What Is The Address Of Uber Headquarters

What is Uber’s main address? Uber’s headquarter is in San Francisco. Its exact address is 1455 Market Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.
What Is The Address Of Uber Headquarters?
  1. About Uber

    The story of Uber started in Paris in 2008 when two friends Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, went there to attend a conference. The idea of starting this concept came to their mind when one night during the winter night, they were unable to get a cab. They thought that they should make an app where people could book a can anytime.

  2. Making of Uber

    They started working on this project in 2009, but Camp was still working as a CEO in StumbleUpon. This was a side project for him; later he asked Kalanick to join him in this project as a Chief Incubator. They tested it first in New York in 2010, and they officially started it in San Fransico in May. In 2010, Kalanick became the CEO of the company.

  3. Popularity

    Their greatest achievement was that it gained popularity very quickly. People became really happy as booking a cab became pretty easy for them. With just a tap of a button, they could order a ride as GPS could automatically identify their pick up and drop location and tell the estimated fare. It was in October 2010 when they received its maximum funding of $1.25 million.

  4. Some of its significant advantages were

    Although it had numerous benefits, but some of the notable ones are:

    • Convenient and cashless- The foremost thing is convenience, as you get the cab anywhere at any time, plus you can do cashless transactions as well.
    • Professional service- They keep only professional drivers and also have an option of putting reviews about the driver. Therefore, if they found anything suspicious or unethical about the driver or if his ratings are low, they would take him out of the company.
    • Competitive pricing- Their prices were comparatively reasonable as compared to the other cab services. Hence, people preferred Uber over other cab service providers.
    • Safer- This is another significant thing that people look into. There are very few issues that have come about Uber regarding safety concerns as some cabs even have emergency buttons, which can help get them assistance quickly.
  5. How does Uber work for riders?

    The first thing you need to do is download the Uber app on your android or apple phone. Sign up to become a rider. There is no fee charged for the app or being a member. You can enable the location services with them, and then it would automatically catch your current location.

    Then on the Where to box, click the destination where you wish to go. After that, select the ride mode such as Uber mini, uber X, uber pool, etc. Then choose the method of payment and confirm. It will also tell you the time it would take to arrive and send you the details of the driver and cab number. In case if you change your mind, you can also cancel your ride, but they charge you a small fee for that. (See Why is Lyft cheaper than Uber?)

  6. What is the address of Uber headquarters?

    Uber’s headquarter is in San Francisco. Its exact address is:

    1455 Market Street
    Suite 400
    San Francisco, CA 94103

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