What is Romantic Love in Psychology?

What is the Difference between Platonic and Romantic love? What are the Expectations of Platonic Love? What is the Importance of Passion in Love?
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A person is lucky to find true love and a loyal friend in this world. And the person who finds both in one person is luckier. I think this is what they call a soul mate. There are several romantic love examples but very few of platonic love. So today, let us find out what is romantic love in psychology. We will be comparing romantic love vs platonic love as well.

1. What is Romantic Love?

Romantic love can be defined, as a strong feeling of attraction towards someone. This love involves other feelings also, like intimacy, closeness, jealousy, care, and more. We, as humans, are in a habit of falling in love. Because these feelings release hormones in the brain that make us feel happy. Hormones like dopamine and oxytocin are known as happy hormones or love hormones. And they are released when we feel joyous or ecstatic. We receive such pleasure in life from our partners which may be physical or emotional. (See 32 Signs that show that someone likes you)

2. What is Romantic Love in Psychology?

In psychological terms, romantic love depends on our psychological states like our mental health, self-esteem, trust issues, belief system, and emotional health. Our experiences in different stages of life also impact our choices to whom we get attracted. To simply answer what is romantic love in psychology, it is a bunch of feelings arising from our mental state. We are often attracted to someone who has the same behavioral patterns. (See Best Child Psychology Books)

3. What is Platonic Love?

Greek philosopher, Plato has defined platonic love as a type of love that rises through different stages. It gives importance to wisdom and the true beauty of the attraction of souls over bodies. And in the end, it is about accepting the truth of the partner. In this relationship, the feelings of supportiveness, comfort, encouragement & advice are involved between platonic partners. It is like being in love with a friend. (See 6 Lesser Known St Valentine Facts

4. Romantic Love vs Platonic Love

Romantic love and passion are like a synonym for love because having strong feelings for each other is a common trait. Desiring each other in a romantic relationship is necessary for maintaining the bond. In platonic love, people consider passion for a friend. There are no strong feelings of attraction or desire for each other in an intimate form. Romantic love can start after platonic love but not necessarily vice-versa. (See PhD Vs PsyD in Psychology)

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5. Are Both Selfless Forms of Love?

What is romantic love in psychology? In romantic love, people want to be satisfied in response to their actions of satisfying their partner. It can involve physical, emotional, or mental satisfaction. Platonic love is selfless because there is no such thing as looking for one’s own satisfaction. They care about each other more than themselves. The other person too, reciprocates in the same way. (See 8 Best Valentine’s Decoration Ideas)

6. What does Honesty Mean?

Honesty is desired by every couple but not followed by both partners equally. In romantic love, if a partner discovers a lie, it hurts their emotions, and things take time to turn back to normal. In platonic love, a friend is well aware of almost everything their partner can and cannot do, so they just react less.

7. Why is there No Jealousy?

Jealousy is a trait of love and possessiveness. What is romantic love in psychology is that people get easily jealous of their partner’s friends, co-workers, and anyone who tries to get the attention of their partner. This jealousy is expressed through their action or words, and sometimes they argue or fight over it. Whereas in platonic love, there can be jealousy which is not openly expressed as we do not own our partners. (See The Body Language of Jealousy)

8. What is the Importance of Intimacy?

What is romantic love in psychology? Romantic love is mostly attraction and physical intimacy. Such couples are often involved in such activities because they consider it necessary to show their love and affection to their partner. And without this intimacy, couples start feeling that their partner is not interested in them anymore.

Platonic love is famous for its lack of intimacy or sex. It is known as love without sex or romance because the partners appreciate each other both physically and non-physically. Platonic love can transform into romantic love over time if both partners agree to it. (See Why some people fear intimacy?)

9. What is the Effect of Geographical Distance?

Distances are not appreciated, and each partner craves for the other in Romantic love. They find it hard to stay away from each other for long period of time. It is mandatory to meet regularly to keep the binge alive. On the other hand, in platonic love, distances least affect their relationship. Even if they meet each other after years, they can begin from where they left within seconds. (See Valentine Week List)

10. How Complications Vary in Both Forms of Love?

Romantic love pressurizes people to understand each other, read their silence, figure out why the other person is upset with them, remember the date of their past dates, and so on. It involves a lot of expectations from each other. Platonic love is simpler. Even if the other person forgets the necessary date of some event, it is not a big issue. They will simply talk things out, and resolve issues soon after.

11. Do they Offer Reliability?

Romantic love may or may not be reliable because a person can be attracted to someone else even when they are in a relationship. This is known as polyamory. Platonic love is reliable because there is a different level of understanding among them.

What is romantic love in psychology? It is a feeling of being attracted towards someone because of similarities in behavior & nature. This may soon turn into intimacy and more!

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