What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?

Where did the Sugar Apple Tree come from? What are the Properties and Nutritional Contents of this fruit? What are the Uses of Sugar Apple?
What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?

Many of you must have heard about caramel apples, but a sugar apple is certainly lesser-known. However, we know about this fruit but with different names. In some regions, also known as custard apple because it looks and tastes like custard. Sugar apple is also known as sweetsop. Let us learn more about what is sugar apple fruit and its benefits. We will also uncover the fact about can you grow a sugar apple tree in your backyard for an unlimited supply of these sweeties.                                                                                                                 

1. Where does Sugar Apple come from?

The tree of this fruit is known as Annona Squamosa, which is a multi-branched fruit-bearing tree. This species is widely grown, and this species of Annona is a native of tropical areas in the West Indies and America. The fruits of these trees are different from others because they are segmented. These segments are a bit separated when they are ripened fully. (See Where Do Black Olives Come From?)

2. What are the Properties of Sugar Apples?

Sugar apples are full of segments, with each segment being a part of fruit containing a seed covered with white, juicy, sweet flesh. The flesh is fragrant and creamy, and its color can range from white to light yellow. The presence and number of seeds within a fruit entirely depend on their variety because some may have 40–50 seeds, while there are seedless varieties also. (See 8 Fruits That Have No Seeds)

3. What are the Nutritional Contents of Sugar Apple?

They are highly rich in Vitamin B, minerals, magnesium, energy, and other nutrients. What is sugar apple fruit calorie content? On average, it can be measured from the data given below:

  • A 100 gram (3.5 oz) serving of sugar apple has 393 Kilojoules (94 Kilocalories) of energy.
  • Sugar apple contains carbohydrates up to 23.64 grams which include dietary fibers up to 4.4 grams.
  • The fat content is as low as 0.29 grams, while protein is 2.06 grams.
  • Minerals available in the 100 grams serving of sugar apples are:
  • Potassium content is highest at 247 milligrams.
  • Phosphorus up to 32 milligrams,
  • Calcium is 24 milligrams,
  • Magnesium 21 milligrams,
  • Sodium 9 milligrams,
  • A diverse variety of vitamins found in 100 grams serving of sugar apples are as follows: Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0.11 milligrams, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.113 milligrams, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 0.883 milligrams, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) 0.226 milligrams, Vitamin B6 0.2 milligrams, and Vitamin B9 (Folate) 14 ug along with 36.3 milligrams of Vitamin C is present. (See How Much is Water Content in Watermelon?)

What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?

4. Where can You get them?

In India, they are extensively cultivated and very famous among people. Other regions where they are grown on a large basis are the interior regions of Brazil, Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, Barbados, and Puerto Rico. Dry regions of North Queensland in Australia also cultivate sugar apples.

5. What are Sugar Apple Fruit Recipes?

  • Usually, sugar apples are consumed simply by breaking them in half and enjoying the sweet flesh. The seeds are spit out like we do with watermelon seeds.
  • The sugar apples are not cooked like other apples, but they are combined with milk to make a naturally sweet and refreshing healthy drink.
  • Sugar apples are mixed in ice-creams and other frozen desserts and beverages. (See Rum Ingredients)

Sugar apples have a lot of seeds, but they are poisonous to us. This is not like if we swallow one or two seeds we could die, but it is preferred to be careful while we eat.

6. What are the Uses of its Seeds?

  • Seeds are dried and grounded and used in insecticides and as fish poison.
  • The oil obtained during the process of grinding them is used as pesticides, and also as an ingredient in perfumes.
  • The paste of sugar apple seeds is a nice option to get rid of lice. One has to apply the paste onto the scalp and wash it after some time. Repeating the process once or twice a week will give promising results.
  • Not just seeds but the leaves and bark of a sugar apple tree are also poisonous. The leaves are crushed and applied to wounds to stop bacterial growth and reduce the chances of infection.
  • What is sugar apple fruit used for? They are also inhaled, as a method of treatment to cure hysteria.
  • In tropical America, sugar apple fruit leaves are boiled, then that liquid is used for treating symptoms of various diseases. (See Do Women Have Adam’s Apple?)

7. What are Adequate Conditions for Growing Sugar Apples?

What are sugar apple fruit growing conditions?

  • The best temperature for growing a sugar apple tree is between 10 degree to 30 degrees Celsius (50 F to 85 F). The plant seeds and flowers may suffer and even die if the average temperature falls to zero degrees Celsius. However, a mature tree is tolerant towards low or minus degree temperatures.
  • The moisture content in soil is necessary for proper growth. The tree requires an average annual rainfall of up to 750 and 1200 mm. You should water these plants every 2-4 weeks during the early stages. When new flowers and fruits are visible, then the plant should be watered every 3-5 days. Fruits need more water than a leaf, but make sure not to waterlog the soil.
  • Sugar apple trees can be grown in loamy, sandy, slightly alkaline soil, etc. But the soil should be deep, loose, fertile with good aeration and drainage.
  • Humidity is necessary for the formation of flowers and carrying out the process of pollination. For great products, humidity should be maintained above 60 % while the plant is in the flowering process. (See What Does Pickle Mean?)

8. Can You Grow Sugar Apple Tree?

It is possible to grow a sugar apple tree if you live in a place where the temperatures are according to the requirements of this tree. However, they are grown well in a greenhouse. If you can handle the technique and care needed by these plants then, you can also grow one in your backyard. Patience is required because the germination process can take longer than 30 days.

  • The trick to speed up the germinating process is to pre-soak the seeds for three days before planting them.
  • It is necessary to keep a distance between these trees and other trees or buildings.
  • There should be an average distance of about 4.5 to 6 meters (15-20feet) between them. (See How Are Peanuts Made?)

What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?

9. What is its Newest Variety?

In Taiwan and Hong Kong, new varieties of sugar apples are being developed. These are a result of cross-pollination between sugar apple and cherimoya fruit. This new variety is named pineapple sugar apple which is sweet as a sugar apple but tastes a bit different from it. It tastes more like a pineapple. (See Is Tomato a Fruit or Vegetable?)

We hope you learnt what is Sugar Apple Fruit and can you grow sugar apple tree along with basic requirements.

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