some players say that Bloodborne, released after Dark Souls II, is more challenging. (See How to defeat Amygdala in Bloodborne?)

5. Best Dark Souls-like games to play: Every Dark Souls Game Ranked Best To Worst

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In the presence or absence of the DLC, dark souls ranking remains the same from best to worst based on the each and every game experience and their mechanics. From souls games ranked by difficulty, the dark souls best to worst order is given below:

Dark Souls Game Rank About the Game
Elden Ring 1 The maximum potential of the souls game series was brought out in Elden Ring, released in 2022. The players were allowed to create characters with unlimited options to defend and attack. Many viable tools and new creatures are seen in the game, setting a new standard for other games.
Bloodborne 2 Bloodborne, released in 2015, was the first ever game to feature weapons with tricks like a cane that can turn into a whip. Health can be regained if lost in the combat, thus adding a new layer of strategy different from all other games.
Dark Souls III 3 This was a polished version of the souls game released in 2016. It was seen as a new and perfect version of Dark Souls. The legacy ideas were redefined, contributing new ideas to the Souls formula making it pretty hard to play.
Dark Souls 4 Dark Souls was released in 2011 with a cohesive design and balanced difficulties compared to other versions. All loved the DLC chapter which was a proper final act.
Sekiro 5 Sekiro is a punishing and action game. Although it is a challenging version, you can easily beat the game if you are perfect in its combat. The game was released in 2019 but was not liked much because of the rhythm and timing during the attacks, which were not easy to get through.
Demon’s Souls Remake 6 The remake of Demon’s Souls was released in 2020 with a graphical facelift and other visual changes, which were quite significant. The movements were made more strategic in the remake. Omnidirectional rolling mechanics were introduced, making it more intuitive.
Demon’s Souls 7 Demon’s Souls was released in 2009. It was a stem of the invasions, rewards, and player messages. The player had a choice to start from any area in the five worlds. But this game did not establish a better equilibrium between traditional and gimmick bosses.
Dark Souls II 8 Dark Souls II turned out to be a black sheep probably because Hidetaka Miyazaki did not direct it. The players were unhappy with the game since they couldn’t get better as the enemies reappeared, which annoyed them. The game is filled with negativity, making it the worst game in FromSoftware series of games.

So, now you know what is the best dark souls game, the list of Souls games ranked by difficulty and the order of dark souls best to worst. Every game of dark souls is designed with qualities and an incredible plot to explore by the players. You can start the series with any game. It will surely be a great experience.  (See How to Defeat the Curse-rotted Greatwood – Dark Souls 3)

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